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Prayer to attract happiness

Prayer to attract happiness

Our heavenly patrons do not leave us in a difficult moment. The sincere prayers addressed to the Saints have the power to change even the most difficult situation. And during the bright church holidays their power is truly impressive.

Christmas, Baptism, Easter — all these solemn events are traditionally accompanied by prayers and services in the temples. On such days, the energetics of the Light are much stronger, so a request for help will surely be heard in Heaven. Just remember: you must ask sincerely, believing in God with all your heart and not having any bad thoughts.

Prayer for happiness

The universal prayer to attract good luck and happiness is addressed to the Virgin Mary, because it is she who is our protector, intercessor before God and a helper in many matters. It should be read at dawn or immediately after waking up.

Holy Mother of God, Mother of God, be glorified and blessed be hereafter and forevermore. I will ask for your mercy at this hour, for I trust in you, stepping on my way. Illumine it with a sunbeam, bestow well-being, but I will praise Your name and our Lord, each your gift accompanying you with a good deed done not out of greed and secret servility.

I will ask for your absolution and forgiveness. Amen.

These words are able from the very awakening to set you up in the necessary fashion.

To strengthen the prayer, do not forget to buy church candles. Their light has a special power that protects from the evil house. And well-being in native walls gives half the success.

Candles, incense, aromatic oils and other such things from a worldly attribute become part of the church, charged with spiritual, positive energy.

It is also necessary to say that you can use this prayer text to appeal to your patron, for example, to the Guardian Angel, by slightly changing the wording accordingly.

Prayer to the Virgin Mary can help in any trouble. But this does not mean that it should be remembered only when difficulties surrounded you from all sides. Do not forget to remember with good, sincere words of gratitude those who protect us and take away all evil from the side. Be lucky and, of course, press the buttons and

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