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Prayer from the evil forces: to whom and how to pray?

The strongest prayers from evil forces

Anyone can suffer from the evil spirit, regardless of whether he believes in it or not. She can be sent by sorcerers and witches, or she herself “clings” to the one who commits sins.

Quite often, devilish entities settle in houses, where unexplainable things soon begin to happen. Recently, various oddities began to occur in my apartment.

Without thinking for a long time, I went to church to invite the priest to consecrate the apartment. After the ritual, he advised me to read a prayer from an evil spirit every time, as oddities begin to happen in the house.

What are the prayers of the devil, and how to read them correctly, I will tell in this article.

Prayer from the evil forces: to whom and how to pray?

Strong prayers from devilry

To protect yourself from demons, you must wear a body cross, have icons at home, attend church, not commit sins, and occasionally sanctify the apartment. But, unfortunately, even with the observance of all the rules, the devil can penetrate into the human abode or cling to him.

The presence of otherworldly forces will manifest itself in the form of constant trouble, poor health, unexplained sounds in the house, movement and even ignition of objects.

To protect yourself from harm, you need to turn to the Lord for help and begin to pray. The most powerful sacred text is “Our Father”. Usually after reading the evil forces retreat.

But there are also other strong prayers that help protect against demons and demons. To increase efficiency, they must be read in front of the icon and lit church candle.

Appeal to Jesus Christ

The Lord always stands on the protection of people, and comes to the aid of the first call. Not only a deeply religious person, but also those who previously doubted the existence of higher powers can turn to him.

If a person in the moment of despair sincerely asks the Almighty for protection, then his words will certainly be heard. Faced with devilry, you must first read «Our Father», and then the following prayer:

Prayer from the evil forces: to whom and how to pray?

There is another strong prayer to the Lord that allows you to cast out a demon from a person’s body. Unusual behavior, ideas, suicidal tendencies, delusional speech, unnatural words or eerie screams are often perceived as a psychological disease, but it is not uncommon that demoniacism is manifested in this way. Noticing the strangeness in a loved one, you can save his soul from the dark forces with the help of the following prayer:

Prayer from the evil forces: to whom and how to pray?

Prayer to Archangel Michael

It is impossible to predict when exactly dark forces will overcome a person, but one can defend oneself from them if one prays to Archangel Michael daily. He is the leader of God’s army, who fought against evil spirits.

The supreme angel will cover with his wings a person who will turn to him for help and will protect him from devilish wiles, ailments, damage, the evil eye and various troubles. It is recommended to read the prayer every morning.

Prayer from the evil forces: to whom and how to pray?

Prayer to Seraphim of Sarov

Rev. Seraphim possessed the gift of healing the soul and body. He led a pious lifestyle, and from the age of 17 he lived in a monastery. Sarovsky always helped people regardless of their religion.

Both during his life and after his death, the monk was addressed not only with everyday problems, but also with requests for protection from dark forces. The most effective prayer for protection against evil spirits, addressed to Seraphim of Sarov, is:

Prayer from the evil forces: to whom and how to pray?

From the devil in the house

Not only the man himself, but also his dwelling needs protection from dark forces. Devilish entities can live in the house, which will be powered by the energy of the people living in it. As a result, they will start to get sick, suffer from pathological fatigue, anger and aggression towards others will appear.

Scandals and even fights will often arise between households, and they can also become addicted to alcohol or drugs.

In addition, in the house where evil has settled, there are always inexplicable and frightening incidents. These can be sounds and voices, the movement of objects, the loss of things and their fire.

Also, the residents of such apartments often see shadows or figures resembling a person. In such cases, immediate housing cleaning and installation of protection is necessary.

For this you need to read a prayer, calling to all the saints, whose words were written by Pansophius of Athos.

Prayer from the evil forces: to whom and how to pray?

Rules for using prayers?

Protecting oneself from evil spirits is hardly possible through the reading of a prayer — this must be done regularly. It is best to learn the text, but in extreme cases it is allowed to read it from a piece, which, moreover, must always be with you.

It is very important to pronounce the sacred words correctly, and exactly in the form in which they are indicated in the prayer.

In order to increase the appeal to the saints, one should read the text in front of the icon with a lit candle, while not forgetting to be baptized and at the end of the ritual wash with holy water. In addition, be sure to carry a cross by yourself.

If the prayer is aimed at cleaning the house, then it is recommended to fumigate the premises with incense and sprinkle them with sanctified water.

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