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Prayer from all curses: how to use and how it works

Orthodox prayer from all curses

Orthodox prayer from all curses will help to remove from itself the traces of negative magical effects: from simple damage to a strong evil eye. It will work on condition that you sincerely believe in the power of God and repeat the prayer regularly.

Differences curse from damage and the evil eye

Curse, in terms of esoteric, the thing is very strong. It differs from the evil eye and damage, and its strength, and the impact on the person who cursed.

Consider the differences.

Prayer from all curses: how to use and how it works

  1. The evil eye is the weakest effect. It can be induced and unintentionally. For example, if someone greatly envies you, the evil eye turns out to be unintentional. Therefore, it is not necessary to conduct a special magic ritual to jinx someone. Sometimes a person himself unintentionally directs an evil eye to himself.
  2. But the damage is always intentional. To do this, your foe himself or with the help of the occultist holds a strong magic rite to harm. In this case, the methods of black magic are used: conspiracies are read, special attributes are used
  3. The curse is induced without the use of magic tools. This is a deliberate or involuntary verbal wish of an outside person expressed on strong negative emotions. That is why it is strictly forbidden in the hearts to wish someone evil. You will regret sooner or later about what was said, and the curse mechanism will already be launched.

To accomplish the removal of the curse, you need to make sure that someone brought it. And also to determine the type: for loneliness, for death, for illness, for childlessness, and so on.

Orthodox prayer, relieving curses — the best way to relieve themselves of the induced evil and change life for the better.

Return Curses: Should I Use?

Sometimes a person who wants to break the curse, wants to turn it in the direction of the person who brought this curse. But is it worth using this method?

We do not advise.

Prayer from all curses: how to use and how it works

Why not do this:

  • The curse carries a powerful charge of negative energy. Be sure that a person who has cursed you on purpose or accidentally will somehow get what he deserves.
  • But turning this evil on him you become vulnerable and also get consequences in the future

Therefore, it is better to neutralize the negative magical effect with the help of prayer. So you balance the balance of evil and good without harming yourself.

Why does prayer work?

To understand why prayer helps, one must understand the mechanism of the curse action. At that moment, when someone in your hearts wished you evil, he activated a huge funnel of negative energy and sent it to you.

In this case, the balance is disturbed, and it can be restored only by creating a similar funnel, but with positive energy.

Thus, the two opposite energies are neutralized, and everything returns to normal. So why does prayer work:

  • You increase energy vibrations. The higher they are, the stronger your positive energy radiation. And the stronger it is, the better your life becomes.
  • You neutralize the evil committed by another person. This way you save yourself and give a chance for the soul to be healed. Double benefit favorably affects you, your condition, and the healing process is faster

Next, let’s talk about how and what prayer to read to get rid of the curse.

How to use prayer?

For prayer to help and be effective enough, you need to follow certain rules.

  • First you need to tune in. There is a special technique that will help prepare and switch the subconscious to the correct wave. Stand with your back straight, put your feet against the floor. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and a slow deep breath. Repeat three times. Then you need to very quickly take 108 deep breaths and breaths in a row. You may feel dizzy — no big deal. After practicing, open your eyes
  • After that, you can proceed to prayer. You will see its text in the figure below.
  • It is necessary to read a prayer in the morning, only having woken up and in the evening, just before going to bed. This must be done within forty days. After this period, the curse will be lifted. But positive changes can be noticed before

Prayer from all curses: how to use and how it works

Try not to miss a single day. The effectiveness of the prayer will depend on it.

Watch a video with an effective Orthodox prayer for cleansing from the curse:

Why not be afraid

Reading such a powerful prayer greatly affects your energy potential, so you may notice changes in physical well-being and psycho-emotional state. You should not be afraid of this — patiently repeat the prayer day after day.

Symptoms of such a “cleansing crisis” may be as follows:

  • The state of health will worsen: headaches, dizziness, nausea can begin. Sometimes the temperature rises, pressure jumps
  • Begin mood swings, depression, apathy, suicidal thoughts may appear. It is necessary to give an outlet to negative emotions with the help of meditations and not to give in to them.

Say a prayer three times every day, morning and evening, and sooner or later you will feel positive changes.

The evil that has been implanted in your subtle body with a curse will desperately resist. And the stronger it is, the worse you can feel.

Do not give in to him, just believe — healing will come sooner or later, and you will eventually get rid of all the problems.

And most importantly — watch your words, thoughts and feelings. Do not let yourself curse someone inadvertently.

Avoid abusive words in speech, do not do bad deeds. Strive to radiate love and good, and then create around you a powerful energy defense, through which no curse will break.

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