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Prayer for son and protection over him

Mother’s Prayer for Son and Protection

Parental prayer has an extraordinary power, because there is an invisible close relationship between parents and their children. Even popular wisdom says that the maternal prayer can get from the bottom of the sea.

It so happened that most of the difficulties in life and the dangers of children are just male, since boys grow up more active and desperate since childhood. Mother’s prayer for her son will help protect the child from the hardships of life, evil and all sorts of dangers, will create protection over him and guide him on the right path.

Prayer for son and protection over him

There are many prayers through which parents can turn to the Lord asking for the protection and blessing of their children. Each of them has great power. It is possible to pray for children — about the son, about the daughter — any time and any number of times, for the prayer does not have a strict framework in use.

The maternal prayer for the child that comes from the very depths of the soul is capable of performing amazing miracles, since it is the mother’s love for her child that is the strongest and most sincere.

Powerful mother prayers for success and son health

The prayers given below are among the most effective. Using them, you will provide your child with reliable protection that will protect him on all the paths of life.

These prayers, having become a talisman, will provide support and come to the rescue in the most difficult situations.

Mother’s prayer for the happiness of her son

Do you want happiness to become a constant companion of your son? Then read this prayer as often as possible. Text:

Prayer for son and protection over him

Maternal prayer for the welfare of the son (prayer protection)

Regular pronouncement of this prayer is a guarantee that your beloved son will always be under the safe protection of the Lord. Text:

Prayer for son and protection over him

Mother’s prayer for the health of her son and protection from all evil and enemies

Every person has detractors. However, the evil emanating from them will not be scary for your son if you say this prayer as often as possible. Text:

Prayer for son and protection over him

A few short prayers for a son

To pray for the welfare and protection of your son, it is not necessary to use prayers complex and long. There are many short texts that are valid as well as the unfolded Orthodox prayers.

Some of them are listed below — they also have no restrictions on the frequency of use.

Prayer if a son leaves his father’s house

Children sooner or later grow up and fly away from a safe and cozy parent nest. A prayer, the text of which is given below, can be used by a mother when her son leaves to study in another city, begins to build his life separately from his parents.

The words are recommended to be spoken twice a day — in the morning and in the evening.

“Lord, my son in your mercy, for his sins, save from temptations and direct the true dear.”

Prayer for a son to help him find true friends.

New acquaintances of the child is always an exciting process for parents. This prayer helps his son acquire only true friends, protects him from negative influence and traitors. Text:

“Lord God, teach my son to understand people. Let him see the wisdom of recognizing people who are pure in their thoughts.

Bring my son to the people who will help him to walk in the true way and serve the Lord God. ”

Prayer for marital happiness of an adult son

When a young man realizes that he is ripe for creating his own family, he, when choosing his life partner, rarely listens to his parents. So that God may send a good and faithful girl to your son’s wife, read this prayer daily before bedtime:

“Lord, help my son find a faithful companion who honors God and her husband. Bless God’s servant (son’s name) for a happy family life and for further childbearing. Amen (3 times)

Prayer for a son to help him find his life purpose.

Properly chosen profession, the case for the soul — the key to well-being and happiness of any person. To help your son do this, use the following prayer:

“Lord, I beg you: give God’s servant (son’s name) clear understanding of its purpose. Open your eyes to life, let him go through life only with his dear. Amen!»

Prayer to protect the son from adversity

“Lord Almighty! Give my son the grace of God.

Let all adversity bypass it. ”

Prayer for the good life of the son

“Lord, save my son on the road. Let no evil fate set on him, let love and happiness accompany you through life. Amen!»

How to pray to mother for son: recommendations

Any prayer is first of all a sincere appeal to God and light forces, out of the best of intentions. Unfortunately, many parents, praying for their children, make a mistake and ask for what they themselves think is right for their children, i.e. simply come from their own selfish aspirations.

Meanwhile, a child is a person with his own soul, and God determines his fate. The best protection for him will be to entrust this soul to the Lord and allow him to give your child what his own destiny has in store.

Prayer for son and protection over him

The main motive for parents to use a prayer for their son should be the sincere wish for the maximum good of their child. First of all, it is necessary to pray about the soul of your child, about its development and improvement. Only then will higher forces lead him along the light path of fate and protect him on this path.

The Lord needs to ask that the son grow up a worthy person, and only then you can pray for health, happiness, wealth and other benefits of life.

It is not necessary to look for ready-made prayer texts — the parental prayer in your own words, sincere and coming from the heart, acts no worse. In the process of prayer, you need to think about your child.

You cannot turn to prayer from your own feelings, emotions and intentions (pain, fear, desire, etc.). Ask the Lord for strong patrons to protect your son (guardian angels), ask for energy and spiritual protection (especially in difficult situations) .

Wish your child well, development and growth — personal, spiritual, professional, etc. Thus, you can set the right direction in his life, lay a solid foundation, and the son can create everything else on his own, with his own hands.

And you will be overwhelmed with pride in him!

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