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Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for marriage — the strongest prayer

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for marriage and personal life — the strongest prayer

To marry a decent man is the natural desire of any girl. Since ancient times, the woman was perceived as the keeper of the home, so the need to create a family and to establish a personal life among the representatives of the weaker sex is laid at a subconscious level.

For the sake of marriage, girls are sometimes ready for the most desperate acts, but in pursuit of the status of a married woman, many people forget about the most important thing — faith in God and prayers. Meanwhile, some prayers can work no worse than the best matchmaker.

A strong prayer, for example, is the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker about marriage and personal life, which has long helped many single girls and women to find a happy family — a beloved and loving husband, children.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for marriage - the strongest prayer

Appealing to the Lord and the saints with a prayer for marriage is a completely normal and even necessary phenomenon if the girl doesn’t get along with her personal life. If the prayer is heard by the higher forces, then such a marriage will surely become happy, long and strong, it’s not for nothing that popular wisdom says that true marriages take place precisely in heaven.

How to ask Nicholas the Pleasant for marriage

The prayer requests with which the believing people address Nicholas the Wonderworker are universal, simply because Saint Nicholas is one of the most revered saints. For many centuries in a row, girls have been asking for Nicholas the Good Man to help them in early marriage and will certainly receive help from him — provided they pray sincerely, wholeheartedly.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for marriage - the strongest prayer

Praying to the holy elder for marriage is not necessarily with the use of a special Orthodox prayer (although the use of a prayer, the text of which is given a little below, is only welcome). Your request can be formulated in your own words — the main thing is that it comes from a pure heart.

It is advisable to talk with Nikolai Ogodnik at his icon, in the light of a lit church candle.

Prayer to Nikolai the Benefactor for marriage: the text of a strong prayer

One of the strongest prayers to Nikolai the Pleasurer, with the help of which a single girl can ask for marriage, is as follows:

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for marriage - the strongest prayer

It is possible to pray with its help both in the walls of the church, at the image of St. Nicholas, by placing a candle beforehand, and at home, before the icon of the old man. It is recommended to read this prayer every day — until such time as the request will be heard by higher powers, and the girl will meet her fate.

The obligatory part is an expression of gratitude to the saint. Thanks to Nicholas the Wonderworker can also be in your own words, or, if desired, to find a special Orthodox prayer for these purposes.

The text of the prayer of thanks is given in this article.

Strong prayer ritual about privacy

There is another prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker, the use of which gives a remarkable result. This prayer is accompanied by an obligatory ceremony, consisting of three stages: preparation, the church stage and the home stage.

Preparing for the Prayer Rite

Prayer ritual for early marriage requires advance preparation. The basic rules to be followed by the performer during the preparation:

  • do not get a haircut for 40 days;
  • to refrain from any relationship with a man, and especially not to enter into intimate contact for 40 days;
  • observe the post — also for 40 days.

On the 41st day, a girl who dreams of getting married should go to a clean field. While there, you need to cross and bow to all 4 sides, and then direct your way to the nearest temple or church.

Church stage

Within the walls of a service house, you need to put a candle in front of the icon of St. Nicholas, to express your request and read the prayer for marriage. Its text is as follows:

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for marriage - the strongest prayer

The girl should go out of church backwards. Near the entrance door you should stop and sign yourself with the sign of the cross three times.

Home stage

Arriving home, the performer, first of all, must hide in a secluded place a handkerchief that covered her head in the church. Over the next 7 Sundays, this headscarf should be worn on the head and already at home to pray to Nicholas the Pleasant for early marriage — for this you need to purchase an icon in the church with the image of a saint if it is not in the house.

The girl, if she did everything correctly, should meet her husband and her future husband already during these seven Sundays. This prayer rite of marriage is one of the strongest.

Its effectiveness is confirmed by a considerable number of examples from real life of girls and women who managed to fulfill their dream and create their own family, even after many years of loneliness.

Who can read the prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker about the establishment of a personal life

Both unmarried young women themselves and their mothers, concerned about the fate of their beloved but single daughters, can say prayers for marriage addressed to Saint Nicholas. Sincerely turning to Nikolai Udodnik with one of the presented prayers, the girl can be guaranteed that very soon a reliable, decent, kind and honest man will appear next to her, with whom she will be able to create a strong and happy family, walk the life path together — hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder.

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