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Prayer for the future dream — short and long

Prayers for bedtime — short and long

You should not turn to the sacred texts only in difficult moments of your life. It will be useful to take it as a rule to thank God every day for the past day.

For this purpose, you can, before going to bed, for the night, you need to say a prayer for the next one — in other words, an evening prayer.

Prayer for the future dream - short and long

Evening prayers

Such prayers are the final part of the daily Prayer rules, established by the Orthodox tradition. The composition is also represented by prayer texts pronounced in the morning.

What is the Prayer Rule?

The daily reading of texts from the Prayer Rule, as the Church stresses, has a beneficial effect on the soul of the lay person, helping to maintain the core of righteousness and piety in it. If a person considers himself to be a convinced atheist, denies the existence of the Lord and is skeptical of the sacred texts, his soul can eventually wallow in the vices and be in the power of the devil.

In general, the complete Prayer Rule is placed in the Orthodox Prayer Book and is intended mainly for the utterance of monks and experienced believers. For those who only recently turned to religion, joined God and began to take their first steps in Orthodoxy, a short version of this code was compiled.

Such a need arose due to the fact that for beginners a complete reading of the whole rule presents a certain difficulty. Not everyone has enough willpower and patience to pronounce it from beginning to end and, moreover, practice it every day.

To begin the initial reading of the Prayer Rule, clerics advise with several prayers and gradually add to this list one new text. This technique will help to join the ritual naturally and naturally.

The church strongly recommends that all believers comply with the rule, but not every Orthodox person succeeds in doing so — the frantic pace of modern life contributes to its changes. Frequently, there is very little time left for reading prayers, and the believer is forced to pronounce texts superficially and hastily, without a corresponding prayerful attitude.

As a result, it turns out that this daily tradition is simply reduced to mechanical ritual, and reverence, reverence and attention, which must necessarily accompany this rite, fade into the background.

Of course, it is unlikely that this tendency can be completely neutralized, but it can be minimized as much as possible, paying due attention to the texts included in the Prayer Rule.

The full text of the prayers, with all the accents and rules, can be downloaded here. Print it for convenience.

In our age of constant haste, evening sacred texts are among the most common. It is caused by the fact that only at the end of a hard day, before going to sleep, a busy person can afford to fully relax, be left alone with his thoughts and the Lord.

This is the only time when you can talk with God, knowing that no one and nothing will interfere with this deeply personal process.

The time period before sleep can be spent listening to or watching records with Christian talks or prayers. But the best thing is to pray yourself.

In addition to them, there are a large number of other Orthodox prayers, designed for different occasions.

You can listen to it in the video:

Other Orthodox prayers

Short before bed

A short prayer before bedtime would be appropriate if the believer is sorely lacking time for conversations with the Lord (no matter for what reason). This text must be pronounced, already lying in bed, in a whisper or to myself:

Prayer for the future dream - short and long

Main idea — praise and thanks to God. Despite their brevity, these sacred words have the ability to strengthen the Orthodox faith in the heart and lead the person praying to a real miracle.

Under their influence, life difficulties recede, for the better, the fate of the believer changes.

The Almighty

In the event that a believer, for whatever reason, fails to read the Prayer Rule every night, it is not forbidden to turn to God through other Orthodox prayers. Sacred texts can be used to obtain help and support from the Almighty.

An important condition: you must read the words wholeheartedly, and the faith that comes from the prayer must be sincere and unshakable.

Calling to God for help should not happen once — you should turn to the Lord regularly and, first of all, express your gratitude to the Creator. For these purposes, the following text will do:

Prayer for the future dream - short and long

Before this prayer, the Lord can be told in simple words about his request, to share thoughts and fears that torment the soul. The believer will feel significant relief after a few days of applying the text.

Guardian Angel

An Orthodox person should never forget about his most important helper and protector, the Guardian Angel.

You can pray to your heavenly intercessor under any circumstances: in joy and in grief, with or without a request.

For daily reading before bedtime, the following prayer is recommended to the Guardian Angel:

Prayer for the future dream - short and long

Best of all, if the text will be pronounced three times, just before going to bed. Prayer will help the believer to become better, relieve his head from serious thoughts.

The first results from the application will be noticeable in a few weeks.

Saying evening prayers will help to enlist the support of higher powers, purify thoughts and consciousness from negativity, eliminate worries, anxieties and stresses, protect from troubles and dangers, bring peace to the prayer, attract positive events.

A calm state, usually occurring after reading the sacred texts, will most favorably affect your sleep, protect you from nightmares and insomnia, give a person the opportunity to relax and gain strength for the day ahead.

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