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Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and money

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and money

Often we remember the Orthodox faith, when we urgently need help with money, support in solving problems at work. Wanting to get a strong patron, many incline to the icon of St. Nicholas.

Prayer for help to this Holy One is the path to salvation from want, spiritual and physical healing, success in business, well-being and prosperity.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and money

The miraculous power and spiritual life of the Holy

Nikolay Mirlikiysky — one of the most revered in Orthodoxy. In all the temples, his image is next to the icons of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God.

They constitute the Holy Trinity.

Nikolai Ugodnik was born in about 260 in Turkey (Asia Minor). His family was quite wealthy, but he was least interested in material wealth.

The boy was interested in studying the Holy Scriptures and devoted a lot of time to reading religious literature.

It is noted that St. Nicholas loved to travel the world through the sea and land, therefore, it is considered to be the patron saint of all navigators, travelers, fishermen, sailors, drivers and hikers.

Young girls who dream of becoming good wives and mothers, men seeking success in their careers and gaining financial independence, wealthy businessmen who want to preserve and increase their cash capital believe in his defense.

From his biography, there are cases when Nikolai resurrected people, saved children from diseases, saved poor peasants from poverty and ruin, leaving them money to buy sown. He loved to help and poor girls. So helped the daughters of a ruined merchant to marry.

Throwing bags of gold under the windows of the unfortunate at night, he gave every dowry.

It is precisely St. Nicholas that Catholics consider the progenitor of Santa Claus, who gives Christmas presents to everyone every year. Since then, people come to the icons of the Holy, to ask for decent earnings, support in good deeds, monetary gain, financial well-being, promising work and other benefits.

For some time, the holy relics of Nicholas have been kept in the quiet Italian town of Bari, located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The port city is glorified by the Orthodox Church of the name of St. Nicholas.

In the memorable dates there are going to a lot of pilgrims who wish to bow and touch the relics of the Miracle-maker, gaining spiritual strength and strengthening their faith.

How to ask for the help of the Holy

Finding contact with the Great Martyr allows prayer. It can be mental, verbal, free in the formulation or appropriate to the prayer book.

Especially heard petitions are of canonical form.

The more often we say a prayer, the faster our brain is programmed in a positive way. But to be heard by Nicholas, it is not enough to pronounce a memorized or readable text.

You must understand and feel what you ask for, believe in the power of the Creator, trust and reveal yourself to God and all his Helpers, be prepared for any reaction to your request.

Reading the prayer book requires sincere faith, maximum relaxation, patience, repentance. Try not to think about worldly concerns, difficult life circumstances, forget the anxieties, sorrow, sadness, remove negative thoughts from yourself and fully immerse yourself in communication with the Miracle Worker.

It is not necessary to memorize the text of the prayer book, it is enough to understand what you are talking about, to wish patronage for the saint and to believe in the miraculous power of prayer words. Reinforce your prayers with concrete actions that help eliminate the problems that have fallen.

If it comes to new work and easy resolution of all ambitious plans, it’s not worthwhile to make alms, lend money, make large purchases on the day of the visit to the Temple. You had to go to the store, pay in large bills, so that you were given a change.

Keep secret your communication with Nikolai the Benefactor, do not spread about what you are looking for in his face intercessor. Share the joy of success when everything starts to turn out: a highly paid position will be offered to you, all difficulties will be resolved, there will be a permanent source of money income.

A prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for those who are experiencing monetary problems, is in search of work or opens his own business, dreams of financial well-being, stability and prosperity:

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and money

The prayer book of the Holy Face and the expectation of miraculous power

Prelate Nikolay possesses great generosity to his true admirers and with his spiritual strength bestows welfare, prosperity and financial stability. But the Wonderworker can accept the petition of all believers.

