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Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business at work, the strongest

The strongest prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business and work

I always thought that the saints pray only in the case of unsolvable problems, and first of all — in case of illness. And when a new girl came to our office, who every day, starting her working day, invariably got out of her purse a small icon of the Outlaw and froze before her in wordless prayer, she decided: the girl had someone very sick.

Seeing I sneak a glance at her, she did not hide: it turns out that a colleague is begging for a promotion from Nikolai! And who would have thought — less than two months, she moved into the office of our deputy head! Since then, I began to turn to Saint Nicholas, though not on display, but at home.

And guess who won the award as the best employee of the month!

When do people read “business” or money prayers to Nikolai the Convenient?

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business at work, the strongest

  • If they are looking for a job and for a long time they cannot find it, or else they are offered completely unfavorable options.
  • If you are going to change jobs to a higher paying or just convenient (say, closer to home).
  • Planning to start your own business.
  • Having a job, but not coping with their responsibilities.
  • If the salary is delayed.
  • Asking for good sales if the person works in the trade.
  • Wanting to pay higher.
  • If you are going to talk to your superiors about a pay increase or a new position.
  • Having problems with the team (say, if a person feels that he is a white crow, and he wants to join the team).
  • If the work is not pleasant, but it is impossible to change it, Nikolai the Outlaw can teach you to love your place or business.
  • Before a business trip. They pray to the saint before any trip — on a car, on a ship, or on a plane.

But why do we pray to Nicholas?

It’s simple: the saint often handed out money and property to the poor or just to people in trouble. His most famous act was to help the father of three daughters — the family had nothing to live with, and the girls dreamed of marriage.

Nikolay at night, secretly (“don’t let your right hand know what the left hand is doing”), threw bags of gold into this house, and finally the family had enough money for a dowry for girls.

And while serving a long trip, remember: during his life, Nicholas the Wonderworker pacified the raging sea and saved the ship and the sailors on it.

Texts of the strongest prayers

Prayer for help. It is read not only in order to find a job or be saved from debt, but also in other cases (for example, if someone in the family is sick and you need to urgently find money for treatment).

Do not stop praying daily until your wish comes true. But, of course, don’t even sit back — instead of just giving you what you want, the heavenly patron may start from afar, so if you are sent to refresher courses or constructive criticism of your activity begins, do not wave off, but start it is better.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business at work, the strongest

This text is read, asking for help to get a better job on the existing work, to get rid of problems. The prayer is very bright, they ask Saint Nicholas to protect him from envy, malice and wiles of unkind co-workers.

You can also read it, intending to change your course of activity or simply looking for a new job in an old specialty.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business at work, the strongest

This text is prayer from poverty. He is read when looking for work and asking for salary increases.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business at work, the strongest

Also, looking for a job, read the text of such a prayer.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business at work, the strongest

This text group. It can be read as a whole family, and at work, if you work with many believers.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business at work, the strongest

And this short text is easy to learn and pronounce to yourself. in any exciting moments — let’s say, being near the door of the chief who called you «on the carpet», or standing on the threshold of a new office, where you came for an interview.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in business at work, the strongest

Popular Orthodox rituals

If your problem is urgent, but you are afraid that the usual (even really strong) prayer does not solve it, read «Oh, the Most Holy Nicholas» forty times in a row. In this case, you will surely be heard immediately, so get more chances to get what you want.

The text of the prayer is published above. To read it exactly forty times and this prayer clip will help you not to stumble.

But remember: the whole ritual takes a little over forty minutes!

If you have enough patience to every day for forty days to read the same prayer, You will get a chance to change fate. For example, to become a leader, get away from lack of money or turn from an annoying loser into the best employee of the month.

The text of such a prayer to Father Nikolai can be found in this video:

Who and when can appeal to the saint?

Anyone can turn to Nicholas the Wonderworker. baptized a person, both Orthodox and Catholic (the only thing — Catholics celebrate Nicholas Day not on December 19, but a little earlier — on December 6).

You can pray in a difficult moment, and seeing that your neighbor (relative, friend) is in trouble. And if what you asked for was given to you, do not forget to offer prayer thanks!

We pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker, asking him to address our words to God, since we ourselves (for the most part) are not worthy to address Him personally. Well, if you think that you live almost sinlessly, often attend church, keep to posts, you can turn directly to the Lord.

How to offer a prayer?

It is ideal to contact the patron in the namolelenny place — the temple, finding his icon. True, you will have to pray for more than one day, but every day it is convenient for everyone to visit the house of God.

Therefore, the church does not prohibit praying at home and even at work, seizing a moment when you stay in a room alone.

Prepare the icon of St. Nicholas. It will be right before every prayer to light a thin church candle in front of him.

In the end, it does not need to blow out — let it burn to the end.

Speak each word with feeling. No need to chatter prayer as a seventh grader Vova rhymes at the blackboard.

Before the ritual, cleanse the soul of everything negative. If you feel bitterness, resentment, anger because of communication with someone from home or brought these emotions from work, first do yourself something pleasant (take a bath, drink lat, watch a light film), and just calm down, start communion with the saint.

Do not ask for anything bad for your neighbor. “Swung” to increase? No need to hope that you get it by dismissing a superior person.

Also, do not ask to win money in gambling (the church does not approve of them), find a wallet (after all, someone will lose it before), get a will (because in this case, someone will die).

But good «profits» in the trade, you can ask for excellent revenue. But of course, if you do not sell something bad — a deliberately defective product, expired products.

For success in the alcohol trade or in the field of casinos and other lottery is also better not to ask.

  • Nikolai Uhodnik is a saint to whom it is not a shame to pray for the most everyday things — asking for a new job, promotion, deliverance from problems in the workplace. Regular prayers will even help to find a common language with the team and love their work.
  • The strongest prayer of such a plan is «O All-Holy Nicholas.» It can be read just like that, until your wish comes true, or as a ritual, repeating a prayer forty times in a row.
  • You can pray in church, at home and even at work. It is advisable to do it alone, setting an icon of the Miracle-maker in front of you, and if you can, then light a consecrated candle in front of the image.

Want to know more about the saint, whose memory all Orthodox worship on December 19? I offer a short film in which the father will not only tell about the Miracle Maker, but also show the area in which he lived and worked wonders:

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