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Prayer for the return of energy, forgiveness — very powerful

Prayer for the return of energy, forgiveness — very powerful

Each person during the life accumulates a set of insults, negative emotions. If you do not get rid of them, then you begin to live in a negative.

You can even forget about the offenses themselves, but they significantly affect your quality of life. I know this from my own experience: after a conflict with the manager and a loud dismissal, I held a big grudge against him.

It would seem that this whole story was only for the better for me: I quickly found a new job, where the salary was offered to me much higher. But she began to get sick more often, and also noticed that she became much worse looking, started to get tired very quickly.

Prayer for the return of energy, forgiveness - very powerful

After the prayer for forgiveness and cleansing of the soul, I realized how much I was offended by my former leader, I cried a lot. But after a week I felt a lot more strength and energy in myself, and after a while I met my abuser on the street and was able to talk with him openly and calmly.

Hate no more!

After that, my life began to improve, I received an increase in my new job, fatigue passed. I am very glad that I was able, through prayer, to realize what my mistake was and get rid of the offense.

How much easier it became for me to live!

In addition, I am supported by my experience — now I know how dangerous offenses are, how important it is to be aware of them and clear of negative things in time.

The prayer for the return of energy and forgiveness is a very powerful prayer, thanks to it you realize that it is slowing you down, which pollutes your soul. I recommend everyone to turn to God with a prayer asking the Lord to help you regain your vitality and give you an understanding of your sins.

Prayer for the return of energy, forgiveness - very powerful

Why does the prayer for the return of energies help?

We are not the body alone. We have a soul that suffers from the fact that we are angry at someone, accumulate negative emotions.

When we pray for forgiveness and return of our personal energies, we restore ourselves in the original, pure form.

Higher forces instruct us and help cleanse our soul. That is why it is so important to pray for it, to ask God to realize what offenses are stored in the hiding places of the soul and whom we have offended throughout our lives.

Prayer helps to recall unfinished conflicts and disputes, forgive their offenders and continue to live in joy and forgiveness.

Prayer for the return of energy, forgiveness - very powerful

Types of Negative

What exactly can be dangerous to affect our lives? As already mentioned, these are insults and conflicts.

The person has already left your life, you have forgotten about him, but the insult has remained and destroys you from the inside. It resembles the focus of the disease, which is not healed, so it remains a source of dangerous infection.

You habitually think your everyday thoughts, but for some reason they are painted with bitterness, sadness, and sometimes aggression or anger.

You were pushed into transport, and immediately exploded, although it may have happened all by accident, without any malicious intent. You begin to notice that the same situations you endure badly, and your friends — it is quite normal.

You experience a conflict at work as the end of the world, and someone from your acquaintances as an opportunity to test your self-control, logical thinking and the ability not to lose your head in difficult situations. You ask yourself: why is this happening?

Any little thing makes you mad.

Perhaps the point here is that all the same uninvited grievances and old experiences remind you of themselves and undermine you from the inside. Only one way out — pray to God for that. so that he can help you to be clean, sincere prayer works wonders!

Prayer for the return of energy, forgiveness - very powerful

Different approaches to the question of the prayer for the return of energies

There are many different texts of prayers for the return of energy. Here we must understand that in Orthodoxy such canonical prayer does not exist.

It is believed that any prayer serves the cause of saving the soul of a person, helps him to purify, become lighter and better, closer to God.

There are also texts of modern prayers. You can read them, if in the text of the prayer you are not confused by anything, it does not cause you doubts and questions.

If something confuses, you can print out the prayer and show it to the priest, listen to his answer.

In addition, it is possible to pray in your own words. It is also a very strong prayer, because when you address God directly, telling him about your experiences, you accurately state your problems and tell about them to the Higher Forces in detail.

God knows everything, but he will not do what he has not been asked to do.

That is why it is so important to ask the Lord, even if your request seems impossible to you. If this is impossible for you, then for God nothing is impossible.

Therefore, do not forget to tell the Creator about your desires or troubles in prayer and ask for their permissions.

Prayer for the return of energy, forgiveness - very powerful

But more often one should ask God for cleansing — this is the return of energies. Only after cleansing can we feel better, happier, and calmer.

Only by removing the old grievances and aggression, can we calmly look to the future and enjoy tomorrow.

Orthodox point of view

From the point of view of the Orthodox Church, the path to the return of energies and forgiveness is simple, let it be an Orthodox Christian. A person should go to church, pray, attend liturgy, receive communion.

It is also important to order a commemoration in the church and for forty. Be sure to confess before the communion, it is of great importance for your soul, its purification and the ability to embark on the right path.

Thus, the traditional recommendations are:

  • Repentance;
  • Communion;
  • Attendance of the liturgy;
  • Prayer;
  • Church remembrance of health.

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