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Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

The strongest and most effective prayers for wealth

Material wealth is an important aspect in the life of every person, but, unfortunately, it can be difficult to achieve. It happens that people work hard, but they still don’t have enough money, they simply flow away like water.

Overnight a heap of debts is piling up, from which it is impossible to get out.

Recently, I have financial difficulties with which I can not cope, although I make every effort for this. Desperate, I went to church because there was only hope for God, and only after that life began to improve.

In this article, I will tell you which saints should be asked for help, and what prayers for wealth exist.

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

How does prayer help?

All holy saints once were real personalities, and they are aware of worldly difficulties, including material ones. During life, they helped people in everything, and gave the latter for their benefit.

Today they also continue their good deeds, and respond to the requests of the afflicted.

Quite often, people ask saints for well-being and an increase in wealth in a house, but they don’t want to do anything. In this case, you should not expect a positive result, because the higher forces will not help those who are not at all committed to improving their position.

Appealing to God or to another saint, a person receives his support and protection in business, new ways and opportunities open up for him, which he should seize, and not sit idly in anticipation of a miracle.

In order for the prayer of wealth to be most effective, it is necessary with all your heart to believe in its power and sincerely ask for help. In addition, the saints are more willing to help pious people, so when financial difficulties arise in life, first of all you need to repent of sins and take the sacrament, and only after that ask for help.

For greater efficiency, the sacred text should be learned by heart, and repeated daily.

Prayers to Spiridon Trimifut

During his lifetime, Spiridon performed many good deeds and miracles. He helped people in any, even the most difficult situations.

But most often it was addressed by those who needed well-being, work, prosperity and successful trading. After death, the miracle worker still helps everyone who needs it. The strongest prayer to Spiridon Trimifut for financial prosperity is as follows:

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

There is another strong prayer to Spiridon, which helps in emergency situations, when money is urgently needed to pay off debts, solve domestic problems, treat, and so on.

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

Appeal to the Matron

Matrona Moskovskaya always stands on the protection and well-being of families. It helps to find a high-paying job, solve financial difficulties, eliminate problems and conflicts at work, make lucrative deals, and start a successful business.

But it should be noted that she will not help those whose thoughts and intentions are unclean.

To improve your financial situation, you need to turn to Matrona with the following words:

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

Prayer of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Nicholas the Wonderworker always stood in defense of the poor. He brought gifts to those in need, helped with financial matters, and helped in every possible way to improve their life. To this day, the Outlaw helps to attain well-being to suffering people who sincerely cry for help.

For such an occasion there is a strong prayer for wealth and good luck in deeds. But it should be noted that it will only work if a person makes efforts to improve his own situation.

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

There is another effective prayer that helps to get out of a critical life situation. For example, when debts piled up at the same time, there was a need for emergency treatment or the restoration of housing after an accident.

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

Prayer for quick enrichment

Starting a business of their own, or taking a new, high-paying job, people often dream that they will be able to earn a lot of money in a short time and finally start living «on a big foot.» But it does not always work out the way you want.

In order for desires to be realized, it is necessary to seek help from the higher forces, namely, to the holy martyrs Aviv, Samon and Guria. They are patrons of family happiness and well-being, so they often pray for financial failures or troubles at work.

Many people who are seeking financial well-being are beginning to wonder how to get rich quickly — prayers in this case are unlikely to be salvation. A person must make efforts to do this, and seek honest ways of enrichment, and the saints, in turn, will provide support and help in all matters. In order to get a good job, get a promotion or make a big deal, you should contact Aviv, Guria and Samon with the following words:

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

Petition to the Virgin

When it comes to well-being, you need to seek help from the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her miraculous icon “Inexhaustible Chalice” has helped many suffering and distressed people. To achieve financial well-being, it is recommended to visit the church, purchase candles, light them at the icon of Our Lady and say the following words:

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

Before you go home, you need to donate a small amount of money to a church or a beggar.

Appeal to the Guardian Angel

Each person has his own Guardian Angel given to him at birth to protect against troubles and misfortunes. You can contact him with any requests, and he will certainly help.

But before you begin to pray, you must repent of your sins, because perhaps it was because of bad deeds that God sent such trials. Then they read «Our Father,» and after that they say these words:

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

Petition to the Lord

Heavenly Father is always on the defense of people, and is ready to help them in difficult times. It can be addressed both in an arbitrary form and with prayer, as long as the words are sincere and intentions are pious. Those who plan to start their own business or make a big deal are encouraged to enlist the support of the Lord, and read a prayer before an important event:

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

If it is not possible to get out of debt for a long time, there is always not enough money, but at the same time a person works on several practical round-the-clock days, it is necessary to conduct a prayer service that protects one from poverty.

Prayer for wealth: who to contact and how to read

For greater efficiency, while reading prayers, you should focus on the words and present your desire as images. For example, it may be the signing of a successful contract, hiring, getting a promotion, a successful start of business, the sale of goods and so on.

If you just imagine getting money, then you will have to wait a long time for the result of turning to the saints, because no one wants to help those who are not willing to change anything in their lives.

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