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Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

In the modern world, a person is not protected from trouble, enemy intrigues and gossip, other threats. To unchurched people the dangers of the earthly world seem mystical, but the church does not recognize magic, considering it to be a mortal sin.

Recently, my friend was faced with the machinations of enemies who envied the success of his business. He was ready to use the services of sorcerers, but one god-fearing old woman advised him to resort to the help of the Prayer of Detention, which creates a reliable shield from the intrigues of the ill-wishers.

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

Contradiction of the Prayer of Detention

Starting a search for prayer text that protects against adversity and grief, my friend and I found a lot of conflicting information.

  • Clergymen have no consensus about the sacred words, since the appearance of the prayer book dates back to about 1848. The priests are disturbed by the indispensable condition of the deep secrets of the uttering of prayer, which gives the prayer action a pagan or magical hue.
  • The unprecedented popularity among the masses of the secret appeal to the Heavenly Father is associated with the powerful action of sacred words that protect the claimant with a shield from the attack of all evil. To find a way out of a difficult situation, it is important to read a prayer text with a sincere belief in the help of the Heavenly Forces.

Attention! In view of the special power, but also the danger of prayer word forms, it is necessary to receive the blessing of the priest to read the Prayer of Detention.

The ruthlessness of a number of verbal revolutions petition in conflict with the Orthodox canons.

The history of the appearance of the protective prayer book

A very strong Prayer of Detention refers to the category of forty-strong amulets, neutralizing the effects of negative energy. The words of the sacred conspiracy protect against all evil, all kinds of negatives, instead of giving the applicant the power of faith and confidence in the victory of the light forces.

But the help of a strong prayer is not momentary, the secret text cannot be considered a lifeline or a ritual, it is a powerful support to the believer from Heaven.

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

The authorship of the prayer conspiracy from all evil is attributed to the righteous elder Pansophia of Athos. The sacred text of the prayer book, restraining evil, was given to a bright fighter against evil spirits by the Lord himself to hold the actions of the Devil by the power of God.

However, a modern person may have a question about the motive that prompted the monk from holy Mount Athos to appeal to the Lord and the Holy Saints with a bold request to keep time and impose a ban on the evil of enemies.

The explanation is connected with the predictions of the end of the world in 1848, which caused confusion among ordinary people, anxiety in the ranks of the adherents of the faith. What worried the souls of the townsfolk on the eve of the compilation of a very strong Prayer of Detention:

  • the consequences of the raging epidemic of cholera, which came from Persia and over time covered the whole of Europe and Russia;
  • the consequences of the famine that claimed many innocent lives along with the cholera epidemic devastating the villages;
  • the consequences of the revolutionary events in France, which gave impetus to the liberal uprisings in other European countries;
  • the consequences of the great migration to the lands of America, which led to the massive death of migrants due to the severity of the journey.

In Russia, the troubled period of 1848-1849. was marked by police repression aimed at extinguishing the growing revolutionary protest and discontent of the masses. The monks away from the world, who served the Almighty on Mount Athos, could not remain indifferent to the fall of the world into the abyss of evil.

Therefore, the Lord encouraged Pansophia of Athos to write the text of a very strong “prayer shield” from the influence of complex everyday situations.

When asking for help to the Prayer of Detention, it is important not to forget about the mandate of the Athos monk — to do the prayer of great power should be secret from the eyes and ears of the people. Compliance with the obligatory condition guarantees the strengthening of word forms of prayer.

The essence of prayer

A miraculous text against all evil is difficult to interpret, and the meaning of words becomes clear only after a thoughtful reading. The verbal message addressed to the mercy of God and the Saints (venerable and blessed) is formed on behalf of the person asking for protection, who imagines himself surrounded by a dense ring of enemies.

