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Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

The prayers of Cyprian and Ustinje from witchcraft, the life of Orthodox holy martyrs

Truly, in human life, joy goes hand in hand with difficult moments, and dark forces will not miss the chance to spoil people. However, the Orthodox have strong defenders — Jesus Christ and the Mother of the Most Holy Theotokos, as well as a whole host of saints, an appeal to which saves from the evil spell of demons and their minions in the world.

A year ago, I learned that believers can turn to Saint Cyprian and Ustinje with prayers in order to gain protection from the effects of dark power and witchcraft. I hasten to share with you the knowledge that works wonders.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

My story of acquaintance with the martyrs

Although I regularly attend the church of God and create prayers for famous saints, I had never met an icon depicting Cyprian and Ustinia (Justina). I learned about these sufferers a year ago, when my distant relative had a misfortune — her husband left the family.

The woman walked around the grandmothers and psychics, but they could not do anything, they only said that it was a love spell.

Desperate, the woman went to church, defended the service and turned to the priest for help and advice, telling him about her grief. Having created a prayer, the priest advised to buy an icon with the image of a pair of saints — the holy martyr Cyprian and Justina, in order to pray at home for the prodigal husband.

Six months later, the man returned with a confession, sick and nervous, but my relative, inspired by the help of a wonderful image, continued to do the prayer, and my husband went on the mend.

I was struck by this story, I decided to learn more about the saints, their lives, who and from what the prayer helps the miraculous way. I share everything I have learned about with you, because in life there are situations when you need help or protection.

If you suspect that damage has been imposed on you or your family is suffering from the spellcasting, read the prayer to Orthodox martyrs, indicating the sufferers by name. Place the icon with the image of the martyrs opposite the front door, so that everyone entering your home will be in sight of the holy couple.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

Who were the martyrs Cyprian and Justina

The future saint lived in the third century BC, and was born into a family of pagans who practiced magic and witchcraft. From the age of 7, Cyprian was taught diabolical tricks by magicians, and from the age of 10 the boy was in the service of the priests of the temple on Mount Olympus, where he perfectly mastered the techniques of demonic wisdom:

  • send dead people to common people;
  • to damage gardens and orchards, to destroy the crop;
  • control the winds, send thunderstorms.

Cyprian did not disdain the demonic transformations, came into contact with the pagan gods, ghosts, all evil spirits, turned into a reputable magician by the middle of his life. Having gained perfection in witchcraft, the man was engaged in love spells, and the son of rich parents Aglaid turned to him.

The dissolute youth asked the sorcerer to bewitch the young beauty Justina, wanting to make her a slave to his carnal pleasures.

The chaste girl, born in a pagan family, secretly attended the church of God, and after seeing the soul and finding the true faith, became a Christian, led her parents to the Orthodox faith.

When Aglaida was persecuted and persuaded to become his wife, Justina replied that Christ was her fiancé. At the request of a rich young man, Cyprian engaged in a love spell, summoning the demonic legion to help.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

Ustinia answered the carnal temptations of demons by praying to the Lord for help. Three times the sorcerer sent the tempters to the righteous maiden, and when the strongest demon was defeated, the sorcerer sent his spell against Justina’s family and friends, her neighbors and acquaintances.

Thanks to Ustinia’s sincere prayers, her unconditional faith, the Almighty defended the virgin, her family and all citizens, which angered the sorcerer. Then he decided to get closer to the Christian faith, capable of performing such miracles.

Having prayed to the bishop about the sacrament of baptism, Cyprian at a confession told him about his own atrocities, the renunciation of paganism and the burning of magic spells. Stunned by the heartfelt devotion of the imperial lord, the bishop baptized Cyprian, taught him the basics of the Orthodox faith.

Serving Christ wholeheartedly, a former accomplice of dark forces and witchcraft dedicated himself to Christianity, having traveled the thorny path from the reader to the Bishop of Orthodoxy.

In troubled times, when Christians were persecuted, slandered holy martyrs Cyprian and Justin were imprisoned, subjected to beatings and martyrdom. However, idolaters did not succeed in cruel torture to weaken faith in the Lord and destroy love for Him.

Future saints were executed, but later their remains were buried in Cyprus. In the burial place of true Christians, deeply religious people find healing not only spiritual, but also physical.

Holy Cyprian’s life-giving prayer against the devilish attacks:

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

How to recognize the evil eye or the guidance of damage

Everyone is afraid of the evil eye and the magical effect, even those who identify themselves as atheists, and at the slightest test of life they seek help from healers and sorcerers.

