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Prayer of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

Prayer of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

The prayer of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary is very strong and effective. I speak from my own experience, because in a difficult situation, help came to me precisely because of the intercession of the Mother of God. This happened when the owner of a rented apartment unexpectedly reported that in a week she plans to lodge other tenants.

She did not accept any requests from us, she simply repeated — look for another accommodation. We had a small child, and at that time there was no money at all.

How to search for new housing? I began to read the prayer of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos, in search of patronage from the higher forces. I learned that this prayer is a good help to those left homeless.

I read diligently: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, several times. And on the fourth day, the hostess unexpectedly called and said that we could stay until we found a suitable accommodation.

It was a real miracle, because the character of the hostess was very complex, she never met us. And here is a statement!

For a month, in quiet mode, we found a new, good apartment, waited for the money to arrive, and very successfully moved. New owners of a rented apartment — people are very delicate, understanding, it is much more pleasant to communicate with them, and we like the apartment much more!

These miracles happen when you sincerely appeal to the Virgin Mary.

Now I know the strength of the prayer of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, and I advise her to read to anyone who has problems related to housing, family relations, diseases of loved ones. It is also read in the event that a person is in danger: the Mother of God with her Holy Protection can hide from any evil and solve any problem for those who sincerely believe.

Prayer of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

Ancient history of prayer and the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God

The prayer of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God has a very ancient history. It is associated with the feast of the Intercession, which appeared in the VI century, and reflects the history of the miraculous help of the Virgin Mary, when the Mother of God saved the whole city — the Great Constantinople, at that time one of the most important Christian cities in the world.

The holiday is celebrated on October 14th.

Constantinople was in great danger — the city was threatened by enemies who could wipe him off the face of the earth and deal with the inhabitants. The inhabitants of the city, Christians, prayed earnestly for salvation in all the temples of the great capital.

Among the worshipers were devotees who were revered by the church, whose names were Epiphanius and Andrew. During the all-night vigil, Epiphanius and Andrew, as well as all those who were with them at prayer at that hour, saw firsthand a miracle — at dawn a beautiful woman came into the temple, in which both ascetics recognized the Mother of God. Behind her were the figures of many saints.

The head of the Mother of God was covered with a light curtain. The Virgin Mary went through the whole temple.

Beaming with unearthly beauty, inspiring the people gathered in the church to love and hope for a quick salvation.

She went to the altar and prayed for a long time, after which she took off her veil from her head and covered them with all the people who prayed at that hour. Everyone understood that this is a sign of protection and patronage.

Soon after, the enemies lifted the siege, and Constantinople won a victory in the confrontation. The whole city was shocked by the appearance of the Mother of God and her intercession, therefore the icon was created — the Cover of Our Lady, which depicts the Most Pure, stretching the Cover to people.

The icon was painted by the Byzantine masters of the description of eyewitnesses of the events — those people who were lucky to see the devout in person.

October 14th Day went down in history as the feast of the Protection of the Virgin.

Since that day, all Orthodox Christians have been trying to visit the church and pray for salvation in the presence of the Most Pure. After the adoption of Christianity by Russia, Russian icon painters began to draw a miraculous face, and the image of the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God helped Russian cities during the brutal attacks that were not uncommon during the Tatar-Mongol invasion.

Prayer of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

Who and what helps prayer

It is believed that the cover of the Virgin is a powerful defense against all troubles and troubles. It is a force that protects all worshipers from misfortunes and misfortunes, supports the expelled, unjustly accused, protects in a dangerous situation.

When we read the prayer of the Protection of the Virgin, we ask the Mother of God for help and protection, and the work that we ask for can be anything. The main thing is that your request is not aimed at harming anyone.

Young girls who dream of marrying a loved one, the Mother of God through prayer helped to find love and protection.

The Protection of the Virgin can help you find a good apartment, solve financial problems, heal from diseases. After all, it is a sign of the divine love of the Mother of God herself. Also, there are such unpleasant moments when we face some danger, for example, on the road, at a late hour, in a dangerous company.

In this case, you can also read the prayers of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin. Best of all, if you have it always at hand — for example, rewrite the text of the prayer by hand or print it out on the printer and carry it with you.

It is also favorable when you have an image of the Protection of Our Lady in the house. In this case, read the prayer in front of the image, referring to the Mother of God.

Do not forget to read the prayer on the feast itself, October 14, recalling the prayer feat of the Virgin Mary and her intercession.

Prayer of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

Cases where Prayer Can Help

  • Lack of home
  • Serious illness
  • Difficult financial situation
  • Problems in children
  • Dangerous situation
  • Natural disaster (thunderstorm, flood, fire)
  • Bad family relationships

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