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Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker to change the fate

The strongest prayer changing fate to Nicholas the Wonderworker

For many years I will appear as a priest and meet people with difficult fates. You can influence your life through prayer.

Today I will tell you how to ask about the good fate of Nicholas the Wonderworker.

How to deal with a bad fate

Each person has his own destiny. But sometimes this fate becomes so unbearable that a person even begins to think about taking his own life.

And while few people think that this is a great sin. More precisely, according to the Christian faith, it is a mortal sin, for which a person will pay the price forever after death. After all, he decided to free himself from the agony, parting with life.

Thus, he violated the plan of the Creator and will have to pay for it.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker to change the fate

But why deprive yourself of life, if you can try to change your destiny? Of course, for many people, such a simple call can sound like a mockery. Since not every person is able to cope with unattended help with the life that has come to him.

But no one after all said that the believer would have to fight against fate in complete solitude. Nicholas the Wonderworker and his prayer can help him in this.

Fate: the inevitability or the ability to change something?

Nowadays, the expression that every person is the creator of their own destiny is very popular. Immediately it should be noted that the clergy categorically disagree with this. In their opinion, everything that happens in human life is only a manifestation of the will of heaven.

In other words, the destiny of man is ruled only by the Lord and no one else. His creation is not given to choose for themselves the future.

However, this does not mean that there is no choice at all.

The creation of the Most High can independently choose to live according to the canons of the church or become an apostate. If a Christian chooses the first option, then his fate will be happy.

By devoting oneself to the service of the Lord, a Christian will receive a divine blessing. All his ventures will be successful.

After all, he will receive the highest good — the grace of heaven. But only those who lead a righteous life can rely on the favor of the Most High.

Sinners who do not even repent of their sins can never live their lives peacefully. After all, the heavens they will send a huge amount of testing.

And they will all be very complex. This may seem cruel. However, such measures are necessary so that a person can admit to himself that he is a sinner and repent.

It’s not for nothing that the priests say that a disease sent from above is sometimes necessary in order to stop the sin of a person.

And although the priests themselves are sure that it is not easy to change the destiny that was prepared by the Almighty, they cannot deny the existence of such an opportunity. It is believed that God can beg for a chance to correct their mistakes and change the fate for the better.

Who to ask for intercession?

As you know, every person has a guardian angel. But not only he can protect the person. There are also other saints who patronize people.

After all, they were also mere mortals in life. And therefore, nothing human is alien to them. This is an extremely important clarification.

Since those who were born as a man are well aware of how difficult it is sometimes to resist temptation and to deal with hardships and hardships. It is for this reason that when a problem arises, the priests first of all recommend asking the prelate for intercession.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker to change the fate

However, sometimes it happens that it is not so easy to understand exactly which saint to turn for help. The reason for this is the fact that in Orthodoxy many very saints are venerated.

And for a person who, until a certain time, was far from faith, it is very difficult to understand who should offer prayers.

Immediately it should be noted that there are plenty of options for whom it is to pray for a change in fate for the better. But it is believed that the most powerful patron who is able to bestow such an opportunity on a person is Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The strongest prayer addressed to him can help in many ways. People offer prayers to him and ask for different things:

  • about the recovery of relatives, whose bodies were affected by the disease, and medicine was powerless;
  • about peace of mind, when changes occur in a person’s life, which begin to trouble him greatly;
  • about luck in all undertakings;
  • about happiness in your personal life.

It is with such requests that they are most often addressed to the saint. This is explained by the fact that during his lifetime Nicholas the Wonderworker created many miracles. Actually, it is for this reason that he was nicknamed the wonderworker.

Many Christians believe that there is no such thing with which the saint would not help. In addition, he is extremely supportive of sinners who were able to find mental strength to repent.

Stories of miracles, created by the saint

To realize how powerful the saint is Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, you must first familiarize yourself with the history of his life. Oddly enough, but few are familiar not only with the life of this saint, but also with the miracles that he did.

Therefore, before turning to him with a request, it will not be superfluous to learn a little about how he lived his life.

The future saint was born in a family of poor but pious Christians. Even before the birth of a child, parents considered him a blessing from the Lord. And the reason for that was simple.

For many years, Nonna and Theophan could not conceive a child. However, they continued to pray earnestly to the Lord and ask him for mercy.

When Nonna got pregnant, she immediately realized that this is a gift from the Lord. After all, all the local healers were convinced that she could never feel the joy of motherhood.

As a baby, Nikolai began to show real miracles to the world. Immediately after his birth, the first miracle occurred.

His mother was seriously ill. Many were convinced that the woman could not even survive the childbirth, how severe her illness was.

However, to the surprise of many, she not only survived, but was completely healed. The second miracle happened at the moment when the baby was baptized.

After all, he stood in the font for three hours. At the same time, none of the adults kept him.

The newborn alone was able to stand in the font and thus give respect to the Holy Trinity.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker to change the fate

From an early age, Nicholas diligently prayed to the Lord and studied the divine scripture. He tried his best to hide his good deeds, since he was not looking for gratitude. One day, he learned how badly a ruined merchant suffers.

His family, having lost everything, was slowly dying of hunger. Desperate, the man intended a great sin.

Being the father of three daughters, he decided to give them to fornication.

After all, the only way he could get money to escape from hunger. Learning about what a terrible act the unfortunate sinner had planned, Nikolai hurried to his aid. Under the cover of night, he snuck into the courtyard of his house and left there exactly three bags of gold.

Having found gold, the sinner believed in the Lord and his mercy. That is, the saint not only saved people from hunger, but also converted them to faith.

How to read a prayer to change fate?

Here we come to the main issue. But before you read the text of the prayer, you need to learn about the intricacies of its reading. It is not for nothing that the priests insist that any prayer, including one that changes fate, must necessarily be raised according to church canons.

Since this will clearly demonstrate the seriousness of the intentions of the one who is going to offer prayer. In addition, following the rules will allow a person to fully concentrate on the process of raising the prayer:

  1. While reading prayers, it is not necessary to observe fasting. However, it is recommended to limit yourself at least a little. For example, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, and also try not to overeat.
  2. To change fate, prayer must be read 40 days in a row. If for any reason one day was missed, you will need to start all over again.
  3. Reading a prayer from a sheet is not prohibited. However, it will be much better if a person tries to memorize its text.
  4. It is necessary to address the saint with prayer three times. The first time a prayer is read out loudly in a calm voice, the second time it is necessary to do it in a low voice, and the third one is completely mental.
  5. It is recommended to pray before the icon of the saint. Please note that you cannot remove it until the 40-day prayer reading has been fully completed.
  6. Before the icon you need to light the lamp. But to do this, you must first obtain the permission of the priest.

All these rules, as you can see, are not strict. They are more than feasible.

Therefore, deciding to change fate, you must stop looking for excuses, and just start listening to 40 days prayer and pray yourself.


  1. Change the fate of real. But this will have to make some effort.
  2. The strongest and most effective prayer for changing destiny is the one that is addressed to Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  3. It is necessary to read a prayer 3 times 40 days in a row.
  4. If you miss at least one day, you will have to start all over again.
  5. While reading a prayer, it is recommended to introduce some restrictions. Fasting is optional, but it is necessary to adhere to certain restrictions.

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