Similarly, my relative, first tried to correct family discord with an appeal to the sorcerers, and then, on the advice of the priest, turned for help to the Lord and his holy helpers, the holy martyrs Cyprian and Justine.

With prayer to the Orthodox martyrs are turned to remove damage, protection from the evil eye and malicious conspiracies, the machinations of demons. What are the intrigues of the dark forces:

  • constantly feeling unwell, baseless tiredness, powerlessness;
  • regular diseases that traditional medicine cannot cope with;
  • sudden loss of work, money, family breakdown;
  • unreasonable bouts of aggression, inadequate behavior;
  • frequent depressions, conflicts, quarrels, loss of interest in life.

Even the appearance of harmful habits and a series of failures can be imposed on you by ill-wishers. Therefore, when these signs are detected, immediately begin to create a prayer for Cyprian and Ustinje, and it is allowed to do this in any place.

Prayer reading rules

The treatment of Orthodox words to the holy martyr Cyprian is considered the most powerful method of removing damage, the right defense against witchcraft. The prayer book really helps, without leaving any negative influence, if you follow certain rules:

  • buy in the temple an icon depicting the martyrs or one Cyprian, as well as church candles;
  • at home in solitude, focusing on your request, light a candle in front of the image of the saint;
  • read a miracle prayer for yourself from the influence of a dark force forty times;
  • if a child has suffered from sorcery, the parents read a prayer book over his head.

In view of the special power of prayer words, they can be recited for salt or water, water in this case becomes a reservoir of positive fluids, it can be used as a mixture of witchcraft, various methods of influence of black magic.

Orthodox texts of the prayers presented below can be read at any time of the day, under any unpleasant circumstances, and not only when there are signs of obvious damage.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

The main condition is to say the words sincerely, to believe that they will be heard by God and the vehicles of his holy will.

Protective prayer books from magical effects

If you are prone to depressive states, you feel constant anxiety or self-doubt, and a voice in your head calls for the accomplishment of horrific actions, pray with the holy martyr Cyprian and the martyr Justina.

Words of Protective Prayer to Two Saints

The text of the prayer book will help the Orthodox to gain powerful support from the Forces of Light and Goodness, protect you with a shield from the effects of dark magic rituals. This is an indisputable fact, which is confirmed by the testimony of people who have tried the action of the miraculous word on themselves, as well as their loved ones.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

When to read the prayer to the holy martyr Cyprian

Sincerely reading the following miraculous psalm will help get rid of the evil eye, remove the damage caused by the evil magician. It is important to remember that the text of the prayer book must be pronounced at least 40 times, otherwise the ritual will not work.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

How to pray to the martyrs Cyprian and Justine

At the dawn, pronounce prayer from witchcraft, turning your face to the rising sun, repeat the miraculous text 7 times:

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

After the ritual, wash your face with running water, uttering the spell shown below.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

Begin and complete the defensive ritual against witchcraft by reciting our Father’s prayer, uttering it with soul and faith in the help of the Higher Forces. Perform daily ritual actions for several weeks in a row, until you see obvious signs of relief, destruction of the sorcery effect.

Text of a very old prayer from the intrigues of the dark forces

This ancient prayer words from sorcery, which have come down to us from time immemorial, are attributed to a special power. In order to gain reliable protection, the ritual should be performed correctly — at dawn, face east and recite a prayer 12 times.

The daily ritual is repeated for several weeks in a row.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

What to read if the child jinxed

Children, unlike adults, are more susceptible to witchcraft or “bad” eyes. The aura of a child under seven years old is considered the most vulnerable, a child can be jinxed even unintentionally or simply out of envy of his parents.

An important point. A protective prayer from the effects of dark force must be pronounced by the mother; one can entrust the sacrament to a close relative of the female line — grandmother, sister, aunt.

By uttering the text of the prayer three times, the woman should hold the child in her arms.

Prayer to Saints Cyprianus and Ustinje from witchcraft and the effects of dark power

A few words in conclusion

Thanks to the Orthodox prayers and the introduction of the icon of the holy martyrs into my house, my relative managed to save her husband from her destructive passion for the wilderness. Then the victim himself joined in reading the sacred texts.

The ritual saved him not only from the mental agony of the love spell, but also from bodily weakness, nervous breakdown. Therefore, I shared with you miraculous psalms, let them help you if any trouble happens.

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