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Prayer Symbol of Faith: text with accents, listen to audio

Prayer Symbol of Faith: text with accents

The “Symbol of Faith” prayer, the text of which with all the accents is presented below, is considered to be one of the most fundamental in Christianity. Such a peculiarity is connected with the fact that the “Symbol of Faith” (or “I Believe”, as it is called otherwise) contains a brief description of all the postulates that Christians of all confessions believe in.

Prayer Symbol of Faith: text with accents, listen to audio

In the life of the church, the prayer “Symbol of Faith” has a very important place allotted — worship services usually begin with it. “I Believe” also necessarily accompanies the sacrament of baptism: the newly made godparents say a prayer, it is supposed to be memorized by heart to any baptized person (children from a conscious age).

The text of the prayer «Symbol of Faith» with all accents

Church Slavonic language, which is preferred by the Orthodox Church, is also the basis for most of the prayers. For the average Russian person, he presents some difficulty, both in terms of understanding and in terms of pronunciation. To eliminate the difficulty of reading the prayer to zero, the text version with the accents given below will help:

Prayer Symbol of Faith: text with accents, listen to audio

Explanation for reading: sign (apostrophe) in the words of the prayer affixed after the stressed syllables.

Play Prayer Faith Symbol with accents online:

The structure and meaning of the prayer «Symbol of Faith»

As part of the prayer «Symbol of Faith» is allocated 12 members (in other words — parts). Each of them contains a brief description of one Christian truth.

These truths convey the essence of all Christian doctrine, namely: what Christians of the whole world believe in that laid down in this formulation, the goal of the truth itself and the goal of the Christian’s faith in it. The members of the “Believe” prayer are dedicated to:

  • the first — to the only God;
  • secondseventh — to the Son of God (Jesus Christ);
  • eighth — the Holy Spirit;
  • ninth — Churches;
  • tenth — The rite of baptism and its benefit for mankind;
  • eleventhtwelfth — Eternal life in Paradise, the resurrection of those who went to the kingdom of the dead.

The prayer “Symbol of Faith” is endowed with a deep meaning, it is not for nothing that its second name is “I Believe”. This word requires a thoughtful attitude.

It must resonate both in the soul and in the consciousness of the Christian. Believing is the first and most important duty of any person who chooses Christianity as their religion.

And he must believe in the trinity of God, in the Church one, in eternal life, awaiting humanity after the accomplishment of the Last Judgment.

The “Symbol of Faith” is not just a Christian prayer. It is a way of establishing a close and deep connection with God himself.

It is a means of maintaining and strengthening the faith of man in the Most High.

How the “Symbol of Faith” prayer and baptism originated

The prayer “Symbol of Faith” did not find its modern form immediately. The origin of the prayer “I Believe” began in the times when the Christian Church had just begun its formation.

Its origins date back to the period when new converts of Christians began to be prepared for baptism. In the arsenal of the ancient Church, there were several brief “symbols of faith” that pursued the goal of conveying to the new believers the dogmas they should believe in and recall their calling in this world.

Over time, the rite of baptism has undergone many changes, and this could not help but reflect on the “Symbol of Faith” prayer — it grew and came, as a result, to its modern look.

In particular, the need to supplement and refine the prayer was caused by the appearance in the 4th century of false teachings about God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

  • In 325 I Ecumenical Council took place, convened to affirm the true faithful doctrine of the Son of God. The reason for the convocation was the beginning of the spread of the false teaching of Arius, who claimed that God the Son was only the supreme creation of the Lord. Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council formulated first 7 prayers.
  • The following 5 truths taken on time II Ecumenical Council, in the year 381. Then they approved the true doctrine of the Holy Spirit — in opposition to the false teachings of Macedonia, which denied the divine dignity of the Holy Spirit.

The “Symbol of Faith” variant, compiled at two Councils and practiced by the Church at the present time, became known as Nicene-Tsaregrad, in honor of those cities where these Councils passed (Nikaia, Constantinople (Constantinople).

The Place of the “Symbol of Faith” in Modern Christianity

As noted above, the prayer “Symbol of Faith” briefly, but unusually accurately, expounds the truths of Christian dogma. The life of every true Christian should be permeated with faith in God.

Without faith, a person becomes blind, and with it he acquires spiritual vision, enabling him to see and understand the essence of everything in this world. A “Symbol of Faith”, in turn, is the key to this spiritual vision.

Prayer Symbol of Faith: text with accents, listen to audio

“I believe” is a full-fledged prayer, covering all the most important things that exist in Christianity. She is also included in a brief prayer rule made for the laity by Seraphim of Sarov («Our Father» — 3 times, “Virgin Mary, rejoice” — 3 times, «Symbol of faith» — 1 time).

Father Seraphim believed that these three prayers are the “three whales” of Christianity: “The Lord’s Prayer” is bestowed by God himself and serves as a model of all prayers; ”Contains the immutable truths of the Christian faith.

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