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Prayer for the health of oneself and loved ones

Prayer for the health of oneself and loved ones

I always turn to God when I have health problems. A prayer for the health of oneself and one’s loved ones immediately gives the strength that is so necessary in the fight against the disease.

Today I will tell you who needs to pray for health, and what prayers will help the most.

Power of prayer

Health for the person is the most important thing. When it is, everyone takes it for granted, and only when confronted with an illness, it becomes clear how important it is to be healthy.

It is especially difficult to endure situations when a child or a loved one is ill.

Prayer for the health of oneself and loved ones

Prayer is the first thing a person faces when he crosses the threshold of the Church. At the same time, the text of the prayer itself is not just a collection of random words.

This is the embodiment of energy, light and love to the Lord. Many people wonder why prayers help, how is this possible?

Everything is explained quite simply — it is the power of the word. The same word, just pronounced differently, can both exalt and kill. The word is that in which the whole palette of emotions, experiences is expressed.

Getting up in the morning, a person hears the words, utters them and ends his day in the same way. The word accompanies him throughout his life. Sometimes it gives joy, hope, faith, and sometimes destroys, cripples and hurts.

People, without knowing it, feel the power of the word, but they are not always anxious about this, allowing themselves rudeness and tactlessness.

Deeply religious people always follow their words, understanding their great strength. They read prayers and call them a bond with God.

How to strengthen prayer

If we consider the word from the material point of view, it is a combination of characters of different forms. Different forms create special energy fields around themselves.

Each word around us carries information and if it contains good, then the energy of this word will not bear negative.

Faith can be called a special kind of energy that is embedded in the words of prayer. With their help, it seems to be transmitted through space.

If prayers are pronounced in the places intended for this (churches, monasteries, burial sites), then they are amplified many times over.

This is due to the presence of a special life-giving energy there, which is not visible, but it is invisibly present and feels very good. Praying, a person sends special light streams into the surrounding space.

If people do not receive grace, it means that they do not exude light, but why should anyone engage in something that has long gone out? In order to receive energy and help, you need to become a source of light yourself.

Prayer for the health of oneself and loved ones

Prayers near burning candles significantly increase the vibrations of the voice, which is why the biofield of the earth fluctuates more actively, transforming them into waves that go to God. Due to the opposite effect, a person in return receives energy that heals the soul and body.

It is believed that, plunging into prayers, a person falls into a special state, when his brain can perceive only waves of a certain frequency, such that only infants perceive. Prayers take away a person, tear him away from earthly reality, slow down thinking processes and due to this, spiritual perception of the world takes place.

The benefits of prayer are a scientifically proven fact. People who regularly attend church have better health, their thoughts are always in order, they have peace of mind.

Why do you need to pray

The need to pray is described in detail in the Bible. Orthodox prayers and their reading carry the following meaning:

  1. Jesus Christ was always in prayer. A person, like his student and follower, should strive to do the same.
  2. Prayer is a way of serving God, strengthening in faith.
  3. Prayer is the most effective way to communicate with the Lord.
  4. Prayer is a way to prepare for any important events, trials.
  5. Prayer allows you to receive God’s help when He helps a person to cope with the machinations of the devil, illnesses. During prayer, answers to many urgent questions come, heart is filled with mercy and forgiveness. The easiest way to handle difficulties is to turn to prayer.
  6. Prayer helps overcome temptation.

Not every prayer can be heard by God, only the Almighty knows to whom and when to give the desired answer.

When to pray

If you talk about how often and how long you need to pray, the answer is one — a believer must lead a life completely imbued with prayer. When a person prays, in his heart and soul there are no evil thoughts, hatred, unseemly intentions.

If people prayed more often, there would be less murder, theft, any other evil. Therefore, it is necessary to create a prayer whenever there is a risk to do something wrong, even just to say a bad word about someone.

  1. It is very important to say a prayer in the morning, when you have just awakened from sleep. Just take a few minutes to do this. In the morning prayer, you need to ask the Almighty to help him spend this day without sin and vice, so that He preserves and protects from evil.
  2. During the day, thankful prayers to God are very useful, and you can give thanks for anything — it will never be superfluous. It is also possible to complain to God.
  3. At the end of the day, in the evening, after all the daily worries and troubles, it is necessary to analyze everything that happened and must find, for which you can thank God, there must have been something good. It is also useful to repent if, in your opinion, you have done something that is not quite right. You can and should thank God for themselves and their loved ones, for their children.

