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Prayer to Matrona of Moscow for help in work and money

The strongest prayers to the Matrona of Moscow for help in financial problems

When money is sorely lacking (no matter for what reason and for what), devilish temptations creep into the soul: get out, Masha wonders on Tarot cards, and Oksana has built a financial amulet, and both are already wearing new fur coats. Throw away thoughts of witchcraft and other mystical nonsense!

Orthodox that the soul is not sorry — to go into magic? It is better to ask the Lord, He will help. And then there are saints who have the glory of protectors in this or that field.

For example, if the lack of money begins to pester me, I pray to Matrona, and there has not yet been a time for me to find a way out of a difficult situation after such a prayer.

Prayer to Matrona of Moscow for help in work and money

What is Mother Matron asking for?

  • On healing the sick.
  • About mutual love, marriage, family preservation (such prayers can be read not only for oneself, but also for one’s children and even grandchildren).
  • From drunkenness guy, groom, spouse.
  • About the onset of pregnancy.
  • On success in trade and other matters.
  • On assistance in finding a job, as well as in the service.
  • Well, finally, about the money.

All these modern prayers arose for a reason. During the life of the old woman, people went to her with such requests, the Matrona prayed for the people to the Lord, and many were granted by their faith.

The strongest prayers for work and money

If you are a job seeker, go to interviews, but you will always be answered “we will call you back”, start reading the prayer “For Job Search” every day.

Prayer to Matrona of Moscow for help in work and money

If you are employed, but your salary does not suit you or is constantly delayed, your prayer is “About money.” And do not be afraid to contact her to Matrona, because you are not asking for manna from heaven, but for honest earnings for your own work.

But even the Lord said: «According to your labors, be rewarded to you.»

Prayer to Matrona of Moscow for help in work and money

If there are other difficulties at your work (you cannot find a common language with colleagues or superiors, career growth has stalled, you cannot cope with your duties, you are afraid of being fired), read the prayer «For help in solving all problems.»

Prayer to Matrona of Moscow for help in work and money

How to pray

  • This can be done both in the church and at home.
  • If you don’t know a special prayer (say, lost a leaflet), speak in your own words. In prayer, the main thing is not so harmonious statements, so sincerity.
  • In the temple of God go to the image of the saint, double cross, worship, light a candle. No need to think that the stronger and more inaccessible the desire, the more expensive the candle should be — buy a penny, mother herself asked those she should put. After that, you can read a prayer (by memory or written), cross again.
  • To help church prayer necessarily help, before entering the temple you need to give alms. In our time it is rare to see beggars near the church doors. However, many of us know people who need more of ours — you can enter their home with a package of products, even basic ones. Another good thing that will also be reckoned is to go to the site of a charitable foundation and transfer a small amount to the treatment of a child.
  • For home prayers, buy in the temple the consecrated icon of the Matrona (the image from the computer or phone screen is best used only as a last resort). In the home iconostasis, such an icon is hung just below the images of the Savior and the Virgin Mary.
  • Stand in front of your home icon, cross, worship, light a candle, pray, cross again. Do not extinguish the candle, let it burn down itself. At such a moment it is important to remain alone, so that no one interferes with prayer (even the cat should be closed in another room). For women, it is important to be in a headscarf.

You cannot ask for good for yourself, which must end in something bad for your neighbor. Want a promotion?

Ask for not only him, but also promotions for the superior person whose place you want to go to.

Also do not ask for easy money. Staritsa will not send you a prize in a casino or even a lottery, you will not receive news of a huge inheritance.

All that will help the saint — will give the opportunity to earn. And how much — it already depends on you.

Prayer to Matrona of Moscow for help in work and money

Why we honor the matron

During her lifetime, this woman glorified her name with many miracles (and this is in the anti-religious Land of the Soviets!), And even after Matrona’s death, people who pray to her often told about miraculous healings and other wonderful joys.

The matron was born in the nineteenth century, namely in 1881. Her parents were Dmitry and Natalia, poor peasants from the village of Serbino. The family was so in need that after learning of the pregnancy, Natalya immediately decided that as soon as the child was born, she would give him to the orphanage.

No wonder — and so there are three mouths in the house (the family already had two boys and a girl)!

But the Lord was pleased with something else, and shortly before giving birth a woman had a dream: her daughter flew to her like a white dove, only with a human face and without eyes. The woman understood — a dream is no accident, it is God who wants the child not to wander among strangers, but remains in the family.

Baby really was born blind. When she was baptized, a semblance of a halo formed over her head, and everyone understood that a great saint would grow out of a baby.

The girl grew up and began to console people, praying with them. Grateful visitors brought her some simple rural gifts — food. So Matrona became the family breadwinner.

And, even at the age of 17 she stopped walking (her legs were lost), the girl remained still innocent and pure.

Prayer to Matrona of Moscow for help in work and money

Over time, she moved to Moscow. The “red days” began, the persecution of the Orthodox, so the woman was constantly hidden in new apartments.

But people found out where she was, and they went — some for support, some for advice, and some for blessings.

After death, the old woman was canonized, officially announcing the saint. Her incorruptible relics are carried around the country so that people can bow to her.

The legend of the meeting of Moscow Providence and Joseph Stalin

They say that in 1941, when Soviet troops were defeated after defeat, the “leader of the peoples” Joseph Stalin himself went to the Matron for advice. And she predicted that, although the war would be grave, the Soviet people would win — “the red rooster pecks the black”.

True, historians are skeptical of such a legend — after all, it is strange to expect such piety from a person giving orders to shoot priests and destroy churches.

You will learn more about the holy blessed Matronushka from the forty-minute documentary. In it you can listen not only about the life of this worthy woman, but also to see her grave, crowds of pilgrims rushing towards her, as well as to see many Orthodox icons of this old woman. And the main thing is that all information comes from priests who sincerely honor our Russian saint:

  • The blessed old Matrona is the Russian saint of the new. She lived only a hundred years ago, during the times of the USSR, finding the Second World War.
  • There are many prayers to the saint. People ask her about success in business, about love, about getting rid of the hateful illness. But most often they are asked to help with a lack of money, job search and other financial problems.
  • Matron can pray in the church and at home.
  • You can ask for a raise, job search, salary increase. Do not ask for a dream job due to the dismissal of another person, as well as easy money — winning in gambling, inheritance.

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