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Prayer for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

Strong prayers for the preservation of pregnancy, the bearing and the birth of a healthy child

A prayer for pregnancy helps a woman to better understand that a new life is a gift from God, and to treat it accordingly. Future mothers turn to God and the saints with requests for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth, safe delivery and the health of the baby.

Mother’s prayers not only protect the child, but also act to appease the pregnant. Spiritual practices also help to establish emotional contact with the baby. Any appeal to the Almighty, even when uttered to himself, has a beneficial effect on the child.

After all, everything that the expectant mother thinks about is heard by the child living inside.

Pregnant women and their relatives pray for a safe course of pregnancy and easy delivery. It is best to start praying at the time of planning and continue the whole period of gestation.

Prayer sanctifies the whole life of the future mother and baby in the womb. Appeal to the Almighty, the Virgin, the saints, the Guardian Angel will help with any difficulties, soothe the soul that the future mother needs so much.

Women ask God and the saints:

  • about conception;
  • about easy pregnancy;
  • about keeping the child in the womb;
  • about safe bearing;
  • to protect against pregnancy from the evil eye;
  • from miscarriage, premature birth;
  • about the birth of a healthy child;
  • about easy delivery.

A prayer for pregnancy is also addressed when a woman is desperate and is about to have an abortion. Prayers of loved ones will help make her save a new life.

Prayer for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

Pregnant women are recommended to visit the church more often, listen to church chants. If health allows, it is worth visiting holy places, to venerate the miraculous images and relics of saints.

The more often a pregnant woman joins the shrines, the better. It is necessary to use holy water with a piece of prosphora, read the Holy Scriptures and spiritual literature.

It will be helpful to stop watching television or at least news. Any negative information that enters a person has a detrimental effect on him.

For the undivided, this is doubly dangerous, since this influence extends to the child.

The future mother, relying on the Orthodox faith, modern knowledge and maternal flair, with the help of God will surely give her child health and happiness.

Going to the hospital, in addition to the necessary things, you need to put a prayer book to read the morning and evening prayers. It is necessary to take books with the text of the akaphist to the Virgin or the Holy.

Bubbles can be packaged consecrated oil and holy water. Of the icons, as a rule, pregnant women prefer the image of the Mother of God “Feodorovskaya” or “Helper in childbirth”, it is also necessary to have an icon of the Savior.

If there is a beloved saint, then you need to take his image to appeal to him in prayer.

Before you go to the hospital, you need to visit the temple, ask the priest to read special prayers for pregnant women.

There is no special prayer rule for pregnant women. If there is no possibility or strength to read the daily prayers, you can replace them with short prayers of strength.

If the neighbors in the ward are opponents of the faith, it is better to pray to yourself.

Prayer for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

Future mothers know that the child’s life depends on the Almighty and partly on it, since the mother’s organism not only ensures development, but is also the external environment. Any condition of the mother, both positive and negative, affects the fetus.

They pray for preservation and gestation, for the birth of a healthy child to the Lord God, the Most Holy Theotokos, Mother Matrona of Moscow, Nikolai the Benefactor, the Guardian Angel.

If you have problems with conception, from miscarriage and premature birth, prayers should be strengthened with the help of church requirements. They give a note about a pregnant woman to the Liturgy, they order sorokosta and prayers for health.

Prayer for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

Prayers are offered to the Lord to become pregnant, thank for the gift of pregnancy, and ask for mercy for the nonsight for the whole term of gestation.

“Almighty God, the Creator of everything visible and invisible! We, the gifted minds of creation, resort to You, beloved Father, because you created our kind by special advice, having made our body out of the ground with inexpressible wisdom and breathing the soul from your Spirit into it so that we could be Your likeness.

And although it was in Your will to create us at once, as well as Angels, if only you were delighted, but it was pleasing to Your wisdom that through the husband and wife, in You the established order of marriage, the human race would multiply; You wanted to bless the people so that they grow and multiply and fill not only the earth, but also the Angelic hosts.

O God and Father, may your name be forever glorified and glorified for all that you have done for us! I thank You also for your mercy, that not only I, by Your will, from Your wonderful creation, occurred and replenish the number of the elect, but that You honored me to bless in marriage and sent me the fruit of the womb. This is Your gift, Your Divine mercy, O Lord and Father of spirit and body!

