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Prayer from longing

Prayer from longing

Tosca has long been equated with illness. And despondency is generally regarded as a grave sin. Short prayers will help you to bring back the joy of life.

The dreary state deprives a person of joy, darkens existence. The taste for life disappears, a new day brings nothing but sadness. And getting out of this state on your own is quite difficult. It has long been known that despondency is one of the deadly sins that destroy the heart.

The prayers selected by us will help you to get rid of depression.

Prayers can be read at home, it is not necessary for this to go to church. It does not take you much time: it is enough to have an icon with you and give five minutes a day to the reading of the chapel. You can say it out loud or to yourself, without being distracted by extraneous noise.

It is necessary to read sincerely, because you are addressing a Higher Power.

Prayer of sadness and despondency

A depressed person is depressed and joyless. The whole world plunges into the black abyss and pulls along. It upsets literally everything: bad weather, minor adversities, an unkind look.

The place of joy is sadness. If you don’t have enough strength to break free, and the help of close people is no longer working, you should turn to the Higher Forces, and they will reach out. But it is important to know with which specific words you can turn to them for support.

Everyone who needs and asks will be given a support in the form of a strong prayer. While reading a prayer, a person should feel the beneficial effect, and in a short time, and ease the state, if a course of purification.

Prayer for depression, depression and depression is a heartfelt appeal to the defender. Usually they prayerfully address the wonderworker Saint Tikhon with these words:

“Our Father Tikhon! God’s grace has been granted to you for the angelic life on earth, and help you to our salvation. Free us from longing, may your mercy descend on our sinful souls. Save our hearts from the fossil, destroy our transgressions.

Give us peace and quiet, health and salvation, bright life, deliver from eternal torment. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen».

Prayer from longing for a loved one

Often love brings not only pleasant feelings, but also suffering and pain. Such anguish selects internal forces, deprives of confidence, can be the impetus for mortal sin. A man goes down, forgetting about God, he is fascinated by demons.

To help hopeless love and a broken heart, heavenly helpers can be summoned to heal wounds and return to normal life. The Orthodox Church advises a person who is tormented by a broken heart, to pray for the salvation of the soul and to ask the Lord to cool these feelings. Enough once a day to read a prayer dedicated to the icon of the Virgin «Joy of All Who Sorrow.»

The power of this icon heals the soul from ailments, comforts, bestows strength. Usually the icon is asked for help in the following words:

“Most Holy Theotokos, intercessor of the infirm, widow’s comforter, always ready to help, save! To you, the Most High, grace is given, hear us and comfort our grief. Deliver us from all troubles and sorrows, give peace and comfort, fill your heart with joy. Show your mercy, heal the sorrow in our heart.

We resort to your intercession, cleanse our souls from sorrow and disease, protect us from all slander of men. Under your cover, honor and glory to you now and in the century. Amen».

Prayer for longing for the dead

The painful suffering of a person is the longing for the dead. There are cases when the inability to cope with the loss pushes people to their own death. Prayer will help regain the joy of life, gain strength. Return a loved one is impossible, but leave it in your heart under the power of anyone.

Allow yourself to remember him, do not block your thoughts and feelings, give them free rein.

Death, especially of people close to us, teaches that you should not waste time on laziness, resentment, pain. Having coped with the loss, you can help other people in this situation to inspire them. Pray as often as possible, and with each prayer pronounced you will feel the help of the Lord:

“Have mercy, Jesus Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos, protect us sinners in this world with fatherly and maternal love. We have sinned, and you, our righteous defenders, intercede for our sinful souls. Have mercy on your servant (name) from sadness, from sorrow and from diseases, give him blessings and health forever and ever.


Do not forget to attend church, put candles, pray for the peace of the dead. And these easy ways and effective prayers will help you cope with sadness and longing. If you know that life is beautiful, but sadness does not pass, double the number of prayers, read them more often.

Do not be ashamed if you want to cry — this is useful. After crying tears mood will improve.

Look for the positive everywhere, do not forget that all the tests sent to us strengthen our spirit. Life will get better. Surroundings are drawn to cheerful people.

And do not forget that a person who is in a good mood, is less likely to be ill than one who lives in a solid negative. Use our advice and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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