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Prayer «Three Angels» — the most powerful ward against problems and trouble

Any word has a unique power and is capable of changing the world, especially if it is addressed to God. Prayer is one of the most powerful charms available to man.

Among all the human qualities, perhaps the most unbearable are anger and envy. They are able to radically change not only our thoughts, but also our essence. It is up to you to give in to them or not, but you have no right to choose for another person.

And it is very sad, especially if a close person or a good acquaintance begins to build intrigues behind your back, while delivering trouble. It is triple to feel all this negative on yourself.

This is a certain type of people, they are also called energy vampires. Especially or not, they steal the life force, emptying your soul. After such communication, the biofield is destroyed, the person becomes malleable and vulnerable, he is deprived of protection from negative manifestations.

By letting viral streams once in your life, you become a hostage to problems that literally come from nowhere. But there is protection, and you should not forget about it. The Three Angels prayer is that powerful amulet, which, like a shield, will repel everything bad and unpleasant from you.

How to get rid of problems and troubles

No one is protected from unforeseen situations: sometimes they are even necessary for a person to realize the mistakes, rethink his life and take measures to improve it. But sometimes it is not we ourselves who are to blame for our sorrows, but our environment. Reflect all unwanted changes or troubles possible, and in your hands will be a powerful weapon, knocking down any problem — the word.

You may ask: does this happen? Is it really possible to protect your life only with the help of spoken words? Of course, prayer-charm is not a panacea for all ills, but at the early stage of the formation of any trouble originating in negative attitudes, thoughts or negative impact, it is possible to “turn off” the problem so that it does not affect you.

Faced with troubles and taking them over, be sure to say a prayer-charm. This will help not only to forget about what happened, but to reflect, delete, remove all negative. When you turn to God, through the saints or directly, know and believe that they will help you.

You are not alone, and miracles happen regularly — every day, every hour. You just need to be able to listen, notice and feel the heart.

Prayer ward «Three angels»

It is known that each person has one guardian angel, assigned by the Lord for protection. And according to some legends, we are guarded at once by three angels — two heavenly and one earthly. Heavenly directs us to the moments of birth and death, and the earth takes care of our lives.

The power of the three angels, which we will inflame with prayer, will become a kind of shield, reflecting all the troubles and problems in which we are innocent.

Take three church candles, light them, tune in to prayer. Free yourself from all thoughts that prevent you from hearing your inner voice coming from your heart. Stay alone with yourself, if circumstances so require. Refer to the Lord, tell all that disturbs and gives you no rest.

But do not wish evil to anyone, even if you know from whom bile and negative come to your life. You are not a judge and not an executioner, and it’s not for you to punish the one who attacked someone else’s happiness.

Do not hurry, relax, breathe deeply and calmly. Now you will read the prayer-charm, the strongest of all known. You will notice that if you read it regularly, then after a while, problems will start to go away from your life.

At first it will be minor troubles, then more large-scale. Ultimately, you will be protected from everything negative. At the moment when you are frightened, when you are embraced by disturbing thoughts, nasty premonitions, yes, whatever, you need to read the prayer in a low voice:

“Save, God. Save, God. You assigned to me the assistance of three angels, three archangels, devoted advocates. And you told them to protect me, not to give anyone an offense, to protect from any misfortune, to protect my happiness.

So hear me, Angels, my Archangels, I pray for your help, I want to deal with misfortune. Put a protective fence from the earth to the very heavens, for which no one can enter. I want to stop being afraid of any lyut, bad tongues, evil eyes, bad speeches, evil diseases, evil people and all the devil on the earth.

I know behind your back — like behind a solid wall. Save and save the servant of God (your name), Angels. Guard me from morning till night. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Troubles and misfortunes can warn you that you have gone astray. And until you stop, everything will only get worse and worse. Take and rethink the situation.

Think about what you get if you turn the other way and change the rules of the game, and what if you stay in place. Experiment. Most likely, you yourself will create your own Law of Luck, and prayer and Higher Forces will help you with this. Take care of yourself be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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