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Prayer to Archangel Michael is a very strong defense.

Prayer to Archangel Michael — the strongest defense

Received the glory of a great defender, Holy Archangel Michael is revered by many religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism. He is known as the most important angel, a fighter against evil and all evil, the protector of all mankind.

A prayer to Archangel Michael, inscribed on the porch of the Miracle Monastery in the Kremlin, is able to provide very strong protection to anyone who turns his request to the saint. The Church recommends reading this protective prayer in case of any — real and potential — danger.

Prayer to Archangel Michael is a very strong defense.

How to ask Archangel Michael for protection: texts of prayers

The strongest daily prayer to Archangel Michael

The following prayer to Archangel Michael is able to provide powerful protection to both the most praying person and all his relatives and friends. This text belongs to the category of daily prayers, so it is recommended to say it every day, at any convenient time. The words sound like this:

Prayer to Archangel Michael is a very strong defense.

In places marked with brackets, the worshiper should call all those whom he wishes to cover with the invisible protective wing of St. Michael the Archangel. In order not to miss someone accidentally, it is recommended to write all the names in advance on a piece of paper.

Prayer-protection from dark forces

A person who calls upon Archangel Michael with the below given prayer will always be protected from the evil influence of dark forces, from all witchcraft and evil, from diabolical machinations and temptation, and will also be delivered from the torments of hell.

Prayer to Archangel Michael is a very strong defense.

A sincere request yes be heard

Sometimes the intercession of the Higher Forces is also necessary for those who are not familiar with Orthodox prayer texts. In this case, the Church should advise the Holy Archangel Michael in order to protect them in her own words.

Even such a prayer will be surely heard by the saints — provided that it comes from a pure heart and is sincere. For example, you can say:

“Hear my request! Please help (me) (your name, or name the person in need of help)

With the help of this phrase, you can ask a talisman for yourself and for those dear to people. Best of all, if you begin this short, strongest prayer with an appeal to Michael. As an appeal fit:

  • “Lord Michael the Archangel”;
  • “The Great Archangel Michael”;
  • “The Wonderful Michael Archangel, Cherubim and Seraphim.”

You can also pray in your own words any day and any time. After this appeal, it is not forbidden to voice any specific request — to name what exactly you need the help of St. Michael the Archangel.

Who can turn to Archangel Michael with a prayer?

Everybody can appeal to the Holy Archangel Michael for protection (even those who identify themselves as convinced atheists). For the Archangel Michael, it does not matter at all what sex he prays to, what race, creed, and so on.

In moments of need, he comes to help everyone, gives his support.

When can you pray to Michael the Archangel?

Life situations in which the Archangel Michael can help and protect are different. The most common examples are:

  • confusion, the need to get out of confused circumstances;
  • protection from tragic events, troubles, war, death;
  • protection from evil people: enemies, deceivers, robbers, murderers, etc .;
  • protection from negative magical influence (damage);
  • please help in solving a specific problem;
  • please decide on the life purpose;
  • the request to give vitality, patience and endurance;
  • request to get rid of anxieties, doubts and fears that are tormenting the soul.

This list can be continued. The Messenger of the Lord will hear everyone who speaks to him.

The only condition is to ask sincerely, with faith in the positive outcome of the prayer.

Who is Saint Michael the Archangel?

Saint Michael is the most important angel (archangel, archangel — from the ancient Greek “commander in chief”), close to the Lord. The meaning of his name is interpreted as “one who is equal to God.”

This is the head of the Lord’s army, the angel who fights against the dark forces, helps the whole human world and protects it. Even on icons he is always depicted with a long and sharp sword — with his help he defeats evil, relieves humanity from fear, anxiety, temptation, eradicates deceit and other vices.

Prayer to Archangel Michael is a very strong defense.

The name of Michael the Archangel was first mentioned by the Old Testament. In particular, it describes how this supreme angel took the lead in the struggle of light forces against dark forces and sent the devil to hell.

Recalling the intercession of Michael the Archangel, people pray to him for protection from the evil one, from evil people, conspiracies and witchcraft.

Memorable dates

Annually September 19 Church is celebrated Memories of the miracle of Archangel Michael — in other words, the memorial day of the saint. This is the most suitable day for prayers for protection, and believers take full advantage of this opportunity.

Besides, Michael’s day celebrate and November 21. On this day pray for the dead, pray for the sins of all kind, calling each of his representatives by name given at baptism.

Prayer speech ends by adding the final phrase. “And all the kin according to the flesh, to the Adamic tribe”.


The prayer addressed to St. Michael the Archangel is simple, but incredibly miraculous. Her words have the strongest protective abilities.

Proof of this are examples of many deeply believing people whom the Archangel of God helped in the most difficult times of their lives.

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