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Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

Finding a job is an ungrateful business in which you cannot rely only on luck or your own professional skills.

Bearing in mind how difficult it is sometimes to convince a potential employer that it is you who are the specialist he is looking for, and sometimes it’s not easy happening, guided only by the call of your heart, it will be useful to turn to intercession from the higher forces.

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

At the same time, the form of the appeal itself, clothed with concrete words, does not have a special meaning. The main thing is to find true and sincere words, and then you can always count on help from above.

It doesn’t matter what form it comes to you — maybe in the form of a hint in a dream that will direct your search for a suitable job in the right direction; or maybe a higher power will grant you a suitable attitude that will help you successfully pass the interview and get the desired place.

Or will they help to attract the attention of those employers to whom you will come as an applicant?

Being in the quest for suitable work, for example, you can turn directly to God with such a prayer in order to fully enlist the support of the Almighty:

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

Saint Nile Postnik (also known as the devotee of Sinai) also uttered something like these words: if you want to find work, let the language sing, and the mind prays — for it is always necessary to remember God as he demands. Therefore, it is necessary to pray more and more.

Prayers for all occasions

Among the great multitude of Orthodox prayers there will be those that will certainly help you in this endeavor. First of all, there are three universal prayers, useful in any life situation, the effectiveness of which was noted by numerous believers.

These are “Theotokos, Devo, rejoice,” “May God rise again!”, As well as the well-known prayer of the Lord (commonly referred to as “Our Father”):

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

These prayers may be accompanied by an appeal to God with arbitrary words, such as:

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

Some sources also offer this ready-made form of universal prayer, designed to assist in finding a new work:

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

It is recommended to be pronounced both before and after the interview, and also at each visit to the employment center (or recruitment agency) or simply by viewing suitable vacancy announcements.

Any prayer should be read at least three times. Do not forget to be baptized after each prayer.

Also, it will not be out of place to order and defend a thanksgiving prayer service in the church, and after successfully getting a job, do not forget to make an offering from the first salary you received.

In general, you should always give credit to those who help or have already helped you on your life path — for example, suggested by advice or specific actions that eventually helped you find your own way to gain new work. And it does not have to be your relatives or friends.

You can (including without your knowledge) direct and forces of a higher order, such as the guardian angel and God’s saints.

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

Of course, you can always count on unexpected luck that has fallen from the sky, when help comes from the side from which it would seem that no one expected it. But still it is better not to be afraid to make requests — both to the inhabitants of their earthly, and — all the more — the heavenly world.

Prayers to Orthodox saints

For example, you can call out with these words to Nicholas the Wonderworker whenever you are in the process of waiting for a decision on your candidacy:

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

The help of the Wonderland will be effective and in the difficult task of drawing up a suitable resume, if you refer to it, for example, like this:

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

Note that the earthly path of the saints, canonized by the Orthodox Church, was marked by the seal of tireless work and sincere faith that the name of the Lord would help them overcome all difficulties. Therefore, they should be addressed, their patronage should be sought first.

For example, prep. Seraphim of Sarov will certainly hear your call, if you really want it in your heart:

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

But not only male saints were reputed miracle workers. In Russia, the names of two saints are widely known — Blessed Xenia and Matrona of Moscow, who are also often addressed with various pressing problems.

It was Matrona who once predicted that the Nazis would not reach Moscow. She will help, giving the right sign, and those who are sincere in their desire to find work.

You can refer to Rev. Matrona as follows:

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

And Ksenia of Petersburg, who prayed for the souls of all the suffering, voluntarily accepting the hard inheritance of foolishness (even though she herself was from a wealthy family), will surely take your call if you read her prayer:

Prayer to get a good job with a big salary

A little farewell in the end

Remember: by and large, it does not really matter what words you choose to refer to God and His Saints. Only the purity of your thoughts is crucial.

Being even an unbaptized person, you can still count on higher patronage. You can pray at home, but it’s better to still attend church.

You can ask for the intercession and your own saint (whose birthday you celebrate), referring to his icon with a prayer.

In the process of prayer in advance, mentally imagine yourself in a new, prestigious position, surrounded by the honors and respect of colleagues. At the same time, praying, look at the light of a candle.

Invest in your words sincere faith in success.

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