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Prayer of godchildren for godparents

Is there a special prayer for the godchildren: what prayers should the future godparents know

I always thought that the godmother is such a kind woman, almost a fairy, who, when she comes to visit, always buys her sweetheart, and for her Birthday, New Year, and so on, she always brings a gift.

And when my best friend called me to baptize her long-awaited son, I first of all appreciated my financial side — would I disappoint my godson when he grows up? But then it seemed to me that I was losing sight of something important.

I went to church, talked first with the servant, then with the priest. And it turned out that being a godmother is much deeper and more serious than just buying toys.

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

Godfathers: who are they

Our ancestors carried out baptism on the 8th or 40th day after the birth of the baby — this is how they were advised in the church. But nowadays, christening can be held on any day and at any age of the child.

Although of course, it is desirable that the child was small — even the godfather’s godfather is just hard to hold in his arms during a lengthy ceremony.

Yes, and crying, frightened by unfamiliar surroundings, the monthly tot will be less (and if it’s still raging up, godmothers will be able to calm him down with a nipple or bottle — do not forget, mom will be at the threshold of the church during the ceremony, she will be allowed to enter only at the end).

Most people invite a couple of godparents — a man and a woman (boyfriend and girlfriend). Although there are people who invite 2 or even 3 pairs.

By the way, not everyone knows, but only one person can be invited as a godfather: a godmother for a girl or a godfather for a boy.

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

Who can and who cannot baptize a child

Godfathers should be:

  • common faith with the godson (Christians should not invite Muslims or Buddhists; while Orthodox should not invite Catholics or Protestants);
  • adults;
  • worthy people (it is not necessary to call drug addicts, alcoholics, card players, people with low moral “bar” to future kumovs).

Also, the father / mother of this child, a nun or a monk, or people who are in close relationships cannot baptize a baby (husband and wife cannot baptize one child at the same time, and even if these people only meet, they will not be able to start a family later)

By the way! It is considered by the people that “it is impossible to refuse a cross”, that is, if you were asked to baptize a baby, only one answer will be accepted — “yes”.

But at the same time, there are cases when a person does not want to take on such responsibility (for example, he sees that the parents of the child are atheists, or Christians who do not go to church and baptize the baby for a tick or counting the rite mascot «for luck). In this case, even the priests do not prohibit refuse.

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

Duties of godparents

If we talk about baptism, then: the godparents buy krizhma (sometimes — even baptismal clothing), as well as a cross.

So call up your future godfathers before you go to church and agree on finances: sometimes godparents can easily fold on a golden cross and a massive gold chain, sometimes they buy a small golden (and even silver) cross on a simple string, and sometimes they manage on a simple wooden cross. .

How correct? The material of the cross is not important, faith is important!

Although, of course, it is also good to buy an expensive gift for the memory of his godson. But if other godparents cannot afford to fold to such a valuable gift, buy it yourself, and ask them to bring some krizhma.

Don’t bother, because you are not in the market — in the temple of God.

In addition, there is a custom that godparents pay in the church (meaning a charitable donation). But if there is no money for such a donation, the priest cannot refuse baptism.

After the ceremony, the godparents also should not be relegated to the background.

  • They need to pray for their godson.
  • To take him to the temple for communion, at least on major holidays.
  • Explain to the child the subtleties of religion, instill love for the Lord, Christ, the Virgin Mary.

If the parents are responsible for whether the child is hungry or not, what he is wearing, whether he has learned the lessons, then the care of the godparents is the soul of the baby.

You can burn a disc with religious cartoons, buy a personalized icon and tell the godson about his patron angel, dissuade him from celebrating frankly pagan dates (for example, helovin), and instead celebrate beautifully the birthday of the kid (do not confuse them with his birthday) …

Of course, now rare godparents live in the same village as their godson, but there are telephones and the Internet. So — there would be a desire!

During the rite of baptism, the godparents give the word of the Lord that they will lead this child to Him. Do not break this promise, because it is not formal.

In the next world, God will ask about him, and answers like “there was no time” will not be accepted.

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

Preparing for the sacrament of baptism

When going to church, take care to look decent:

  • no makeup in the style of «war paint» (you can slightly bring the eyes, but refuse from lipstick completely — you have to kiss the cross);
  • miniskirts, opening shoulders T-shirts, men’s shorts are also not welcome;
  • bear a cross on yourself (if you have forgotten it, buy a regular wooden one at the entrance to the temple);
  • women also need to cover their heads with a handkerchief (it should not slide over the hair and interfere, because your hands may be occupied by a baby).

Many priests do not advise women to wear high-heeled shoes — there are no church bans on this, just the very godmother would be uncomfortable to stand in them for almost an hour. By the way, there is also no ban on entering the temple during “these” days.

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

What prayers need to be repeated to know without hesitation

During the sacrament, the godparents must repeat the three main Orthodox prayers. They are desirable not only to know by heart, but also to understand …

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

«Virgin, virgin, rejoice» (also known as «Angelic greeting»):

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

What prayers will be useful to you later

We all pray — about ourselves, then about our children or grandchildren. If you have godchildren, you can read a prayer for them, asking the Lord to give them health and happiness.

Such prayers are especially relevant in difficult times when these children are sick or in trouble.

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

But remember: prayer is not a conspiracy, which can be read one (two, three, one hundred) times, and live on calmly with a sense of accomplishment. Prayer is our fellowship with the Lord, during which you ask the heavenly blessing to take care of the children entrusted to you.

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

Come to the house to your godchild / goddaughter more often. You can buy an icon, the first children’s Bible in pictures, explain why we pray and go to church, and then bring the baby there.

Introduce the young Christian with faith, show him / her an example of godly living.

Prayer of godchildren for godparents

Well, if life itself divided you with a godson (let’s say you lost contacts with his parents, or even quarreled), pray!

But the father says about the godparents (or, speaking in church language, perceivers):

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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