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Prayer of Detention Pansophia Athos — Forty Fortress

Prayer for the arrest of the elder Pansophia of Athos — a forty-strong amulet

The life of a modern person is unpredictable: at every step it can face various kinds of dangers and troubles, enemies and bad gossip. In this case, the prayer for the arrest of the elder Pansophia of Athos — a forty-strong amulet — can become a reliable protective shield.

Prayer of Detention Pansophia Athos - Forty Fortress

Features prayer-charm Pansophia Athos

Prayer charms, to the group of which the prayer of the arrest of the elder Pansophia of Athos belongs, originated in ancient times. They have tremendous power capable of reliably resisting any evil, any manifestation of negative.

A strong prayer-charm absorbs flows of negative energy, and in return gives the praying person faith and hope in the very best.

The forty-strong amulet of Pansophia of Athos is a special prayer. It combines elements of a pagan magical word and Orthodox prayer.

Its main purpose is to block the effect of negative energy on a person and thereby protect it from all that is unkind.

It is necessary to use the prayer of detention with extreme caution. This is due to the fact that the charm has the property to radically change the life of the person who applied it.

When deciding to say a prayer, it is necessary to clearly understand for yourself what purpose it will be read for, with which particular request to use.

A person who says a prayer for the arrest of the elder Pansophia of Athos must be baptized. The use of the forty-strong amulet is contraindicated for people who are not converted to the Orthodox faith.

It is believed that non-baptized people do not have their own personal Guardian Angel, and this prayer book implies an appeal to the heavenly protector of their soul.

Rules for reading the Forty Charm

The prayer of arrest of the elder Pansophia of Athos is able to protect even in the most seemingly hopeless and difficult situations. The main thing is to observe all the conditions of a correct prayer.

The process of reading a forty-strong amulet includes 2 stages:

  1. Preparing for prayer.
  2. Saying a prayer.

Preparing to read the prayer of arrest of Pansophia Athos, first of all you need to establish for yourself the exact day from which the petition will be carried out, and then proceed to the preparation. Preparation should begin 7 days before the due date and include:

  • strict post: exclude meat and dairy products, eat only food of plant origin;
  • avoiding addiction (drinking, smoking);
  • rejection of entertainment;
  • An indispensable visit to the temple (church) — at least 4 times a week.

Such training is conducted with the aim of increasing the power of the prayer of arrest. Observing all the above conditions, a person will increase his inner potential, which will be invested in prayer words during their reading.

At the same time, the strength of the forty-strong amulet will increase significantly.

The next step — reading the prayer of arrest — includes several mandatory requirements:

  • the period of reading the amulet — 9 days in a row, without passes and interruptions;
  • frequency of daily pronunciation: 2 times a day (morning and evening), or 1 time (at any time of the day);
  • the frequency of utterance: each time you read the prayer charm must be repeated 9 times in a row;
  • the state of the person reading the prayer of retention is calm, peaceful, freed from negative emotions;
  • avoid quarrels, conflicts, nervous breakdowns;
  • accurate and meaningful pronunciation of each word of the prayer, understanding of its content;
  • maintaining their actions to read the amulet in secret from the people around them.

A specific requirement is put forward regarding the sex of the person who is praying: men must begin the utterance of the prayer of detention on a male day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), women on a female day (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). The text of the prayer-charm should be read from memory, so it should be memorized in advance.

Sunday is a forbidden day: you can neither read the forty-strong amulet of Pansophia of Athos, nor learn it by heart.

The text of the prayer for the arrest of the elder Pansophia of Athos — from all evil for themselves and their loved ones

A prayer prayer can be pronounced in front of the icon of the Lord Almighty. It is allowed to pray in front of the image of the very old man Pansophia of Athos.

Immediately before the petition itself, you should first read the opening prayers: “Our Father”, “I Believe”, “Prayer to the Guardian Angel”. After the opening prayers, the worshiper must turn to the saint, whose name he bears, and only then proceed to read the charm itself.

Prayer of Detention Pansophia Athos - Forty Fortress

There is also known one way to read the prayer of retention practiced by monks and monks to protect their cloisters. This is a whole prayer rite, carried out using certain attributes:

  • icons: “Michael the Archangel”, “Holy Trinity”, “The Saints”;
  • Large holiday candles in the amount of 3 pieces;
  • one candle for the home;
  • incense;
  • incense spoon;
  • white tablecloth;
  • shallow dishes.

The essence of the prayer ceremony:

  1. Cover the table with a white tablecloth, place on it all 3 icons in the form of a triangle. Put on a large candle in front of each image. In the center of the triangle of icons to put the dishes with incense and a spoon for it.
  2. Light the candles facing the images. Light a candle for the house, place it in the center of the dish with incense.
  3. Read according to all the rules of the Pansophia of Athos prayer.

Prayer of Detention Pansophia Athos - Forty Fortress

Prayer of Detention Pansophia Athos - Forty Fortress

Prayer of Detention Pansophia Athos - Forty Fortress

See also the text of the prayer of detention and to protect against evil forces in the video:

Bans and some nuances when using the prayer of retention

A person who uses the forty-strong amulet of Pansophia of Athos for the purpose of his defense should also be aware of some nuances and prohibitions. associated with this prayer. First of all, these are prohibited requests:

  • it is impossible in the process of pleading to ask for cruel punishments for your enemies and detractors. It is strictly forbidden to pray for their death, since it is contrary to divine laws;
  • During prayer, one should not name the names of his supposed enemies, people suspected of any black deeds towards themselves. A person can be deeply mistaken in others, their true attitude to the prayer is known only to the Lord.

During the preparatory week it is imperative to go to church and ask the Most High merciful forgiveness for your detractors. It is recommended to repeat this action one week after the completion of the entire ceremony by reading the amulet.

The ritual, during which the prayer of retention of the elder Pansophia of Athos is recited, should be performed using attributes of only church origin: candles and incense should be purchased within the walls of the church, water (if used) should be consecrated, also recruited in the temple.

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