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Prayer from the black word and the evil eye

Prayer from the black word and the evil eye

Spoiled mood, trouble, loss of strength, increased irritation — all this signals the presence of the evil eye. To prevent complications that will destroy your life, you need to protect yourself.

Prayers will help get rid of the premeditated or involuntary negative impact of people and will not allow negative energy to you and your loved ones. A timely reading of the prayer will save you from an evil word and evil eye, not only from the envious and the enemies, but also from yourself. In esotericism there is such a thing as self-eyed, whose sources we are.

Many people do not attach due importance to such an important thing as the protection of their biofield. Someone is skeptical, some just forget about it. But they both fall into the risk zone and become subject to negative influence. You can not delay self-defense until then, until you feel a sharp deterioration in health.

Reading a prayer will take only a few minutes, but how many troubles and troubles can be avoided.

Orthodox prayer from the evil eye

Prayers are good because they do not carry any negative energy. If the ritual to remove the evil eye is improperly performed, there is a chance that this will result in even greater problems. While reading the sacred text, you are talking to God and asking Him to intercede for you or your loved ones.

Usually such a prayer is read to Saint Tikhon — he is the most powerful conductor of your words and requests for protection from evil influence. Text of the prayer:

“O Prelate Tikhon! Your angelic life has made you a saint of God. I believe in you and your help with all your heart and soul, let your grace descend on me from heaven. Ask for my soul salvation with the Lord God.

Hear my prayers, Holy One, intercede for my life and deliver her from human gloating, envy, meanness. May your strength add protection to the sinful servants of God. Deliver me and loved ones from the corruption of the soul, bodily afflictions and the torments of hell.

Grant peace and quiet, intercession and love, salvation and piety to those loyal to you and the Lord. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

Strong prayer from the evil eye and the black word

You can protect yourself and get rid of evil influence with the help of a strong prayer to the Guardian Angel. When you know that there is a person who is jealous of you, and there is no way to limit communication with him, then there is only one way out. Prayer will also help if you have already experienced black sorcery on yourself and feel a sharp deterioration in your affairs, health in love.

“I appeal to you in prayer, the Holy Guardian Angel, the servant of God and the intercessor, who has been assigned to me, in order to preserve, protect and assist in my affairs. The Creator reigns over all on earth, including the malicious people, who, by resorting to evil power, are capable of harming and maiming. So spare me by the will of the Most High from adversity, adversity and other evil. Under your wing I will not be afraid of any poisonous words of my enemies.

Unclean power will not destroy my soul and body. Bless and save. Amen».

Prayer from damage, the evil eye, witchcraft to St. Cyprian

Cyprian should read the prayer several times a day: in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. But people turn to his help if they are sure that they have fallen victim to curse and black witchcraft. Saint Cyprian is able to repel any evil and protect you from repeated negative effects. Sacred text:

“Lord God, hear my words turned to prayer to Cyprian. Fighting the forces of enemies and detractors is not easy. So take the heart of a servant of God (your name) and carry through all the hardships and trials.

I need protection and safety of my bright life. Help the reader of this prayer, relieve the unworthy. Protect from all magic, bad words, oblique and evil looks. Stop the thoughts of people whose souls are tormented by the devil, and forgive them for what they have done.

Three times I say, as our Lord is one and all-powerful, and I call for help. Save and have mercy. Amen».

People, voluntarily or involuntarily, can drop an evil word or a disapproving glance, which will attract a bad influence. It is frightening because it gradually deprives a person of vitality and success. Protection against the evil eye, damage and evil influence is very important.

Do not bring to the last, because, as they say, «God protects the cherished.» be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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