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Prayer penitent to the Lord Jesus Christ

Penitential prayer to Jesus Christ: the rules of reading

I advise all people to constantly repent to the Lord for their deeds. This will help to cleanse the soul and atone for its sins.

Today I will tell you what kind of penitential prayer Jesus Christ needs to offer, and how to read it correctly.

Penitential prayer: meaning and importance

Man is sinful by nature. As you know, Adam and Eve, who are the progenitors of all mankind, have committed a mortal sin. They broke the Lord’s prohibition and tasted the fruit from the tree of life.

Of course, there is a mention in the Bible that the fall was due to temptations sent by the devil himself. However, it is extremely important to understand that the inhabitants of paradise committed this sin of their own accord, nobody forced them to do so.

That is why such cruel but fair punishment was chosen for them.

Prayer penitent to the Lord Jesus Christ

The mention of this is not at all accidental. After all, today many people do not just rarely attend church. They seldom offer prayers to the Most High.

But the priests believe that the greatest problem is that the Christians have completely forgotten about the prayers of penance.

Repentant prayer is offered to Jesus Christ. Such a choice is not accidental.

If we recall the times when the son of God walked on this sinful earth, then it becomes clear why it was him who offered such prayers. After all, his first sermon was a call to repentance.

It is believed that by offering a prayer of repentance, a person gets rid of his sin. It is for this reason that some people misuse this, believing that all sins after reading the prayer will simply be erased. Of course, this is not the case, since a person needs not only to realize his sin, to tell about him, but also to try to redeem in word and deed.

Only in this way can a sinner be able to wash off the stigma from his soul.

Priests note another important circumstance. For some reason, it is believed that sinners should repent of sins exclusively. Righteous Christians prefer not to offer such prayers, considering themselves a model of worshiping the Lord and the purity of the soul.

However, this can be argued.

In the Bible there are notes in which it is said that the son of the Most High gave more attention to harlots and tax collectors. At the same time, he preferred to have practically no business with those who called themselves righteous.

In those years, all Christians considered themselves as such, who strictly obeyed the law of Moses and walked the streets with books, Pharisees.

Indeed, this happened. But, in the opinion of the righteous themselves, the Lord ignored them, saving the souls of those who are not at all worthy.

However, there is another explanation. The righteous, who considered themselves pious and categorically refused to repent, were dominated by pride.

And she, as you know, is one of the most hated sins of God. That is why His son preferred to save the souls of people who were able to realize in time that they were sinners and asked for mercy from heaven.

Why you need to ask for forgiveness

Regardless of whether a person considers himself a sinner or not, he must pray to the Lord for forgiveness. And there are several important reasons:

  • the need to heal spiritual wounds. Even under the condition that a person strictly follows all the commandments, his soul can never rest. By trying to become a righteous person, a Christian can suppress those base desires and impulses that can make him a sinner. However, this leaves a mark on his soul. Because of this, it is covered with ulcers. To prevent this from happening, one should prayerfully for mercy;
  • asking for mercy for all people. Every righteous person knows that you need to pray not only about yourself, but also about other people. After all, we must not forget that every person bears the cross for the sin committed by the progenitors Adam and Eve. And so all people are doomed to suffer. The desire to weaken someone’s burden should be inherent in absolutely all Christians who are truly devoted to the Lord.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the frequency of the ascension of such prayers. For some reason, people think that such prayers should be read only after committing a sin.

And this is a common misconception. The prayer of repentance to Jesus Christ must be offered every day.

Only then can a person be sure that his sin, which he could not even notice, was forgiven.

Reflecting on why some people consider themselves to be the righteous, for whom there is no sin, it is worth mentioning one important detail. The word «sin» people used to understand very serious crimes.

For example, murder or adultery.

Prayer penitent to the Lord Jesus Christ

That’s just when they completely forgot that some of the emotions that a person may experience are sinners. For example, anger and envy. For just a second, a Christian might think that someone’s life was better, because this person was much more fortunate.

This is black envy. Of course, the Christian immediately tried to pull himself together and drive away these thoughts. However, one cannot deny the fact that this thought still visited his head.

Therefore, he committed a sin.

Repentance and confession: what is the difference?

Surely, even people far from church and faith are well aware of what confession is. In this case, it is rather the merit of cinema. In many films you can see the scene when a man comes to church, he is led into a booth divided in two, and he begins to tell the priest about the sins he had committed before.

In general, the description of the process is correct, but very superficial.

The film, of course, will not talk about the fact that you can not just come to church and confess. It is necessary to withstand the fast first, read certain prayers.

And only after that you can safely go to church and ask the spiritual guide that he perform the sacrament.

Until now, the enlightenment of the masses remains too small, so some people do not even know the difference between repentance and confession. Although the differences between them are still there, and they are significant:

  • Repentance is a realization of sin — in other words, in order to receive the mercy of the Lord and his forgiveness, a person must first clearly realize that he has committed a sin. After this, the Christian must sincerely repent of his action, which is not righteous;
  • You can repent without any preparation — this ritual is very personal. To repent of sins before the Lord, a person just needs to offer a prayer;
  • only a priest can hold a confession — if a person can quite repent himself, then there is no confession. This is allowed to be done within the walls of the church and subject to certain training.

Pay attention to the last item in the list. It says that you can only confess in the church. However, in some cases, exceptions are possible.

For example, if health does not allow a person to come to the temple of God. Everyone is well aware of the old tradition, which is now almost forgotten.

In more ancient times, when the faith of people was stronger, being on his deathbed, a Christian necessarily called the priest to himself to perform the sacrament of confession.

Such a desire to repent before death was explained quite simply. The fact is that a person who sinned during his life and did not have time to repent before dying could go to hell.

Of course, everything depended on the severity of the sin committed. However, the clergy diligently convinced the flock that confession before death was sacred.

How to read the prayer of repentance?

As it was written above, confession is a sacred mystery. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that it is carried out according to certain rules.

And since repentance is a more “simple procedure,” the church does not impose any special requirements on this process. It is enough that a person will be in solitude.

Before offering a prayer, it is imperative to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and try to tune in the right way. It is better to be in the room in which there is a red corner. In this corner, believers usually have icons depicting saints.

But if there was no such room in the house, it does not matter.

Prayer penitent to the Lord Jesus Christ

Reading a prayer, you should try to grasp its meaning, to feel every word. This will be easier if the pace of reading is not too fast. Shout out the words of the prayer is also not necessary.

Recommends reading it in a whisper or even to yourself. After all, this is a conversation with the Lord, which only He should hear.

Please note that the chanting of the words of the prayer is also not necessary. The canons do not require it.

Because such prayers must be read. Singing here is completely inappropriate.


  1. There are no sinless people, so every Christian should regularly repent of his sins.
  2. The prayer of repentance should be offered every day.
  3. Do not confuse repentance and confession. Confession is a mystery of absolution, and repentance is only a way to show the Lord that a person has been able to realize his sin.
  4. The prayer of repentance must be addressed to Jesus Christ, since it was he who first reminded people of the closeness of the Doomsday and called for repentance.

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