Therefore, I appeal to You alone and pray to You with a humble heart for mercy and help, so that what You do in Me with Your power will be saved and brought to a safe birth.

For I know, O God, that I am not able and not at the mercy of the human to choose my own way: we are too weak and prone to falling, to bypass all those networks that I arrange for us according to Your permission, an evil spirit, and avoid those unfortunate, into which our frivolity plunges us. Your wisdom is boundless.

Whom you wish, You will unharmed through Thy angel you will save from all misfortune. Therefore, I, merciful Father, commit myself to my sorrow in Your hands and pray that You will look at me with the eye of mercy and save me from all suffering.

Send me and my delight husband, O God, Vladyko of all joy, so that we, at the sight of Your blessing, with all our hearts worship You and serve with a joyful spirit. I do not want to be withdrawn from that which You have put on our whole race, having commanded in our diseases to give birth to children. But humbly ask You to help me to endure the suffering and send a happy outcome.

And if You hear this prayer of ours and send us a healthy good child, then we swear to bring it again to You and dedicate to You so that You will remain for us and our seed with the merciful God and Father, as we swear to always be You faithful servants with our child .

Hear, Merciful God, the prayer of your last servant, fulfill the prayer of our heart for Jesus Christ, our Savior, who was embodied for us, now he lives with You and the Holy Spirit and rules in eternity. Amen».

Prayer for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

Icon of Christ «King of Glory»

“Almighty, miraculous, gracious God! Creator and Preserver of heaven and earth and of all beasts, Himself uttered a blessing on all Christian spouses: grow and multiply! And another thing: here is a heritage from the Lord: children, the fruit of the womb, the reward from Him.

I thank You that You made me a sacrifice of this blessing and Your gift in my marital state, and I pray that You have the pleasure to bless the fruit of the womb bestowed by Thee upon me, to bestow and take pleasure in Your Holy Spirit, to become one of your beloved children of Yours and to make them holy. the sacraments of the church of your beloved Thy Son, my Lord Jesus Christ, so that he may be sanctified and cleansed from the poisonous contagion of the hereditary sin in which he was conceived.

Good lord I and the fruit of my womb are the children of anger by nature, but You, beloved Father, have mercy on us, and sprinkle the fruit of my womb with hyssop, clean it, wash it, and more snow will be removed. Strengthen and keep him in the womb until the hour when he is to be born into the world.

This fruit of my womb was not concealed from You, when it was formed in the womb, Your hands built it, You gave it life and breath, and Thy retain them save Yours. Keep me from fear and fear and from evil spirits who wish to damage and crush the work of Your hands.

Grant him a rational soul, and make his body sober and sober and undeveloped, with whole, healthy members, and when the time and hour come, permit me by Thy mercy. Grant me strength and strength to the birth, give to him your all-powerful help and ease my suffering, because this is your work, the miraculous power of your omnipotence, the work of your mercy and mercy.

Remember the word spoken by You: You took me out of the womb; to you I am committed from birth; from my mother’s womb you are my God; You gave me rest at my mother’s breast. Thou art God, knowing and seeing the need of all men; You said that when a woman gives birth, she suffers sorrow, because the hour has come.

Good lord For the sake of this hearty compassion of you and for the sake of your heart’s pity, I pray to you, favor my grief, which you foresaw, and bring to light the fruit of my womb, with a healthy, living body and intact, well-educated members.

I entrust you to you, to Your omnipotent, fatherly hands, to Your mercy and mercy, and put him, Lord Jesus Christ, into the holy Your arms, bless this fruit of my womb, as You blessed the children brought to Thee when I spoke : “Let the children pass by and do not hinder them from coming to me, for there is such a kingdom of heaven.”

Savior! So I bring this fruit of my body to you; lay your gracious hand upon him. Bless him with the finger of Your Holy Spirit and give him good graces when he comes into this world, with holy, blissful baptism; sanctify and renew it to eternal life by means of rebirth, make it so that it is also a member of your holy body and your holy Christian church, so that from his mouth you praise you, and he will forever remain the child and heir of eternal life, through holy, your bitter suffering and your death and your holy name, Jesus Christ.


