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Prayer Icon of the Mother of God of Seven Shots

The strongest prayer of the Mother of God of Semistrelnaya

My sister complained for a long time about her immediate boss. This woman, although a single mother, was a man with a very evil heart. Oh, and suffered from her subordinates!

Calls at 9 pm or on weekends, work for the holidays and just rude treatment at this company have become commonplace. But once my sister boasted: “Everything, our penal servitude is over!”

I decided that the unkind leader was fired. It turned out that the Mother of God intervened.

Women at the firm, driven by the behavior of the boss to dismissal, decided to rely on the last hope, an icon. And if it does not help, to write statements together at will. But Heavenly Mother did not fail …

The strongest prayer of Our Lady of the Seven Miles

It is called «Soften Evil Hearts.» Prayer helps not only to improve relations with a person who pesters us with anger, but also to calm her own heart, because an insult is not a Christian feeling either.

Prayer Icon of the Mother of God of Seven Shots

How else do they pray this icon?

The seven-way icon can also be addressed with a shorter prayer. Its easy to learn.

Such a prayer can be quickly spoken, going to an angry boss, faced with a tram boor, talking to an angry neighbor, and so on.

Prayer Icon of the Mother of God of Seven Shots

And in the church, this icon can be accessed with the help of a kondak — a short praise song.

Prayer Icon of the Mother of God of Seven Shots

There is also a troparion — a longer temple chants. He is addressed to the icon at prayer in the house of God.

You can also hear him on the temple festival, during which the Mother of God of the Sevenfolds is revered.

Prayer Icon of the Mother of God of Seven Shots

And if there is a talent and a voice, you can exalt the Mother of God with a song. And it does not have to be a church kondak or troparion.

It could be a worldly song with a guitar. For example, this:

When should I apply?

  • As I said, the main request for the seven-way — reconcile someone’s angry heart, tame the evil temper (maybe even own, because we often regret what we have done or said “on a hot hand”).
  • Also, the Mother of God is asked to bestow health — yourself and loved ones. Still would! After all, who does not know that almost all diseases come from our nerves?
  • Also, this icon can be requested to send good luck.
  • Finally, she can be addressed prayers. about saving the soul. Relatives of evil atheists, who not only refuse the Lord, but also exacerbate their divisive position with a multitude of demonstrative sins, fall especially jealously to her. Relatives and friends of alcoholics, drug addicts, even gamers are also praying to the Virgin of Semistrelnoy.

How to pray?

Ideally, your intercessor should be addressed in the temple — there is a naked-prayed place, moreover, if you do it during the service, then everyone knows — the collective prayer ascends to the sky faster than private. But if for some reason you cannot visit a church, you can pray at home. It is desirable:

  • to be alone so that no one distracts from prayer (even if relatives begin to enter the room with the purest intentions, this will be very distracting);
  • light a consecrated candle in front of the image;
  • refer to the icon, reading a prayer either from memory or from a sheet (and it is important not to print the words, but to rewrite them manually).

The value of this Christian shrine

The icon is considered one of the most powerful Orthodox amulets.

It depicts the Virgin without its Son. Seven arrows pierce her heart — sometimes 4 on one side and 3 on the other, sometimes — 3 each on the left and on the right, and another 1 on the bottom.

Less often, instead of arrows, swords are depicted.

This icon is a reminder to Christians of the introduction of the baby Jesus into the temple. According to the customs of those times, the baby was brought into the church when he turned 40 days old.

So did Maria and Joseph the Handcuff. Elder Simeon, who saw Him, publicly learned that this is the Son of God. And the elder prophesied his mother: «You will pass the weapon of the soul, and the thoughts of many hearts will open to you».

That is, he already predicted the mother to see the suffering of her Son. But thanks to the experienced sorrows her heart will reveal the misfortune of other people.

And therefore it is to the Mother of God that we most often pray when in trouble.

It is also believed that seven arrows are the seven deadly sins. We hide them from other people, but we cannot hide our sins from the Most Holy Virgin, because they deeply hurt her good soul.

Do you know? In iconography, the image of the Virgin, whose chest is pierced by arrows, is depicted in several versions. Yes, there is the icon of the Semistrelnaya, and there is the Softener of evil hearts.

In fact, both images are associated with the prophecy received by the Virgin Mary in the temple, and therefore many people consider one icon to be just a list of another. However, there is a slight difference.

Prayer Icon of the Mother of God of Seven Shots

Where can one worship the strongest image?

The most miraculous icon is located in the Moscow Church of the Archangel Michael (it can be found on the Maiden’s Field).

Also, the old image is stored in a specially built in honor of this icon. John the Theological Seven-Strength Church. It is located near Vomiting, in the Vologda region.

But the miraculous Semistrelnye image is in other churches. For example, this film will show you an icon that is flowing in the Crimea (Bakhchisaray district, Kholmovka):

The wonders of the Vologda image

  • The Heavenly Queen came in a dream to a peasant in the Vologda province. The man has long suffered from a limp. He spent a lot of money on treatment, but it did not produce results. The Heavenly Virgin ordered him to come to the belfry and find her icon there. It turned out that there really was an icon (the ringer did not find it, considering it to be a simple board). The icon was transferred to the church. The peasant fell to her for a long time, and finally gained long-awaited health.
  • In the middle of the 19th century, cholera occurred in Vologda. The procession with this icon (as well as Semigradskaya) was able to stop the spread of the disease.

Church day of worship icons

In all Orthodox churches, the Virgin Semistrelnuyu styled August 13. But this is a new style.

And by the old — August, 26th.

Prayer Icon of the Mother of God of Seven Shots

  • The seven-arrow icon of the Virgin Mary is a reminder to believers of the torments suffered by the Mother of Our Savior Jesus Christ, seeing the suffering and death of her son.
  • This image is most often addressed, asking to calm down its own raging heart, suffering from anger, hatred, and strong resentment. It is also believed that the prayer to the icon will help soften the soul of the person who offends you.
  • Most often, a prayer called “Softener of Evil Hearts” is recited in front of the Semistrelle Mother of God.
  • In our country there are many miraculous lists of such an image. The strongest are in Moscow and near Vologda.

And if you have some free time, be sure to watch this short (just 26 minutes) documentary. From it you will learn about the history of creation and the wonders of this image, as well as get to know the real people, our contemporaries, whose offended and evil hearts managed to soften the Virgin Mary:

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