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Prayer for the return of debt of money by the debtor in a short time

Strong prayers for a refund by the debtor

No wonder they say that cash debts spoil relations between people, because they can become a heavy burden for both parties. Having provided financial assistance to a person, it is not uncommon to wait more than one month when he returns the money.

Moreover, this is not always associated with the difficult position of the “borrower”, but with his bad faith.

Six months ago, I lent a friend a large sum of money for car repairs, and he promised to return everything in a month, and as a result, he began to avoid me, and “feed” with promises. Instead of using brute force, the wife advised to turn to the higher forces and, to my surprise, it worked!

What prayers to return the debt of money the debtor is the most effective, I will tell in this article.

Prayer for the return of debt of money by the debtor in a short time

How to pray?

Among the most unpleasant conflict situations can be attributed financial debts. Almost every person faced such a problem when he loaned money to a friend, who did not return the debt for a long time. Someone this was due to difficult life circumstances, but someone simply did not want to give their «blood».

It’s not for nothing that they say “you take someone else’s, but you donate yours,” but many people don’t think about it at all when they ask for a loan from someone.

There are several effective prayers that help you get your money back, but before you can use it, you need to understand how they work. Higher forces will not help those who wish evil to another person, and by any means, including sinful ones, want to achieve their goal. Therefore, the Lord should be asked to help, first of all, not for himself, but for the debtor.

Perhaps at the moment he is experiencing life difficulties, for example, he cannot find a job, his salary is delayed, someone from his relatives is seriously ill, or he himself.

In cases where a person is not in a hurry to return the money for his own reasons, it is necessary to appeal to his conscience and ask the Almighty to enlighten a negligent friend. It is important not to be angry with the debtor, and sincerely to wish him prudence, while at the same time the highest powers should be asked for justice.

Appeal to the Lord

Jesus Christ is not often asked for help in situations where justice needs to be established. But in such cases, he should be asked to judge the dispute, and not to punish the offender.

In order for the debtor to return the money as soon as possible, the Almighty is asked to help him solve his financial difficulties and find the right amount to pay off the debt. You can ask for it in a free form, or read the following prayer:

Prayer for the return of debt of money by the debtor in a short time

These words should be repeated as often as possible, and it is desirable to do this in front of the icon of Christ. It is important to note that the sacred words cannot be read while in a bad mood — you need to calm down, clear your head of bad thoughts, and fully concentrate on the words.

There is another strong prayer for the return of debts, which can be pronounced at any convenient time several times. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to put a candle in the church for the health of the debtor, and ask the priest to mention his name during the morning prayer.

Prayer for the return of debt of money by the debtor in a short time

Petition to Spiridon Trimifuntsky

Saint Spyridon often helps those who are in a difficult financial situation, so you can turn to him to solve debt problems. If the debtor is not in a hurry to give the money you urgently need, you must go to the temple, where there is an icon of Trimifuntsky Spiridon, put a candle near his face and say a prayer to return the debt:

Prayer for the return of debt of money by the debtor in a short time

It is very important to read this sacred text with a pure heart, and not to keep evil on the debtor. Saint Spyridon was unselfish and responsive in his lifetime, and more willingly helped those who shared his views.

Prayer to John the Warrior

During his life, John the Warrior helped thousands of people, and saved them from a terrible death. He was devoted to the Lord and the Christian people until the last day of his life. John always upheld justice, and defended the weak.

Today, people turn to him in situations where they cannot find missing relatives, find stolen or lost things. But besides this, the Warrior helps to restore justice.

There is a very strong prayer to return the money debt in a short time, which can be read at home in front of the icon of the saint.

Prayer for the return of debt of money by the debtor in a short time

After these words, you must read 2 troparya, and then kontak.

Prayer for the return of debt of money by the debtor in a short time

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Holy Satcher helps people to solve any, even the most difficult problems. When the situation seems hopeless, and there is no place to wait for help, you need to turn to Nicholas the Wonderworker, but sincerity and faith are important. If a dishonest debtor does not want to return the money, and avoids you in every way, it is recommended to use the following prayer, which is read daily until a positive result is achieved:

Prayer for the return of debt of money by the debtor in a short time

These sacred words have incredible power, so there is no doubt that in the shortest possible time the loan will be returned in full. Moreover, the garden man will make itself felt, he will no longer have to run after him.

In order for the prayer for the return of duty to become most powerful, it is necessary to read it before the face of the saint, to whom the words are addressed. In addition, you need to sincerely forgive the «borrower», and wish him to solve his financial difficulties.

Also, do not tell your relatives that you turned for help and support to the higher forces — it is better to keep it secret.

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