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Prayer of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

Prayer of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

In Orthodoxy, there are many prayers that are dedicated to Mother Steward. One of those is a very strong prayer of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Of course, her strength is not as high as in the prayers “Our Father” or “Our Lady, Virgin, Rejoice,” but this does not prevent the given prayer from being one of the most significant for the Orthodox world, because it is read to glorify the Mother of God on the feast of the Intercession.

Prayer of the Intercession

Remember us in your prayers, Our Most Holy Theotokos.
May we not perish because of the multiplication of our sins, for You cover us from all evil and evil devils.
We trust in you and we magnify you. Amen.

When you read this prayer in honor of the October 14 holiday, add at the end. » on the feast of Your Protection. ” In other cases, this is not necessary. These lines can be read even in non-holiday days, because we all need the protection of the Virgin Mary.

She will be able to help us in difficult situations, in times of trouble. She will cover us with her cover and save our soul and body from suffering. Ask her for help and give thanks for a quiet life, for prayer must be not only asking, but also giving thanks.

We remind you of the text of another important prayer addressed to the Mother of God:

Hail to the Virgin Mary,
Gracious Mary, the Lord is with you,

The best effect will have a symbiosis of two prayers — “The Virgin, Rejoice, rejoice” and the prayer “The Protection of the Mother of God”.

Feast of the Intercession

We have previously written about the traditions of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin. Every year, on October 14, people attend church in order to express their gratitude and respect to Mother Protector. This is a great holiday, in honor of which a festive liturgy is held in every Orthodox church.

Holiday history is simple. In the 10th century, a night service took place in the temple of the city of Constantinople, as enemies were expected to attack the city. Andrew the Foolish and his disciple saw over the people the opening gates of heaven, from which the Mother of God came out, accompanied by John the Forerunner and John the Theologian. She stopped high above the altar, and then she took down the omofor that was on her head and began to hold it over all who stood and prayed in the temple.

After that, she retired, after some time. She seemed to cover people with her grace, which is why the celebration in honor of this event was called the Cover of the Virgin. This holiday came to Russia only in the 12th century, but immediately became the hope of a bright star for all people.

Try to attend the temple on October 14th. If there is no such opportunity, be sure to read the prayers at home and think about that great miracle that happened in the temple of Constantinople more than a thousand years ago. The troops surrounding the same city retreated.

The inhabitants were saved by the cover of the Virgin.

In our prayers, we ask the Defender for protection and help. This does not mean that on other days you cannot do this. Just on the feast of the Intercession, we need to realize the full power of the Virgin Mary’s love towards us all. Pray to her in the morning, before going to bed, before traveling, and also whenever you feel that you are doing well.

Gratitude is the best prayer of all.

The Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos is not included in the list of the 12 major holidays of Orthodoxy. This is not the great twelve, but a great celebration that brings light into our lives. He is kind, he is great and as bright as that omophor of the Virgin Mary, which Andrei the Fool saw from the disciples more than a thousand years ago. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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