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Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

No matter how hard the careerists argue, the family is the most important and most important thing a person can have. Unfortunately, even strong families sometimes fall apart, and recently this trend is gaining a terrifying pace. If the terrible cloud of divorce suddenly hangs over your marriage, start reading the prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family.

Millions of people, she helped reunite families again, bring the relationship between spouses to a new level.

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

Text prayers

There are several prayer texts with the help of which saints Peter and Fevronia can be asked to preserve their families and protect them from divorce. Despite some differences in the contents, they are characterized by the same usage characteristics.

A prayer ritual, in which you need to pray to the pious for the welfare and preservation of the family, will be given a little lower.

This text can be pronounced both by the wife and the husband, who want to save the marriage, to prevent the second part from leaving and leaving. Text:

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

Prayer can be read by both spouses. The words are as follows:

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

The prayer is pronounced by the wife. Instead of brackets you need to name the names of both spouses. Text:

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

From divorce

If the relationship between husband and wife has deteriorated so much that the family was facing a divorce, read the words below:

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

Features and effectiveness of prayer ritual

The reason for the treatment of prayer to the saints is the discord in a married couple, threatening to destroy the family. It is advisable to begin to pray to the saints at the first alarming bells.

As mentioned above, either of the spouses can pronounce the sacred words, but more often women are involved in this, as they more acutely and emotionally perceive the existing situation and pass everything through themselves.

It is recommended to ask Fevronia and Petra to help your family daily, morning and evening — the final result and the further fate of the marriage directly depend on it. Addressing the saints with a prayer, you should not immediately hope for an instant result.

Family reunification and returning everything back to normal is a long process that requires patience and effort. A positive result may occur in a few months, and this phenomenon is quite normal.

As the practice of use shows, on average, it takes 3 months to restore the old relationship between a husband and wife. Do not be in a hurry to give up and throw everything halfway, if after 3 months of prayer you have not seen any improvements — each family is individual, and each case is also individual.

How to pronounce the sacred words?

The chosen prayer addressed to Peter and Fevronia must be learned by heart. It is not permissible to read it from a piece of paper, since prayer is nothing but a direct conversation with saints.

Reading on a piece of paper is fraught with an absolute lack of results.

You choose the manner of saying the prayer yourself: you can read the text out loud, in a whisper or to yourself — decide which way is preferable for you than the rest. In the morning, the Muromsky prayer for the preservation of the family is pronounced immediately after awakening, and in the evening — before going to bed.

It is allowed to refer to the saints in the afternoon if you feel such a need. The multiplicity of reading — 3 times with each pronouncement.

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

This prayer must be read before the icon of the saints. Unfortunately, it can not be found in every temple.

The way out is to buy an icon with the image of the Muromsky couple to their own home and place it (or hang it) at the head of the marital bed. It is necessary to pray, as if directly addressing the saints: imagine that they are standing before you, and you conduct a personal conversation with them, asking for help.

Prayers to these saints are strong because they call for a blessing on a married couple. The couple of saints always responds to requests for help from married people and always prays to the Lord for them.

Be sincere, pray earnestly, and Peter and Fevronia will always support you and help you in your distress.

From the life of the saints of Murom

Memorial Day of Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom falls on June 25 in the old style, on July 8 in the new. In honor of the married couple in Russia July 8 proclaimed the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty.

Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia of Murom are considered the benchmark of an ideal Orthodox family. They went hand in hand through all the trials prepared for them by fate.

The story of Peter and Fevronia is described in detail in the poetic “Tale of Peter and Fevronia”, authored by the priest Eromolai Pregreshny (in monasticism — Erasmus).

Summary of the story

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for the preservation of the family

The Murom leader, Prince Peter, after a battle with a werewolf serpent, became ill with severe leprosy, so much so that not a single doctor could cure him. Only a peasant-born girl, Fevronia, was able to heal him, but in return, she took a promise from the prince to take her as a spouse.

The prince fell in love with a commoner and made her his wife, Princess Murom, causing his act of anger from the boyars. Boyars put him a choice: either the princely throne or spouse.

Peter chose Fevronia, they left Moore together.

A lot of trials fell to the marriage couple, but the husband and wife passed them with dignity. After some time, the boyars, sending messengers, persuaded the prince to return back to Murom, because in the city, after Peter and Fevronia left, contention and bloodshed began to reign.

The pious spouses returned and continued to reign in Murom, showing themselves as fair and wise rulers. Peter and Fevronia did good deeds, helped all the needy and the suffering.

The people loved them and respected them.

In old age, the couple took monastic vows and began to live in different mansions (male and female). Peter and Fevronia promised a friend a friend to meet their demise in one day and at one o’clock — later what happened.

Dying one day, they once again proved their love and loyalty to the grave.

When people buried Peter and Fevronia, they put their bodies in separate coffins — it was not worthwhile for the servants of the Lord to put in one coffin. However, after a while, it turned out that the spouses lay in a single coffin, holding hands — they did not want to part from each other even after their demise.

Since ancient times, Peter and Fevronia of Murom have been considered patrons of marriage and family happiness. It is believed that the holy spouses still walk around the world hand in hand, connecting lovers and strengthening families.

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