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Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and affairs

Orthodox Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in matters and work

In the life of every adult there must be a favorite thing — work that brings income. It is bad if the position held does not give pleasure and does not satisfy material needs, but even worse when there is no work at all.

To facilitate their position and find a job, people often turn to magic and read various conspiracies to work. Those who are categorically against the use of magic and those who are skeptical of witchcraft, I recommend the use of Orthodox prayers.

On the good side, the prayer of Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and affairs helped herself to many people.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and affairs

With prayer to the saint can apply:

  • people who are in search of work or want (for one reason or another) to change jobs;
  • people whose position in the current workplace is not stable due to the looming threat of reduction or dismissal;
  • people who want to get promoted;
  • students and young professionals who want to find a job and find their life purpose;
  • representatives of dangerous professions: firefighters, truckers, builders, etc.

You can pray to Saint Nicholas not only for yourself — you can ask for your own person — husband, son, daughter, brother, sister, parents and just friends, if their fate is not indifferent to you.

Prayer text

In general, there are 2 popular prayers for work addressed to Nikolay:

  • One of them is used when a person is busy searching for a new position, is experiencing some difficulties in the already occupied workplace or in his affairs.
  • The second goal is to help those who in their work suffered from the wiles of detractors (and they can be in each person).

The first prayer is as follows:

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and affairs

The text of the second prayer:

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and affairs

You can use these two sacred texts at any time and any number of times — until Saint Nicholas helps you to cope with the problem. Do not forget to thank the old man.

This can be done by a prayer of thanks.

Thankful prayer

The text of which is given below, it is customary to read at dawn. There are no special requirements regarding the frequency of pronouncing, but the Orthodox Church recommends giving thanks to the saint either once a month (this will be enough), or at the moment when your problem with work is resolved.

Express gratitude to St. Nicholas for the assistance you need with the following words:

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and affairs

How to pray?

Any Orthodox prayer must be read with faith in the soul. Saints, including Nicholas, help only those who pray good-naturedly, sincerely and sincerely, turn to prayer with pure thoughts.

The day before you pray to Nicholas for help in business, be sure to visit the church. Women should go to church on women’s days (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are considered to be men), for men it is preferable to do it on men’s days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).

Put a candle in the temple in front of the icon of the saint and ask him to assist you. Also buy yourself church candles and the image of Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Important feature: on the day of the visit to a religious institution, one should not give alms to the poor and make large purchases, spend large sums of money, lend money. If you still need to visit the store, you need to pay for purchases with paper bills, calculating them so that you must get a change.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work and affairs

It is necessary to read prayers with lit church candles, in front of the icon of the elder. The situation should be at the same time quiet, calm and secluded.

No one and nothing should distract you in the process of pronouncing the sacred text.

The fact that you turned to Nikolai Udodnik for help cannot be extended — at least until you get what you want. It is also not worthwhile to place all hopes on the prayer, and to do nothing at this time and not take any steps to improve the existing situation.

It is necessary to consider all possible solutions, draw up a clear plan of action — only in this case you will receive the support of St. Nicholas and will be able to get out of difficulties.

Recommendations of the clergy

Clergymen have their own recommendations regarding the proper use of sacred texts. Following them is an even greater guarantee of receiving help from the saint.

  1. You must have a pectoral cross. In addition to it, the icon of Nicholas, church candles, holy water and prosphora will be required.
  2. It is necessary to begin uttering a prayer from the morning ritual: three times to be baptized before the image of a saint, to eat a prosphora, drinking it with holy water, and to say: “In healing the soul and body”.
  3. Say a prayer, without being distracted in the process. Read her priests advised every day at the same time. The duration of the ceremony — 40 days (you can not even miss a day). Usually within 40 days the problem with the work is solved.
  4. After 40 days you need to read a prayer of thanks. You can give thanks in your own words, the main thing is that they be uttered sincerely, from the heart.

Even when there is no trace of the problem, we should not forget to thank the saint — this item applies not only to St. Nicholas, but, in general, to all the saints. Only in this case, they will always help you in difficult moments of life.

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