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Prayer to Mitrofan Voronezhsky: text in Russian, about which they pray to the holy

A prayer to the Orthodox saint Mitrofan of Voronezh: what to ask for, texts

One of the great saints of the Russian land, Mitrofan of Voronezh, is known for his godly deeds for the whole country and for his kindness turned to people. Even during his lifetime, he worked wonders, healing the sick, it was enough just to attach to his robe or even lightly touch the edge of the clothes.

And after death, the prayer to the Mitrofan of Voronezh brings the Orthodox the desired, and therefore it is addressed very often.

Prayer to Mitrofan Voronezhsky: text in Russian, about which they pray to the holy

How to pray sv. Mitrofan Voronezh

Any prayer directed to the Higher Forces is a frank dialogue and sincere appeal, a petition about oneself or a suffering close person. How to behave with this?

  • first of all, all slyness and pretense are excluded both before themselves and before the prayer way;
  • it is necessary to focus on the object of your request; no other conversations or actions are allowed;
  • a prayer should not be hastily, for such a quick pronouncement will not bring the desired and even vice versa, since such tongue-twisters are just for show, do not reach the goal;
  • readable text is not shouted, does not impale a voice, but is pronounced in a low voice or whisper;
  • Turning to Mitrofan Voronezh, they ask not for any wealth, etc., but for spiritual help for choice;
  • before embarking on the sacrament, it would not be superfluous to appeal to the priest for advice and blessing;
  • confession and communion are always welcome.

Especially impatient people are waiting without fail, that after the very first prayer to St. Mitrofan, the desire will immediately begin to be fulfilled. In fact, only prayer work, done with diligence, will give its beneficial results.

A worshiper will definitely be rewarded by the Lord.

Prayer to Mitrofan Voronezhsky: text in Russian, about which they pray to the holy

When do they turn to Mitrofan Voronezh with a prayer

Orthodox ask the saint in all difficult situations associated with

  • professional activities, work;
  • problems with children, with a loss of mutual understanding;
  • if you want to quickly reach a good office space.

Mitrofan of Voronezh asks Christ for all who call for intercession, especially if it is the Orthodox’s desire to have a good job, for seriously ill patients and for alleviating their sufferings, about conquering poverty and destitution, and society has become better off. It is better to pray in the temple, but also home prayer is godly.

Prayer to Mitrofan Voronezhsky: text in Russian, about which they pray to the holy

Life of the saint (in short) St. Mitrofan of Voronezh

The minor homeland of the future Orthodox ascetic is considered to be. Antipovka, located in those early years in the Moscow district. At first, Mikhail led an ordinary life, grew up, studied well, and in his time married a nice girl. However, by the age of 40 he became a widower.

After deliberation, he decided to take a haircut as a monk, and in 1663 he put his decision into practice and became a monk Mitrofan.

The monk was distinguished by severity, aimed primarily at himself, but only afterwards at all those around him. Due to this quality, demanding of himself, he was appointed abbot of the monastery.

The saint was respected not only in the monastery among the monks, but also at the court of the sovereign Fedor. In the future, Mitrofan made friends with Peter the Great.

He helped him in many ways, giving him support by mentoring and a wise word. Years later, he was elevated to the rank of bishop of Voronezh.

It was not easy for St. Mitrofan at his post.

The population was not distinguished by love and trust in the Church. Very few, but somewhere there were no wards at all. Many were engaged in blasphemy, did not attend churches, did not observe Christian holidays, few people studied, the level of Christian culture was very low.

In this regard, it was necessary to re-raise Orthodoxy, to equip temples, to establish monasteries within the framework of its diocese.

Prayer to Mitrofan Voronezhsky: text in Russian, about which they pray to the holy

Once it happened that Mitrofan felt unwell and realized that he would soon die. It happened in 1703. The burial was solemn.

The emperor of Russia himself carried the coffin with the body of the saint to the place where the body was to rest.

In the 19th century monk Mitrofan was canonized (1832). The relics of God’s saint are still imperishable to this day, they are located in Voronezh in the Cathedral.

Orthodox pilgrims converge here from all over the world to pay tribute to the memory of the righteous, to touch the testimony of the true faith and to receive healing consolation for themselves in the hardships of life.

Prayer to Mitrofan Voronezhsky: text in Russian, about which they pray to the holy

Memory of sv. Mitrofan Voronezh is celebrated several times a year:

What does the icon Mitrofan Voronezh

As mentioned earlier, you can pray to the saint both in the church and at home. Well, if there is a corresponding icon.

According to the action records of the inspection of the surviving relics, a reliable part of the letter was found, which indicates in which vestments the monk-saint was buried.

Among them are the monastic cockle, the bishop’s mantle. In addition to the robes, there was an Orthodox cross resting on the chest. On the basis of this historical document, icon painters began to create the image of the saint in their works.

The earthly image of the servant of Christ is seen to the praying one, and the great schema is with which the earthly way was completed. Above is presented the Savior, who blesses Mitrofan, holding a magnificent rod with a pommel.


Sending their petitions, pray Orthodox Christians of St.. Mitrofan Voronezh in many cases, but most often they ask:

  • on assistance in work-related matters;
  • about if their children are not going smoothly and they can not find their place;
  • about healing and alleviating their own suffering and the pain of loved ones.

There are prayer texts aimed at both a specific request or desire, and general. Their examples are given above.

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