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Prayer to resolve a difficult situation

Prayer to resolve a difficult situation

Not always in our life everything is rosy and beautiful. Constant difficulties come without knocking and disturb us, making it difficult to think, sleep, rest. Prayers and icons can help you figure it out.

Absolutely any prayers can make your life better if you pray from the heart, from the heart. It is impossible to read prayers just like that, because it is necessary. This is a conversation with God, an appeal to him for help or with gratitude.

It is important to understand that thankful prayers are always stronger. This does not mean that God will not help you in difficult times, but it is better not to forget to thank him for his help.

How to tune in to prayer

Every day is a holiday. Every day is a gift from the Lord, so there’s no need to search for special reasons for prayer. However, in our life is not always everything goes according to plan.

Sometimes it is necessary to find some kind of support in an alarming moment in order to understand that the Lord is on your side. It is even more difficult when a difficult situation raises a moral issue. It can be difficult to understand how it would be more correct to act in terms of faith and common sense.

In this case, prayers for problems can also help.

Such prayers are needed primarily in situations where you really do not know what to do or which path to take. Prayers from problems in life are needed when all scenarios are questionable in terms of good and evil, when it is necessary to make very difficult choices.

Prayer for problem resolution

So that such situations do not appear at all, you need to read “Our Father” before bedtime, and before leaving the house — the simplest prayer: “Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner.” There is no need to allow problems to appear, because obviously insoluble problems always come from the evil one. Do not do bad, so as not to face such problems.

Another great talisman will be the Living Helping Prayer. It is more suitable to the problems of the spiritual and physical, saves from diseases and ailments.

If a difficult situation still exists and you do not know what to do next, how to be, what to do, then you need to read a special prayer:

“Our Lord Almighty and Almighty, help me to find your mercy and find a solution that other people and I will not suffer from. Help me find justice and answer all questions correctly. Forgive me my sins, which I will have to take upon myself in order to avoid even greater problems. I pray to you and Mother Provider for spiritual help, guidance on the true path, and the speedy resolution of my problems. Let the fear that makes me weaker recede, and your mercy come, illuminating everything with its light and greatness.

Teach us all compassion and give us the strength to accept any circumstance. Amen».

This prayer was translated into Russian from Church Slavonic in advance, so that it would be easier to understand even for children. Remember that you should not allow troubles in life. Treat all well and do not look for a negative, then everything will be in perfect order.

What matters is not how many times a day you read prayers, but whether you read them at all. It is important to pray in difficult times and thank God for his mercy when you are fine. If you feel that you need to pray, then do it immediately.

You will surely smile good luck. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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