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Prayer for the health of relatives

Prayer for the health of relatives

Communication with relatives is very important for all of us. We love our parents and want them to be happy and not sick. Prayers for the health and welfare of relatives protect loved ones from the negative, when we are not around.

Very often, there are times when we are far from our loved ones and we are very worried if situations arise that we cannot influence in any way. But always to be around is also impossible. In such cases, prayers that not only take care of the well-being of relatives, but also protect against the negative effects of evil forces or unkind people, help well.

Everyone knows that like attracts like. It turns out that if the health is not all right, then we begin to attract unpleasant situations on the physical level. In such cases, they say that trouble does not come alone.

Or it could be the other way around. There will always be people who will envy someone else’s happiness. They adjust various intrigues or simply deprive their objects of vital energy. As a rule, after communicating with such people, trouble begins to occur, and since the protective field is weakened, our body is more susceptible to various diseases.

And it turns out a vicious circle of spiritual and bodily ill health.

Applying certain prayers to strengthen the state and protect, we help ourselves and relatives to restore the natural biofield of a person. And when a person changes his energy at a positive physical level, only good things happen to him too.

Prayer for health

Such an appeal to the universe is recommended to be pronounced every morning, but if necessary you can read at any time and an unlimited number of times. You can apply to the Higher Forces or replace the address with a certain Saint whom you used to pray.

I urge the Higher Forces, hear my request and come to my aid. Please, grant your blessings to God’s Slaves. (list the names of everyone you pray for). Protect them from misfortunes and misfortunes, cover your Wings from enemies and envious.

Fill them with the Power of Heaven so that they bring goodness and prosperity to the world while staying healthy. Amen.

This prayer is universal, it can be read both for relatives and for oneself. If you need help in any business, whisper these lines three times. It will also be good if you attend a church service and light a candle.

Remember, all changes start from within. And success and love is a reflection of your inner attitude to life. Do good, love each other, take care of loved ones and do not forget to press buttons and

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