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Prayer to find a good job: to whom and how to pray

What prayers will help find a good job and achieve success

As a believer, I believe that prayer can help not only to improve health and peace of mind. You can turn to God and ask for a good job. Today I will tell you what prayer will help you find your dream job.

I believe that by turning to the Lord, you can get the desired position and radically change your life. The only thing that is needed is to be sincere in your request addressed to God.

Why there is a need to appeal to the Lord

Today, the problem of employment is particularly acute. The unemployment rate for several years remains very high, many professionals with diplomas are forced to be content with modest posts. Some of them lose their faith with time in the fact that they will manage to get a job in their specialty.

But faith can also help with this problem.

Prayer to find a good job: to whom and how to pray

Modern people are mostly far from religion. They simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that there are more powerful forces.

And at the same time people categorically refuse to live according to God’s commandments. However, sooner or later, but in their lives comes trouble. And then the first thing they remember is about the Almighty.

Most often this happens at the moment when they are faced with health problems or employment.

Of course, material values ​​do not in the least concern the Lord. For him, they mean absolutely nothing. And therefore, spiritual teachers constantly remind us that it is necessary for the Orthodox to give up their life in abundance.

After all, it corrupts the soul. However, it is not possible to completely abandon money, because in this case a person will be forced to beg.

Of course, this is completely unacceptable.

Finding good bosses

Here are just quite often the Orthodox face problems in finding employment. After all, no one can guarantee that the head responsible for recruitment will be a decent person.

He may well be a bribe taker who will simply give up the position to the applicant who has paid a large sum.

Bribery, of course, is punishable in any country. However, the fight against him alone does not need to start.

Faced with a biased or unfair attitude on the part of those company representatives who are responsible for recruiting staff, many give up. People begin to feel that they will not be able to achieve their goal.

It is at this moment that the thought comes to their mind about asking for help from the Almighty.

Competition in job search

Of course, the reason for the ascension of prayer can be not only the search for good work, but also simply tough competition. The level of preparedness of specialists seeking employment in prestigious companies is often very high.

As a result, it is almost impossible to compete with them.

In this case, you can also resort to the help of the Almighty. By asking for his intercession, a person can beg for help in obtaining the desired position.

Indeed, sometimes it happens that a professional with a bunch of diplomas in fact turns out to be a completely incompetent specialist.

But a person with only one diploma can show excellent results, but to understand this during the interview is not easy enough. Therefore, it is likely that the applicant with a more “simple” education will be rejected.

Of course, if he refuses to ask for help and intercession from a higher power.

How does prayer work?

It is believed that it is impossible to ask the Lord for material goods. And since work brings income, some believers believe that offering prayers for successful employment is strictly prohibited.

However, the clergy are convinced that there is nothing bad in the prayers in which the person asks for help to find a good job. After all, in fact, the Christian does not ask for enrichment, but for the Lord to allow him to work and earn money independently.

Therefore, requests for patronage during the search for a suitable job cannot be considered as something inappropriate.

Prayer to find a good job: to whom and how to pray

To understand that this statement is truly true, it is necessary to figure out exactly how such prayers work. First of all, they attract good luck. And, as you know, without luck it is difficult to succeed in any undertaking.

Mrs. Fortune submits only to God. And everything that atheists consider to be an ordinary coincidence or luck is actually God’s plan.

Prayer with effort

Many Christians forget that you can’t just ask for help from a higher power and sit back. This is a completely wrong position, which is fraught with negative consequences.

Because the Lord is gracious only to those people who show perseverance and zeal.

For example, if the Orthodox continue to improve their professional skills after the ascension of a prayer, the Lord will certainly look at him and help. After all, his creation will demonstrate zeal and desire to get the desired position.

In this case, the device for a good job will not be a problem.

Prayer to find a good job: to whom and how to pray

It is extremely important to what extent a person is prepared to take the position he dreams of. Quite often it happens that a Christian asks for himself a position that he cannot cope with in the future.

And in this case, he needs to seriously think about whether he really has the strength to hold on to this work.

If doubts exist in a person’s soul as to whether he can bear this burden, it is likely that the prayer will be completely unanswered. And blame the Lord should not. Because the Creator knows for sure what his creation is capable of.

And if God decides that a person is not ready for such responsibility, he will simply relieve him of this excessive burden, which may cause even greater problems.

The Most Effective Prayers

Before you begin to pray to heaven to find a good job, many people think about what kind of prayer should be offered. After all, they want to use the most effective prayer for the Lord to answer it and fulfill the prayer’s request.

However, this is not quite the right approach, which may even anger the Most High.

Some recommendations when choosing a prayer:

  1. There are no universal and absolute prayers that can help you achieve your goals with a 100% guarantee. After all, a request addressed to the Lord is not some kind of barter. The main thing that should guide a person when choosing a suitable prayer is the desire to turn to the Almighty. And then his heart itself will tell you by what prayer it is best to do. Perhaps the most suitable prayer will be to Trifon.
  2. It is extremely important to remember that a person must be sincere in his wishes. It is impossible to prevaricate and have unholy thoughts during the ascension of a prayer, since this is completely unacceptable. Sincerity is the most valuable thing and only it can help a person to achieve the fulfillment of a request. After all, God helps only those laymen who honestly ask him for help and live according to the commandments.
  3. It is noteworthy that the Lord does not refuse to help sinners. However, in order to be heard, they need to atone for sins first. Only then can they, being a pure soul, offer a prayer to the heavens and receive an answer.

To pray

It is noteworthy that in this case it is possible to offer prayer not only to the Lord. Most priests tend to believe that prayer can be addressed to the patron saint. Let us take a closer look at which saint to pray:

  1. Find out who exactly patronizes a person can be quite simple. After all, after the baptism of the child must buy an icon with the image of the patron. In addition, if there was no such icon in the house, you can simply pray to the saint whose name the person bears. Previously, parents at baptism gave their children exclusively those names that corresponded to the names of the saints. In this case, it was believed that the name must be chosen not just at random, but by date of birth. For example, the boys, who were born on the day of the memory of Nikolai the Great Man, were recommended to be named in his honor. Since it was believed that throughout life, this particular saint would patronize the baby.
  2. If a person has not been baptized at birth, but wants to offer prayer to God, he can do it. And while he is allowed to ask for help from any of the saints. But it is best to offer a prayer to the Virgin. Being the mother of the savior, she always tries to protect the infirm. It is to her that all those whom the Lord refused because of their transgressions pray.
  3. Very often helps the faithful blessed Matron. During the life of Matron, Moskovskaya helped everyone who approached her with a plea for help. She never refused to people if she saw that their thoughts were pure. It is worth noting that believers know many examples of how prayer to Matron helped people get a job. These stories are passed on by word of mouth and make even atheists think about how powerful this patroness is. Even after his death, the Matron continues to help the flock, as in life.


  1. The job search takes a lot of time and is very difficult. To facilitate the process a little, you can ask for help from a higher power.
  2. It is permitted to offer prayers not only to the Most High, but also to the patron saints.
  3. It is better to pray to those patrons whose name is a man.
  4. Non-baptized, no one forbids offering prayers. But since they do not have a patron saint, you should choose it yourself. It is better to focus on the date of birth.
  5. Never give up after a prayer has been read. A person must prove to the Lord that he is ready to take this position and make every effort to stay in the workplace.

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