Molebens to attract financial benefits, search for a purpose, success in any field of activity will be primarily heard from those who seek to get rid of sin, vice and follow certain rules:

  • Weekly visit the Orthodox Church, listening to the service, confessing and communion. Let church attendance be a habitual activity that constitutes your way of life;
  • Keep the commandments of God (do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery …);
  • To strive for growth not only material, but also spiritual;
  • Avoid consumer and leisure lifestyle, be useful to society and close environment;
  • Spend wisely and inherited money with wisdom and discretion;
  • To be generous, responsive, accepting the pain and suffering of others;
  • Be able to give thanks for everything that is sent to you by the Lord and All Saints. Take time to all the Holy Trinity, praying and thanks to Jesus Christ and the Mother of God;
  • Remember St. Nicholas in the days of his memory: July 29 for his birthday, December 6 (19) is the day of the death of the Great Martyr and May 9 is the day when the city of Bari acquired its relics;
  • Ask not only for yourself, but also for those who are very close and dear to you. This will strengthen your spiritual strength and allow the Almighty to be heard faster.

A plea and petition should not be the goal of hurting others. The desire of the believer to gain material means is to pursue a good, constructive goal that can strengthen love, harmony in the family, improve health, promote development, enlightenment, ward off unhappiness, or even save lives.

Where to pray and how to do it

Nikolai Ugodnik sees your desire to entrust your future to him and will definitely change it for the better. For this you need to daily communicate with the Saints. And no matter where you pray in the Temple or at home, it is important to do it according to the Orthodox:

  • The prayer is read, pronounced on its knees or on its knees;
  • Women cover a headscarf when referring to the Holy One;
  • Do not ask that which you do not believe in;
  • Trust and accept any influence of the Most High;
  • Believe in the bright beginning of your new life, rejoice in every good moment;
  • Forgive the insults of the past and be grateful for the present.

The strongest prayer is pronounced in the morning. Then the person is not yet loaded with worldly affairs, complex tasks, family concerns.

Light church candles, wash your face with holy water, calm down and relax. Fill your soul with warmth and light, rejoice that you will see each other and chat with your best friend.

Daily prayer to Nicholas Ugodnik helps one to find luck, luck, to succeed in financial affairs and help in mastering a new business. The wonderworker responds to the resolution of material problems.

It is not forbidden to ask for it, but some conditions should be remembered.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and money

It is easy to be heard by Nikolay the Pleasant to those who:

  • Does not put material benefits above the spiritual. Strive to grow. Do not pursue stereotypical happiness imposed by society, learn to feel and understand your true desires;
  • Be generous to others, do good deeds for others, donate small amounts to those who ask, respond to other people’s misfortunes;
  • Do not pursue easy money, earned by honest work, try to save and increase. Postpone for a happy day, an old dream, a great goal. Be clear about your plans and count the funds to know how much you are missing;
  • Visit new places, meet interesting people. This will expand the horizons of your consciousness, make adjustments to existing values ​​and simply help you to become happier. After all, St. Nicholas loved to travel and worked miracles during his travels.
  • Nikolay is the conqueror of the elements and will always support those who are obsessed with courage, ambition, will, decisiveness. So do not be afraid to move forward. Coming out of the usual comfort zone, you step on the threshold of new opportunities that will bring a unique experience, joyful impressions, self-confidence, energy, strength and material wealth;
  • Pray often and thank the Most High, all the Holy Patrons.

Especially strong is the prayer for help in work and monetary well-being on the day of veneration of the Holy. December 19, on the day of St. Nicholas, do not forget to come to the service, confess, clear, put and light candles at the face of the Wonderworker.

On this great holiday, you should stock up on treats, arrange hearth gatherings with your family, rejoice and believe in a lucky star. In Europe, it is customary to give gifts and treat with goodies on this day.

Avoid sadness and sadness on this day, try not to quarrel with anyone and not to enter into empty disputes, contradictions.

A good sign, in order to bring prosperity and luck into your life, will be visiting on this day a successful and prosperous person. Do not give loans for bread or money on this day.

Taking even a minor trifle, you may incur losses in the future.

On December 19, women and girls can dress up, take care of themselves and indulge themselves with sweets. Do not do housework and do routine chores (if you can, set aside everyday tasks).

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