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Prayer to Cyprian

Prayer to Cyprian

The prayer of Cyprian is a powerful remedy against spoilage and the evil eye. Learn how to read a prayer so that the higher forces come to the rescue and provide protection. After all, not everyone knows the true text of the prayer.

When to contact St. Cyprian

Cyprian during his earthly life was a magician and a magician, but a meeting with the nun Justina changed his outlook and he decided to renounce sin. And now people are looking for protection from evil spells in the prayers addressed to this Saint.

The greatest evil is damage. Spiteful critics may try to destroy your life, bringing damage to health and even death. The evil eye has a milder form of manifestation, but is more common.

The person on whom the evil eye lies begins to languish, his vitality leaves him, his appetite disappears, old diseases make themselves felt.

The miraculous power of prayer to Cyprian

Cyprian taught that the help of prayer should be addressed in extreme cases when you know for sure that damage lies on you. The text of the prayer is complicated, so it is better to write it on a separate sheet. It is read exactly three times. Before the prayer, dial in the church of holy water.

Prayer can be slandered on the water, which then need to drink to the person on whom the damage lies.

“O holy saint of God, holy martyr Cyprian, speedy helper and prayer book of all who come to you. Receive from us unworthy our praise and obtain for us from the Lord God in impotent strength, healing in sickness, consolation in sadness and all that are useful in our life.

Lift up your prayer to the Lord, may you protect us from the fall of our sinful ones, teach us true repentance, save us from the capture of the devilish and all the spirits of unclean spirits, and deliver those who offend us.

If we are a strong advocate for all enemies, visible and invisible, in temptation give us patience and at the hour of our death show us an intercession from torturers in our air ordeals, and led by you, we will reach Gornoigo Jerusalem and will be honored in all the holy glory and chanting of All Saints the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost for ever and ever. Amen».

Saint Cyprian was martyred by his enemies and suffered for his faith. He is called in sorrow when a person has lost hope of healing from ailments. Prayer will be effective for those who believe in it with all their hearts and reject vain thoughts from themselves.

But those who decided to read it just out of curiosity, it will not benefit.

Cyprian’s holy merits before God

The relics of the holy martyr Cyprian are in Cyprus. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world go there to worship the devotee. Respect and reverence for this saint deserved thanks to his feat for the sake of Christ.

He was born into a family of ungodly parents. And his only occupation was magic and witchcraft. He had in his service a regiment of demons that could drive a man crazy. It so happened that the pagan Aglaid turned to Cyprian for help.

He had a passion for Justine and decided to achieve her location through magic spells.

Cyprian tried various ways to influence the nun, but she stubbornly did not give up. Her assistants were the holy faith and the sign of the cross. The pagan priest was disappointed — an innocent maiden was not affected by his spell.

She was protected by the Lord. Then Cyprian burned all the devilish books. And turned to faith.

During the persecution of Christians, Cyprian and Justin were captured and tortured. But they did not renounce their faith and accepted death. Later, Cyprian was canonized for this feat.

If the words of the prayer are supported by true faith, no evil intent can prevent divine arbitrariness. Kindness destroys evil, rage and anger. After reading the prayer, the soul is filled with joy and love.Honor God and do not forget to press the buttons and

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