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Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for love

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for love

Love is what gives us vitality. Only love can make us go forward with fearlessness and courage. When we have problems in marriage or in a relationship, our mood fades away, and after it our health and interest in life is lost.

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia will help prevent misfortune.

Who are Peter and Fevronia

The legends say that Peter and Fevronia were husband and wife. They are Orthodox saints, patrons of the family hearth. All lovers pray to them to preserve their feelings, to bless and strengthen them.

Peter and Fevronia were canonized at the end of the 16th century. Memorial Day of these saints — July 8 in a new style. In connection with the canonization, a story was written about Peter and Fevronia of Murom.

It says that they were so close and loving each other people that they asked to bury them in one coffin. According to legend, they prayed to God every day that he would grant them death in one day. That is exactly what happened — they died in one day and hour, but they were buried in different places, because they took monastic vows in their old years.

Later discovered that they miraculously ended up together.

Prayer to Peter and Fevronia for love

To prevent disagreements in marriage and ask God for mercy to you and your soulmate, read this prayer once a day:

Election of miracle-workers and great saints of the Lord, the city of Murom, intercessor and acquaintance with the souls of our prayers, holy blessedness to Prince Peter and Princess Fevroniy! Singing is commendable to you, we pray you earnestly: for you have strength, make us free from your misfortunes, and make the heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven joy to you, yes, we call you joyfully: Rejoice, wonder and glory to the wonderworkers Peter and Fevronia.

Remember that in prayer you ask the saints to pray to God for you. You pray to both the holy and our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit. One of the main points to remember when offering prayers is gratitude.

Read any prayer texts, not only when you feel bad, lonely and sick, but also when everything is fine. Thank God for giving you happiness so that it does not disappear.

Peter and Fevronia of Murom will help everyone in finding peace, happiness and love. The prayers of these saints are truly miraculous. Live righteously, believe in God and read prayers — then everything will be as we want. Good luck, happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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