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Prayer-guardian & laquo; Seven Crosses & raquo; to protect family and home

Prayer-charm «Seven Crosses» to protect the family and home

«Seven Crosses» is one of the famous prayers-charms. With its help, you can protect yourself and loved ones from negative energy, as well as from detractors and evil thoughts about you.

Prayers are the most affordable way to ask the Higher Forces for patronage and protection. If disagreements began in your family, failures go one after another, there is constant anxiety and bad mood, protection is especially necessary. It often happens that after the appearance of some guests in the house, the energy sector changes for the worse, conflicts become more frequent, and the atmosphere from the cozy becomes hostile.

To help yourself and your loved ones in this case is not only possible but necessary.

There is a certain type of people called energy vampires. Willingly or unwittingly, they steal the life force. After communicating with them, the state of health worsens, chronic diseases are exacerbated, and what is even worse, a person is deprived of protection from negative manifestations. You can save your family with the help of proven charms.

But there is protection and stronger — the prayer «Seven Crosses» will come to the aid of everyone.

Prayer charm to protect the home and family

Any word has a special power and can change the world. Subtle vibrations directed into space can both deprive of energy and bestow the strongest protection. The prayer charm is a kind of shield that reflects negative manifestations.

To activate the protection, light seven church candles. The mood is important too. It is necessary to ward off evil thoughts and stop blaming anyone else for your troubles and misfortunes.

Higher forces themselves will choose the punishment for those who have attacked someone else’s and are plotting intrigues.

Take your time, breathe deeply and measuredly. Imagine that you and your house is covered with a transparent cocoon, overflowing from excess energy. Direct all forces on stretching it over each member of a family, and also to wrap up the dwelling. Seven times read the text of the prayer, baptizing the space around you:

“I will lay the seven crosses of protection upon myself, my family and home — the hearth. From the Holy Spirit; from our Lord; from his son Jesus; from the Great Virgin, life immaculately given; from the guardian angel of his, relentlessly following me; from dusk to dawn cross impose; from earth to heaven. Crosses closed all entrances from the unclean, hid us from the evil one.

I will lay seven locks on the house, I will close it from misfortune, the protective forces of the ladies for our peace and comfort. The first lock from trouble; the second is from the misfortune of poverty and lack of business; the third, from the tears of the shed bitters; the fourth is from black theft; the fifth is from poverty; the sixth lock will be closed from diseases; seventh, the whole space will close. I unite locks, I entrust the key to God.

Higher forces are guarding us, injustice is driven out. I believe in justice, in good thoughts, I open my soul. Amen».

This strongest prayer-prayer is designed to bring mutual understanding and love back to the family, protect the house from negative influence, restore protection, and give healing walls to its native walls. Use this proven method for centuries to have peace and harmony in your life. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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