“O Lord Jesus Christ our God, from the eternal Father born to the Son before the ages, and in the last days, by the grace and help of the Holy Spirit, willing to be born of the Most Holy Virgin, as a child, looked at the nursery, the Lord himself, created man and wife in the beginning conjugate to him, giving the commandment to them: grow and multiply and fill the earth, have mercy on me by the great mercy of Your servant (your name) who is preparing to be born according to Your commandment.

Forgive me, free and involuntary sins, by Your grace, grant me the power to safely resolve from your burden, keep me and the baby in good health and goodness, protect Thyim’s angels and save evil actions from hostile actions and evil things. Amen».

Most often pregnant refer to the Mother of God. She is the best assistant in childbirth and pregnancy.

The icons «Help in Labor» and Theodore Mother of God should be in every pregnant woman.

“O Glorious Mother of God, have mercy on me, Thy servant (name), come to my aid during my illnesses and the dangers with which all poor daughters of Eve give birth to children. Remember, O Blessed in wives, with what joy and love You went hastily to a high country to visit Your kindred Elizabeth during her pregnancy and what wonderful effect your gracious visit made in your mother and in your baby.

And by your inexhaustible mercy, grant me, your humblest servant, to be relieved of the burden safely; Give me this grace so that the child, now at rest under my heart, having come to his senses, with joyful exertion, like the holy infant John, would worship the Divine Lord Savior, Who, out of love for us, sinful, would not abhor himself to become a Child. The unpalatable joy that filled your virginal heart with your gaze on the newborn Thy Son and Lord, may the sadness that lies ahead of me amid the illnesses of birth.

The life of the world, my Savior, begotten by You, may save me from death, which will cut off the lives of many mothers at the hour of resolution, and may the fruit of my womb be among God’s elect. Hear, Most Holy to the Queen of Heaven, my humble prayer and look upon me, poor sinner, with your eye of grace; Do not shame my hope on your great mercy and fall upon me. The Christian helper, the Healer of Diseases, may I also be honored to experience that You are the Mother of Mercy, and I will always glorify Your grace, which has never rejected the prayers of the poor and redeeming everyone who calls You in times of grief and sickness.


Prayer for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

«Assistant in labor»

“Receive, Lady, the Mother of God, tearful supplication of Your servants who flow to you. See thee on the holy icon in the womb that bears your Son and our God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

If thou art painlessly and bore him, both mother and mother of grief and weakness of sons and daughters of men. However, it is warmly attached to Your essential image, and this person kisses me, we pray, All the Merciful Lady: we are condemned convicts in our sickness and sickly mercy, mercy and mercy compassionately step up, our infants, also our children, mercy and mercy, mercy and mercy, compassionately prodded us, our infants, and our children, our children, mercifully, mercy and compassionately shave, our children, our children, our children, mercy and mercy, mercy and compassionately step in, our infants, also our children, our children, mercy and mercy, mercy and mercy. and deliver bitter sorrow.

Grant them health and well-being, and they will be nourished from strength because of their strength, and their nourishment will be filled with joy and consolation, for now and with your child’s intercession and the saint of the Lord will perform His praise. O Mother of the Son of God!

Rejoice in the mother of the sons of men and in your weak people: comprehending the sickness of us, heal soon, quench our sorrows and sorrows, and do not despise the tears and sorrows of Your servants.

Hearing us on the day of sorrow before Your icon of people falling, and on the day of joy and deliverance, we thank the praise of our hearts. Take up our prayers to the throne of Thy Son and our God, may He be merciful to our sin and infirmity and show His mercy to His leading name, so that we and our children will glorify thee, the merciful Advocate and the faithful Hope of our kind forever and ever .


Prayer for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

“To whom I will call, Lady, to whom I will resort in my sorrow; To whom shall I bring tears and sighs, if not to You, the Queen of Heaven and earth: who will pluck me from the mud of sins and iniquities, but not You, O Mother of the Belly, the Protector and the Sanctuary of the human race. Hear my moaning, comfort me and have mercy in my sorrows, protect in adversity and misfortune, deliver from bitterness and sorrow, and all kinds of ailments and diseases, from the enemy visible and invisible, die enmity to me that will be riddling me, let me be spared ; Also, from their own flesh foul customs of freedom.