Especially important is prayer when you need to repent. In Orthodoxy they say that sin is a wound, and repentance is a medicine that heals it. Prayer purifies a person from dirt and filth, and a sinner, more than ever, needs this purification.

The tearful prayer and repentance are especially effective.

One thing to be remembered: no man whom God would not have heard. But he will be fulfilling the prayer only when man really needs it.

Prayers for the health of themselves and loved ones

Prayers for health are read for themselves, their children, loved ones, and simply those who need such support at this moment. Prayers can be read in God’s temple, in holy places, and even at home.

The strongest prayer for health is that which is uttered by a person with a pure heart and thoughts, as well as with deep faith and sincerity. Before reading a prayer, you need to make sure that the one about whom the prayer will be is a baptized person.

It is possible to pray about non-baptized, but the effectiveness of the prayer itself may suffer from this.

Prayer for the health of oneself and loved ones

For a sick person you can not only pray yourself, but it is very useful to order a prayer for health in the temple — it is read by the priests in the church. Both prayer itself and prayer is a charge of energy sent to a sick person.

He has great strength, gives faith in healing, and, most importantly, a positive attitude, so necessary for the suffering.

Often in the course of a serious illness it happens that a person’s condition worsens for no apparent reason. The reason for this may be the loss of emotional balance, this means that a person is sick soul.

It is precisely here that prayer is very useful: it returns peace, stabilizes mental mood, pacifies fears, anxieties and doubts.

To pray for the health of themselves and loved ones

In the event of difficult circumstances, a person turns to God. But it happens that, due to ignorance, simply does not know who should pray:

  1. Virgin Mary. Appeal in prayer to the mother of Jesus Christ pacifies fears, dispels anxieties and doubts, smoothes over serious experiences. It is desirable that the prayer of the Virgin read in front of the image or icon. There are a lot of icons of the Virgin and, according to the priests, they all have different properties. In the example, the icon «All-Tsaritsa» can help with the most severe ailments, such as cancer. The Bogolyubskaya icon of the Mother of God has long been used for prayers at the time of epidemics of cholera and plague. “Recovery of the dead” is an icon for all those who have eye problems. “All the grieving joy” — heals with lung diseases, in particular, with tuberculosis. Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God is suitable for all deaf and hearing-impaired people. Such an icon as “The Healer” is esteemed especially and is considered miraculous with a variety of ailments and ailments.
  2. Nicholas the Wonderworker. This saint can rightly be called the most revered in Orthodoxy. Believers believe that all prayers that are pronounced for health or for help in any work are surely heard by Saint Nicholas. Moreover, it is believed that all the prayers uttered in the church with lit candles, find immediate response from Nicholas the Convenient. It is noteworthy that Nicholas the Wonderworker is honored even by Buryats and Kalmyks, people who practice Buddhism. In order for the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker to bring relief to the disease, you need to clear your head of evil thoughts, ask for absolution and pray for a speedy recovery. If this is a prayer for a child, it is necessary to light 3 candles (a lamp) and place them nearby.
  3. Panteleimon the healer. This saint in itself is considered a miracle worker and a powerful healer. People came to him in the most hopeless cases, all those who had already lost all hope flocked. His prayers have such great power that, according to legends, they could even revive dead children. Therefore, people always went to him for help with a variety of diseases. If a person feels a strong malaise and, especially, before the upcoming operation, you need to turn to the face of St. Panteleimon and read a prayer for health and healing. To do this, you need to put the icon next to the bed and read the akathist — praising the Almighty. For the healing of infants and adolescents read the appeal «Great Martyr …».


  1. The prayer for health is of tremendous power, but only when a person has pure thoughts.
  2. Prayer is communion with God, during which you can both repent and ask for mercy.
  3. The Virgin Mary, Saint Nicholas and Panteleimon the Healer are the hope and support of people suffering from diseases.

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