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Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

Prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help and protection

Prayers addressed to the face of the Mother of God are among the obligatory Orthodox texts that every Christian needs to know. There are many prayers of the Mother of God, as well as icons with the image of the Virgin Mary, but I read my prayers to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God.

I will tell you a brief history of this face, I will acquaint you with the words of appeals for help and repentance to the Protector of all the afflicted.

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

What is the power of the image of the Virgin

In the Christian pantheon, the image of the Mother of God is one of the most revered holy faces, capable of performing miracles, fulfilling the most intimate desires. It has long been to the intercessor of Christians offered prayers for help in various matters, asked for recovery from any diseases, appealed for support in despair.

But more often, mothers turn to the holy image, asking for help from their children.

The prayer words ascended to the Mother of Christ will always be heard, regardless of the face of the Most Holy Virgin you make prayer. For me, the icon was the icon of the Kazan Mother of God, to which I addressed in a difficult situation with the following words of special power:

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

If you are a deeply religious person, even the text of the short address “Most Holy Theotokos, save us!” Will become a talisman for you in godly deeds. If it is difficult for you to memorize church prayers, contact the Virgin Mary in your own words, the main thing is that they be sincere, come from the heart, then you will find help.

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

Briefly about the icon of Kazan Mother of God

The historical path of the iconographic image began in the 16th century, when a nine-year-old Matron girl found an icon in the city of Kazan after a fire that devastated almost the entire city. The image of the Virgin who came in a dream ordered the child to find the icon-painting face. Its acquisition took place in the ashes, on which the foundations of the Mother of God monastery and church were laid.

Throughout the history of our country in difficult times for it, the Most Holy Theotokos becomes the leader of the people, and its defenders pray before the face of Kazan, going into battle.

The icon original until the beginning of the twentieth century was stored in the walls of the Virgin Mary of the Kazan monastery, but in the summer of 1902 the icon was stolen, the original was lost forever. But in the summer of 2004, a copy of the canvas was acquired, the premises of the Holy Cross Church, built on the site of a convent, became a storage place for the Kazan image.

There are many lists of the miraculous face, which are stored with honor in many local churches.

Texts of the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary for assistance

The creation of the prayer purifies the soul, and the consciousness from sinful thoughts, the grace of the Virgin Mary is limitless, it really helps the needy and suffering with the choice of the right path, the awareness of their mistakes. The Kazan Icon of the Mother of God can be treated according to certain rules:

  • daily prayer in the morning;
  • wash the face with holy water before the ritual;
  • clear thoughts of disturbing thoughts;
  • fill the soul with sincere faith in receiving help.

They worship the miraculous face twice a year — in the summer of July 21 and in the autumn of November 4. Having tuned in to a positive solution to the problem of life, they light a church candle, kneel down to ask the Queen of Heaven for help in various undertakings.

Prayer for successful completion of cases

Starting a godly deed, the Orthodox in the words of a prayer call ask the Lord to bless their labors. However, one should not forget about his own contribution to gaining success, because problems themselves cannot be resolved, but reading the prayer petition to the Most Holy Theotokos will be a guarantee of success:

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

About getting rid of despondency and despair

For an Orthodox person, despair is associated with sin, so even in the most difficult situations you shouldn’t be depressed. After all, a true Christian believer is under the protection of the Higher Forces, under the intercession of the Most Pure Lady, we turn to her for help with the words:

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

To get protection on the go

Going on a long journey, contact the Mother of God with prayers for protective cover, so that dangerous situations will bypass you, and the road will be without tests and difficulties.

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

Finding love, help with marriage

Those who live long in solitude cannot find their soul mate in any way, I advise you to give a prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos. To the Patroness of female happiness, which will help create a family, are addressed with the words:

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

To protect against enemies and unkind people

Prayer books of this orientation will become a reliable barrier against the alien influence of evil personalities. Before reading the sacred prayer, you need to cleanse your own soul from malice, turning to the Blessed Virgin Mary with a positive attitude:

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

You can pronounce the text of the short call for help loudly or read it to yourself, the Mother of God will hear the believer, and for non-believers the appeal will be just words. You can create a short prayer in any place, even when there is no opportunity to retire for the sacrament of communion with the Mother of all Orthodox. Simple prayer is easy to remember:

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

How to ask the Mother of God for healing

In a huge number of prayers for the Believers of the believers there are prayers for healing, gaining health. In addition to a verbal request for help, it is important to visit the temple for personal attendance to the sacrament of church worship, ordering special prayers for the granting of healing. For help, the Most Holy Mother of God can be addressed with the following prayer:

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

It is important to remember that prayer for healing is allowed to read, not only for themselves, but also for their ill relatives. To gain help in healing from a particular disease, you should daily turn to your morning prayer at the Kazan Mother of God with a morning prayer.

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

Every day there are more and more patients with oncology, why nobody catches the disease of a specific person. Adherents of official medicine make every effort to save the sick, and healing comes to believers with prayers. Pleas for help addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos should be made according to certain rules:

  • in the church they acquire an icon of the Virgin Mary under the name of the All-Tsaritsa, they order an akathist from a deadly disease;
  • they pray at home before the image of the Mother of God, ask for patience and gain strength to withstand the difficulties of treatment;
  • on the difficult path to healing, one should not indulge in despondency, but firmly adhere to a course of treatment with persistent prayers for healing.

Despite the criticism of atheists, the words of prayer help to direct the work of the mind in the direction of healing, replenish the reserve of spiritual forces necessary to combat the terrible disease. Cancer patients ask for help from the Blessed Virgin Mary with the words of the following prayer:

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

Mother’s prayers for their children

Mother prayers for their children have tremendous power, which increases many times as the prayer words are addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos. For children, the consequences of sincere prayers are invaluable, becoming the mother’s shield, the grace of the Lord, bestowed at the request of Mother of all on earth.

The strongest prayers for children will be turned to the icon of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, the day of worship of which falls on October 14.

The prayers created by this day acquire great strength, cover the children with a protective omophorion, help in their soon marriage, the onset of pregnancy, the birth of a healthy baby. Prayer to the Queen of Heaven in honor of the celebration of the Intercession:

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

Penitential prayers

Since in this world not every person can live without voluntary or involuntary sin, the Holy Mother of God is addressed with the words of prayer of repentance. Christian prayers for repentance of sins should be heard in the soul of a believer throughout the earthly journey.

One should also not forget confession, like the mystery of absolution of conscious sins.

During her earthly life, our Heavenly Intercessor did not leave the children of Christ without help, and the day of her righteous Dormition is celebrated on a par with the date of the Ascension of the Lord to Heaven. To the Most Holy Lady, who defended the Orthodox during her earthly existence, prayers of repentance are offered up, lamenting in their own sinfulness:

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help

Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos for help

The departure of the Virgin Mary is not death in the usual sense for us. This is the transfer of the soul of the Mother of God into the hands of his son Jesus Christ to the sounds of angelic singing.

Having thanked the Lord, the Virgin Mary asked him for blessings and protection for all who honor her memory.


Prayers to the Advocate of all the afflicted help us because the Lord God loves us — her Son, whom Christians worship as the father of all believers. The spirit of God is always with us, Orthodox Christians, we feel its help in fulfilling people’s desires, solving various problems of everyday life.

However, Jesus Christ helps to find happiness only to those who believe in him, ignoring the requests of insincere people. Rendered by faith.

The Mother of God is called the Emergency Listener, since the Queen of Heaven hears all the words addressed to her, leaving no believers without their help.

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