Ukrii me under the cleavage of Thy mercy, let me find peace and joy, and purification from sins. I hand over your intercession to the Mother; May I have Mati and hope, cover, and help, and intercession, joy and comfort, and an ambulance in all the Helper.

Oh, beautiful Lady! Everyone flows to you, without your omnipotent help does not depart; For this sake, and at the expense of the unworthy of Thee, I will be delivered from the sudden and fearful death, the gnashing of tooth and eternal torment.

The kingdom of heaven will be rewarded with the River in the tenderness of your heart: Rejoice, O Mother of God, our Priest and intercessor, our zealous, forever and ever. Amen».

With the threat of miscarriage and other dangerous conditions refer to the miraculous image «fast-hearted.» She is also prayed during the active period of labor.

Praying for loved ones will help the mother to transfer the delivery process more easily.

Prayer for the preservation of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

The image of the Virgin «quick-minded»

“Oh, the Most Holy Virgin, Mother of the Lord of the Most High, Hearingly Advocate of all, come to You in faith with faith! Look down from the height of your heavenly greatness on me, the indefatigable, falling to your icon, hear soon the humble prayer to the sinner, and bring it to his Son: beg him, let my dark soul light upon me with the light of divine grace and cleanse my mind from my dreams. Suffering my heart and heal his wounds, let him enlighten me to good deeds and strengthen his work with fear, forgive all the evil that I have done, save the eternal torment and not deprive him of the heavenly Kingdom.

O Blessed Theotokos: You blessed you to adore in the image of Your Quick Hearing, telling everyone to come to You with faith: do not disgrace the sorrowful and do not let me perish in the abyss of my sins. On Ta according to Bose, all my hope and hope of salvation, and I entrust to Your protection and intercession for yourself forever.


When the time comes to give birth, they pray before the birth. Mother can read for her daughter, mother-in-law for her daughter-in-law, you can ask your husband to pray for your wife.

It is not necessary to read this particular prayer, you can ask in your own words.

Pregnant women who have already entered the childbirth process are unlikely to have long prayers, but mothers can become helpers to their daughters. Mother’s faith can create a miracle, and even under difficult circumstances, complications can be avoided.

« Blessed Virgin, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, even the birth and nature of mother and children, have mercy on Your servant (name) and help in this hour and let your burden be resolved safely. About the all-merciful Mistress of the Theotokos, I didn’t demand that you help me in the birth of the Son of God, give help to this Your servant, who requires help, especially from You.

Give her good things in this hour, and have a baby like him and have been born into this world and give him honor in the time of need and with the light in holy baptism with water and spirit. We adhere to you, Mother of God above, praying: be merciful to this mother, too, come time to be mother, and begged incarnate Christ from our God, and strengthen you with His power from above.


St. George of Zadonsky in his letters gave the following recommendations to pregnant women. On occasion to say: “God, be merciful to me a sinner. Having created me, O Lord, have mercy on me.

Lord, grant me permission to glorify Your name: Thy will be done! Create with me by Thy mercy, and as if with a glory, arrange a thing for me.


Instead of reading akathist, you can read the praise song to the Ever-Virgin:

“To you, Mother of God, we praise; Thee, Marie, Our Lady of the Virgin confess; Ty, the eternal Father Daughter, the whole earth is magnified. All of you Angels and Archangels and all Beginnings humbly serve; All the Authorities, the Thrones, the Lordships and all the exalted Heavenly Powers obey you.

You Cherubimi and Serafimi rejoice at the coming and crying with incessant voice: Holy Mother of God Mother, the essence of heaven and earth of the majesty of glory of the fruit of your womb are full.

To you, the glorious apostolic face of its Creator, the Mother praises; You are many martyrs Virgin Mary magnifies; To you the most glorious confessors of the congregation of God the Word Temple is denounced; To you, the dominant women of the virginity preach the image; To you all the heavenly hostings praise the Heavenly Queen. To you throughout the universe the Church glorifies, the Mother of God worships; The true King of the heavens, the Daughters, praises.

