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Prayer of the Optina Elders at the Beginning of the Day

Prayer of the Optina Elders at the Beginning of the Day

Prayers help every person. In a period of doubt, complexity, and fateful decisions, the Higher Forces grant the believers support and guide them on the true path. Prayer at the beginning of the day will be a good help in any matters.

Optina elders — the spiritual fathers of the Russian land. They helped all people and gave life advice. Their prayers and the gift of clairvoyance saved from adversity.

The elders cared for the orphans, those who were left homeless, and never left those who needed help and support in distress.

The Holy Fathers always prayed for the protection of the Lord. Each of them knew how to find an approach and find the right words, instilling confidence and softening life’s adversities. People seeking support received advice and instruction.

The righteous helped to gain true faith and change their attitude to the difficulties encountered on the road of life. The path to the purification and education of the soul, everyone can start on their own — this will help the prayer of the Optina Elders at the beginning of the day.

Beginning of the day prayer

«God, give me peace of mind to meet everything that will present me this day. Let me give myself to Your will. Lord, give me Your support for the whole coming day and do not leave my doubts. Help me to do right and do not let me stumble nor the people around me.

Lead me and let me carry the Word of God. Do not leave me neither in actions nor in my thoughts. Keep your pious thoughts and do not allow yourself to be defiled by unrighteous deeds committed voluntarily or involuntarily. Do not hurt anyone and do not hurt my enemies.

Give me the strength to bear all the burden of this day and get rid of cowardice and timidity. Lead me and teach me to live in peace and truth with everyone. Teach me love unselfishly. Amen»

Daily prayers bring up not only spiritually. Appeal to the Lord strengthens faith and guides the righteous path. Sincere faith and a desire to open oneself for God’s will allows one to atone for sins and start moving toward a happy life.

Love yourself and your loved ones, pray for their health and ask God’s mercy for everyone. Sacred texts do not necessarily read from the original. Words uttered by the heart itself open all the ways.

Living in love and honesty pacifies, improves health and reduces stress and anxiety. We wish you peace and harmony, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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