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Prayer of transfiguration & raquo; Dr. Sinelnikov

«Prayer of Transfiguration» by Dr. Sinelnikov

Over the past few years, Valery Sinelnikova’s prayer has gained immense popularity and has helped many people. If you have tried all the options and did not get the desired result, this prayer will change your life.

Valery Sinelnikov is a doctor by profession and at first was no different from other doctors. But, like all successful people, he did not stop there; he constantly developed and learned something new. After numerous studies and observations, he created a unique method of working with his subconscious, which helps to solve any problem.

Of course, it is possible to work with the subconscious mind by various methods and meditations with affirmations are only a small part of everything possible. But, as a rule, these are basic exercises that can be taken by any person without special training.

The Sinelnikov method is also based on simple things that are understandable and accessible to everyone. Valery was discovered a whole theory, which says that our whole life depends on thoughts. Of course, many more successful and enlightened people claimed this before him, but only Dr. Sinelnikov describes in detail how and why this happens.

The essence of his book “Love Your Disease” is that our negative thoughts and feelings trigger a program that destroys our body. This program is called a disease. We all are accustomed to flee to the doctor at the first signs of the disease and drown out the pain by various means.

Dr. Sinelnikov suggests looking at all this from the other side.

According to his theory, any disease is a signal that we need to change something in our behavior. If we learn to do this, then the symptoms and the disease itself will go out of our lives. At the first signs, you just need to ask your subconscious mind which particular emotions or thoughts provoked such a state and change their behavior.

After that you will feel much better.

He also explains in detail how to communicate with his subconscious and leads several methods of working with him. A lot of information has already been written about the subconscious and many discoveries have been made, but this topic is so deep that it is impossible to fully study it.

Those who for some reason cannot read the books of Sinelnikov will always be able to help themselves with a special prayer, which he developed to improve the lives of everyone.

It is enough to give yourself a few minutes a day and follow Valery’s recommendations in order to start changing for the better. According to numerous reviews of grateful listeners, you can be sure that the prayer of transfiguration works and helps everyone who wants to change something in himself.

It doesn’t matter what your problem is. If you practice this prayer, you will soon notice how life will sparkle with new colors. To enhance the effect, you can complement the prayer with a special experiment that lasts exactly 21 days. Move forward, discover something new. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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