You are the Angel of the Lady, You are the door of Paradise, you are the ladder of the Kingdom of Heaven, You are the King of glory the palace, You are the ark of piety and grace, You are the abyss of bounty, You are the refuge of sinners.

You are Mati Savioriev, you are free for the sake of a captive man, God perceived you in the womb. By you the enemy has been trampled; Thou hast opened the doors of the kingdom of heaven to the faithful. You stand at the right hand of God; You pray for us God, Virgin Mary, Who will judge the living and the dead.

We ask you, the Protector before Your Son and God, Redeem us through His blood, and let us receive blessing in eternal glory. Save your people, the Virgin Mary, and bless your possessions, for let us be partakers of your inheritance; God forbid and keep us even to the world.

Every day, O Holy One, we wish to praise and appease Thee with heart and mouth. Seduce, the Gracious Mother, preserve us now and forever from sin; Have mercy on us, Provider, have mercy on us. May Thy mercy be upon us, as on thee by hope forever.


Mother Matrona is prayed in early pregnancy, during complications and any diseases, before childbirth. Saint Matrona of Moscow helps all those who ask.

Strong prayer to Mother Matrona: “Oh, blessed Mother Matrono, hear and receive now us sinners praying for you, skill in all of your living and receiving and hearing all those who suffer and grieving with faith and hope for your intercession and help of those who resorted, help soon and miraculous healing for all; let not thy mercy be depleted now also to those who are unworthy, rebellious in this multisused world and who nowhere find solace and compassion in the sorrows of their souls and help in sickness of our bodies, heal our diseases, deliver us from temptations and torment of the devil with a passionate warring, help us to suffer. The cross, to tear down the whole life and not to lose the image of God in it, to save the Orthodox faith until the end of our days, to have strong hope and hope for God and to have a loveless love for our neighbors, so as to help us, after leaving this world, to achieve Karst Viya of Heavenly with all who pleased God, glorifying the mercy and goodness of the Heavenly Father, in the Trinity glorified: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen».

Before childbirth all fear appears as a natural reaction of self-preservation. To reduce it, you need to remember that everything happens to us by the will of God.

We need to take what is happening with humility and gratitude. They pray to the Lord and Saint Matrona so that they will bless the pregnancy and the forthcoming birth.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is prayed for any vital need. Prayers and akathist to the saint are recited before the upcoming cesarean section.

“O great intercessor, hierarch of God, Nicholas blessed, like the sunflower, shone miracles, calling upon the same quickest hearer to appear, and precede and save you, and deliver you from the misfortunes of all kinds, from God to these wonders and gifts to God! Hearing me unworthy, in faith, the person calling and prayerful brings singing to you; I offer you more of the petitioner to plead for Christ. O notorious in miracles, high priest! Yako boldness, soon the Lord of Presence, and Reverend his Rule of prayer to Him, make a sin of me, and from Him bless the bounty of goodness, and receive me in your intercession, and from the onslaught of enemies visible and invisible freeing, ruining all those slander and evil tricks, and reflecting on me in all my life; By forgiving me with the sin of sin, and saved me to Christ, present the Kingdom of Heaven to improve for so much humanity, to Him all the glory, honor and worship befits, with His beginningless Father, and with the Most Holy and Good and Life-Creating Spirit, now and for ever and ever centuries.


Having prayed and trusting in all things to the Will of God, one must take everything without complaint, since God does not have an unheard prayer.

On the eve of the operation, you need to pray for all the doctors and medical staff who will take part in labor. May the Lord bless their hands and help in the birth of a healthy baby.

If you need to remove the cross before the operation, you can screw it on your hand or on your hair.

Before the introduction of anesthesia, short prayers are read: “Lord, have mercy on me a sinner! Lord, help me! ”,“ Prelate Nikolai, pray to God for us! ”.

In Orthodoxy, motherhood is the voluntary martyrdom and holy destiny of a woman who brings her closer to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the cross that a woman carries for the benefit of the new life.

The Lord is merciful to such a feat and will certainly give moms the strength and opportunity to raise their offspring.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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