  1. The petition states that the enemy’s machinations can be both explicit and hidden, implying the machinations of adepts of other-worldly influence.
  2. After listing the types of unkind plans, the prayer addresses the Almighty with a description of his help to the Israeli people in avenging the enemies.
  3. Further text contains a petition for the detention of enemy actions, the crushing of demonic charms surrounded by a person who gives a prayer.
  4. The appeal to the Archangel Michael is a call to the Lord’s army to burn with the fire and sword of the enemies of the suppliant and the whole human race.
  5. The Prayer of Detention ends with a plea in front of the face of the Mother of God imprinted on the Unbreakable wall. This is the greatest icon of Orthodoxy.

Believers consider prayer in front of the image of the Most Pure Mother of God on this icon as the most reliable amulet under sacred patronage. Hang this icon in front of the entrance doors, then for people with unkind thoughts, the entrance to your home will be closed.

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

Features of the correct reading of the prayer plot

Preparatory activities

Although the Prayer of Detention is not read in Orthodox churches, relating it to apocryphal texts, it is necessary to handle the forty-strong amulet correctly. By order of Pansophia Athos to achieve the desired result from reading a very strong prayer, you must follow important recommendations:

  • on the eve of reading the prayer it is important to observe fasting;
  • visit an Orthodox church, defended the service for several days;
  • refuse entertainment and bad habits.

Preparatory actions are necessary to enhance the action of prayer treatment, multiplying the inner potential of the person praying, which contributes to increasing the power of the protective talisman.

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

How to read the defensive prayer

Reading the Prayer of Detention is started during guaranteed loneliness so that no one distracts with temptations. First they turn to God in an arbitrary form, asking for help, finding protection.

Such a ritual forms an aura of love that protects the person who is praying from the unpleasant consequences that may accompany the reading of a very strong prayer. Which is important to follow the rules:

  • the soul needs to be filled with pacified mood, and the mind should be freed from negative thoughts, stresses;
  • the words of the prayer are read with deep faith and thoughtfully only in the morning or evening, the day the defense will not work;
  • During a sincere reading or listening to the Prayer of Detention, it is important to be aware of the deep meaning of each phrase, repeating it to yourself:
  • one should not interrupt the reading of a prayer conspiracy; in case of a forced pause, the ritual begins from the very beginning in order to reestablish contact with the Higher Forces;
  • prayer creation lasts 9 days, the text of the forty-strong amulet is read daily 9 times, putting the soul into protective words.

According to devotees of piety, during the nine-day ritual, it is important to control your mental state and emotional mood, while avoiding stressful situations. After all, the essence of the text of the Prayer of Detention is an appeal with a fervent request to the Most High and the Saints to protect them from the devilish attack.

How do monks form a shield from all evil

The monks practice the reading of the sacred prayer book, which provides protection for the Christian monastery, complementing the realization of the rite with certain attributes:

  • for the ritual prepare three icons with the faces of the Archangel Michael, the Holy Trinity, as well as the Saints;
  • stock up with three large candles (festive) and one candle for the monastery;
  • it will also require incense, a white bedspread (tablecloth), and a shallow vessel.

The guarding ritual begins from the table covering with a white cloth on which the prepared icons are placed like a triangle. In the central part of a triangular figure formed from icons, a dish with incense is placed; its center is crowned with a lighted candle for the house (monastery).

The text of the secret Prayer of Detention, redeeming from all evil, is pronounced according to the above rules.

What is forbidden praying person:

  • to ask the Higher Forces to punish the offenders, and even less to send them death;
  • not to call names of your enemies during the prayer, because mistakes are possible;
  • Do not miss a single day of the ritual, otherwise the rite will have to start over.

The process of prayer is accompanied by the lighting of candles before the faces of the icons, as well as light bulbs with incense, but these attributes should be consecrated in the church, where they are purchased. Visiting the temple during the preparation stage, and it lasts seven days, and after the prayer ceremony is held, it is necessary to ask the Almighty for the forgiveness of the sins of their own and their enemies.

