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Prayer for the forgiveness of sins and repentance

Prayer to the Lord for the forgiveness of sins and repentance

I have been a believer for more than 5 years and I know the importance of prayer. However, it must be not only pleading, but also penitent.

Therefore, today I will tell you how to ask forgiveness from the Lord for all the sins committed.

How to ask forgiveness from God

In the modern world, the pace of life is so insane that sometimes people forget about spirituality and retreat from the commandments of their religion. However, then realizing all the destructiveness of the committed unrighteous actions, a person has a sincere desire to atone for his mistakes and to cleanse the soul before God.

Prayer for the forgiveness of sins and repentance

The power of forgiveness and mercy of our heavenly patron is the greatest grace that we can gain, sincerely wishing to be cleansed from wrong views, which ultimately lead to wrong actions. God can help anyone to make their eyes unclouded by temptations and unbiased towards those around us.

Do not forget to ask not only for the atonement of your own sins, but also for the forgiveness of the insults that are stored in your heart and subconscious and poison your whole being.

General Principles of Repentance to the Most High

A petition for heavenly repentance is a way to heal the soul and find peace in both the worldly and in the heavenly worlds. Use holy texts when you feel the need for this, as well as when you are ready for deep inner changes. Proceed to the spiritual communication with the heavenly forces only after you are ready in the future to prevent the same sins.

After all, if a person turns to the Lord, asking for the absolution of sinful thoughts, but is not going to change his behavior in the future, it will not be a sincere promise that can heal the mind and soul.

In order to pray for the forgiveness of unrighteous acts, it is not necessary to use texts from the prayer books. If it is more convenient for you, you can pronounce the words in a way that is convenient.

This is the main thing that everything that was said is sincere and spiritual.

You can resort to the help of prayers in such cases:

  • When you have an oppressive feeling of guilt due to the fact that you have done the wrong thing in relation to another person (especially a close relative).
  • In the event that a deep awareness of perfect evil has come to you, you have felt a feeling of deep repentance, then strengthen the emotions that came with prayer (this is how your noble message will quickly reach the Almighty).
  • After you have realized where and why you did wrong and decided to take the right path of spirituality, ask your heavenly patrons for help, which will strengthen your will power and help you resist addiction and other evil temptations.
  • Join the sacrament of confession, during which you tell the priest about all your bad deeds. This method of absolution is considered the most acceptable in Christianity.

If you want to understand whether you really need to ask for forgiveness from the Lord, listen to your inner feelings. Unreleased sin will manifest itself as a feeling of oppression, spiritual discomfort, inexplicable anxiety, and a deep sense of guilt.

Often, our sins affect the state of the physical shell, and then our body is subjected to testing and purification with the help of various diseases.

The harder the feeling of guilt, the more serious the disease can be. Do not hold resentment in yourself, including claims to yourself.

Remember that with the help of the Lord you can overcome any obstacles and trials, because God does not want to punish people, he just seeks to lead us on the right path, following which you can become really happy.

What power does a plea for forgiveness have?

Prayer is a truly miraculous tool that can help any Orthodox Christian. One should not expect too rapid results, since obtaining a real forgiveness and redemption of evil deeds is always a long and laborious process that requires diligence and determination from praying.

A single reading of the sacred text will not give visible results, because in such a short period of time the soul does not have time to tune in to a deep sense of gratitude and spirituality. You can enhance your requests by regularly visiting temples and other holy places.

Reading prayers in the sanctuaries is most favorable, because the atmosphere of a church or monastery will very quickly adjust your thoughts to a good, fertile energy.

Prayer for the forgiveness of sins and repentance

If a person sensitively listens to himself, he will immediately feel that the grace of the Lord’s forgiveness has descended upon him. The healed soul immediately responds with a feeling of deep peace and gratitude.

These feelings are the greatest gift that you can present to yourself, striving for it and making certain efforts and efforts.

People say that with a sense of forgiveness, a feeling of cleanliness and comfort comes immediately. Thoughts become calmer, and a person begins to realize his great power, which in the future will help him to avoid temptations and sinful temptations.

If you save this wonderful inner feeling, then later you will have the strength to help others and show mercy to all those who previously would not have caused this feeling in you. The main thing is to keep yourself within the framework and not allow negative emotions to seize the mind.

Who of the gods can turn for help in the redemption of unrighteous acts

It does not matter who you refer to. In your prayers you can turn to the Lord Almighty, to Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and other Saints. Ask for the gift of forgiveness favorably from the Saint, who is your patron (you can find his name using a special calendar).

Ask for help to your Guardian Angel, who is always there and takes care of you.

What else is beneficial to do for the atonement of sins before the Most High?

In addition to reading prayers, it is recommended to attend temples and churches, attend worship services. Very well, if you start to adhere to the posts, especially before the great Orthodox holidays.

You can also help and give out donations to people in need.

If you want to earn forgiveness in the eyes of God, review your life principles and honestly answer yourself if they all comply with God’s commandments. As often as possible, fill your thoughts with love to the Lord, relatives and in general to all people around you.

By your pious behavior, you will not just show that you want to atone for the sins that have accumulated, but also do not intend to sin in the future.

Prayer for the forgiveness of sins and repentance

When there is an opportunity, you can carry out volunteering in nursing homes, caring for and helping the infirm. You can also work in hospices, providing all possible assistance to people who are on the verge of death.

When you are in such institutions, you need to constantly remind yourself that all the will of God and to sincerely treat the problems of suffering people, but at the same time, in no case should you put yourself above them. If you too care for the elderly and seriously ill, then you can work for the benefit of temples and monasteries.

Is it possible to contribute to the redemption of the dead relative of the deceased

Each person is experiencing hard leaving a loved one from our world. However, to this grief, additional thoughts are added about what fate will await the deceased when he appears before the Almighty to resolve the question, where does he end up in the past life: in heaven or hell? In order to contribute to the purification of the soul of the deceased, you can perform certain actions.

Most favorable if it will be done by close relatives.

First of all, order the sorokoust — Christian commemoration rite, which implies a church commemoration of a person during the Liturgy. Such a remembrance will last for forty days after death, which is especially good in this difficult moment for the soul.

Pray at home for the soul of the deceased. During the period of mourning attend temples.

Try to remember only good things about your family, thank him for all the good deeds accomplished during his lifetime.

Give alms to people who need help. It is not bad to distribute treats with a request to commemorate the deceased.

In this case, be sure to report the name of the commemorative

Strong prayers for the atonement of any sins

In various prayer books you can easily find the right texts about healing sins and acquiring forgiveness. Here we give a few of them:

  • God Almighty, you know what is healing for me, help me; And do not allow me to sin before thee, and the precipices in my vices, for I am a sinner and a feeble person; do not betray me to the enemies of mine, as if I am accusing you, deliver me, Most High, for you are my strength and my hopes and you are glory and thanksgiving forever.
  • Lord, You see my weakness, give me the correction and support me to love you from all my soul and thoughts, and give me the grace of Your own, give me patience to perform services, to bring my unworthy prayer and thank You for everything.


  1. Accumulated sins deprive a person of all strength and energy, causing a feeling of apathy and anger.
  2. You can atone for your sins in different ways, but the most accessible and correct will be a prayer for forgiveness — a sincere conversation with the Lord, which will help remove all evil from you and your life.
  3. Any work in the name of the Lord will improve your state of mind and give you a sense of peace.

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