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Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker, changing fate

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker, changing fate

Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most revered and powerful saints. He is approached with prayers for protection and help. They really help to change life.

Nicholas the Wonderworker, also called Nicholas the Saint, or Saint Nicholas, is highly revered in Christianity, both Orthodox and Catholic and Protestant. He is the patron of all the slandered and innocently convicted, so they turn to him with prayers for a change of fate and help. For quite a long time Nikolay Ugodnik was confused with Nikolay Pinarsky, since the biographical information about them is quite similar.

According to legend, Nicholas the Wonderworker was born in a fairly wealthy environment and received a good education. Since childhood, he was very religious. Seeing this, his uncle, who was a bishop, made him his assistant when the young man reached a slightly older age.

The initial period of the priesthood of St. Nicholas is associated with the period of persecution of Christians, which actually lasted until 311 years. Later, Christianity became more tolerant, which contributed to the spread of the faith.

Acts of St. Nicholas

In the biography of Nicholas the Wonderworker there is a story about the following events: being a young man, he went to study in Alexandria. The journey was sea, and there was a storm, during which one of the sailors crashed to death. Nikolai the miracle worker was able to resurrect him.

On the way back from Alexandria, this saint also saved another sailor, also taking him with him to church. Therefore, it is believed that Nicholas the Wonderworker patronizes the sailors.

In Catholicism, there is another common legend. The poor man had three daughters, and he had no dowry to marry them. It is even said that he was going to extract monetary gain by trading their bodies.

Nicholas the Wonderworker found out about this and decided to help the girls. One day he left a wallet with money for his eldest daughter, on the other for an average daughter. It became clear that the girls appeared intercessor.

When the turn came for the gift of the younger daughter, the father decided to wait for the benefactor and thank him. According to one version, Nicholas the Wonderworker found out about this and, in order not to get caught, threw off the dowry through the chimney. The gift hit the sock of the youngest daughter, who was drying over the fire. This legend formed the basis of the image of Santa Claus, who comes through the chimney and leaves gifts for children in socks.

Perhaps that is why there is a special prayer for St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Nicholas the Wonderworker is not only the patron saint of sailors. He tries on the warring and rescues from the ridiculous premature death. Therefore, prayer to this saint can completely change your life for the better.

About all the great great wonderworking, the prelate of Christ, Father Nicholas!
We ask you to hope the hope of all Christians, faithful defenders, hunger for the feeder, weeping joy, sick doctor, sea ruler, poor and orphan feeder and fast helper and helper to all, and live in peace and see the glory of God’s elect in heaven and with them continually chant the one in the Trinity of the worshiped God forever and ever. Amen.

Deep faith and daily reading of prayers, including Nicholas the Wonderworker, will fill you with a sense of security and peace. Sometimes, it is prayers that help make an important choice and decide on good deeds. Reading prayers, you not only purify your soul, but also put your thoughts and feelings in order, which means you change your Fate for the better with your own forces and with the help of heaven.

The veneration of Nicholas the Wonderworker in Russia was fairly rapid and widespread almost immediately after the adoption of Christianity. Perhaps this is due to the fact that even after the death of St. Nicholas the Pleasant, when miracles are addressed to him in prayer.

Not only this holy pray for protection. Prayers to Archangel Michael also possess extremely effective power. Be strong in your faith and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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