My acquaintance suffered so much from the wiles of detractors that he fulfilled all the instructions of the Athos elder, keeping in mind the intention to acquire protection. As a result, the resolution of all difficult problems with competitors was obtained, as well as completely unexpected help, about which my friend did not even ask, but kept the situation in mind.

Read the text of the miraculous Prayer of Detention, it will become for you a barrier against all evil:

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

Council It is better for the praying man for the creation of the Prayer of Detention to choose one of the men’s days, and for women — the women’s day.

The word forms of the elder Pansophia will give the best effect, if memorized by memory, and pronounced in front of the Icon of Detention with the Savior, surrounded by the Virgin, Archangel Michael and the saints.

Code of useful instructions

To strengthen the enclosing action of the prayer, its text is read in front of the face of the Virgin, displayed on the icon of the Semistrelnaya or on the icon of the Indestructible Wall. The spoken words can be supplemented by the akathist of the Virgin or by the prayers dedicated to these powerful images. In addition, it is allowed to work with prayer on one of three scenarios:

  • Thoughtful reading only the Prayer of Detention itself is a simple defense;
  • strengthening the ritual of prayer before the icon of the Virgin Mary — the average impact;
  • the creation of a strong prayer together with the akathist of the Virgin Mary is the highest effect.

Important. A secret dialogue with the Heavenly Father should always begin with the prayer of our Father, one reading is enough.

The ritual of speaking the text of detention is not magical, but sacred, leading to spiritual union with God in anticipation of the mercy of his grace.

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

The god of Athos, the Old Man of Pansophia, was able to compile a prayer book (collection) containing many sacred texts, including the Prayer of Detention. Prayer-reading, the reading of which requires high concentration with a clear limitation of intentions, is capable of blocking the unkind influences induced by it.

In his unusual petition to the Heavenly Father and the Holy, the monk creates protection from a diabolical attack. To the objections of modern churchmen about the signs of paganism in the text, the wise Pansophia responds with the following words:

Prayer of Detention from all evil: the text and how to read it correctly

When will prayer phrases help

The origins of the text of the prayer-charm are hidden in the depths of antiquity, the merit of the Athos elder in composing a clear prayer of great power. Amazing word forms combine the magic of pagan rhythms with the holiness of Orthodox images, forming a defense against all that is unkind. The ritual gives the worshiper hope for a favorable outcome in the following situations:

  • in case of severe and prolonged illness, one can pray not only for oneself, but also for a sick relative or reliable companion;
  • with confidence about the imposition of a curse on the whole clan chain, which is manifested by diseases, divorces and scandals, a string of deaths in the family;
  • in case of difficulties with finding family happiness due to the imposition of a crown of celibacy, problems of relations with members of the opposite sex;
  • with the intrigues of otherworldly forces, to form a protective barrier against the targeting of spoilage, the influence of people with a bad eye or cunning thoughts;
  • when financial difficulties in the family, to attract prosperity, health promotion or love relationships.

In the modern world, shrouded in mystery of mysticism, faith in the God of the All-One is sometimes replaced by magic of sorcery, and magic spells are called prayers. However, the prayers, which are a conversation with God, are designed to improve a person’s life.

But in the sacred text of the elder Pansophia there is an appeal to punish the offenders with the introduction of the praying person into the ranks of the sinless. Thus, the prayer waits from God for the fulfillment of their desires.

It is to neutralize the negative trends, giving the prayer of the penitential promise the blessing of the priest before turning to God with the Prayer of Detention.

Important. Following the prayer ritual requires caution, ritual can change the fate of the person who applied it.

The applicant for protection must necessarily be baptized, since the text is addressed, including, to the Guardian Angel, which is not present in an unbaptized person.

Do not forget that a very strong Prayer of Detention is performed only at home, surrounded by a home iconostasis and church candles with a positive attitude of the soul. After the 9-day prayer rite, you will get rid of anxiety, returning the divine joy to the soul. But this is not the time to relax, the hunt for evil spirits behind the souls of Christians does not stop, so do not let negative things enter your life.

May the Lord bless you!

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