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Prayer for reconciliation with the beloved

Prayer of Reconciliation: God’s help in a quarrel with a loved one

I always advise in moments of quarrel to turn to the help of prayer. She can console, and support, and avert bad thoughts.

Today I will tell you why prayer really helps with a quarrel with a loved one, why it is a protector, a healer and a talisman.

The Power of Prayer Words

Everyone knows that prayers are a collection of words. But the word, as you know, is in itself a very powerful weapon, they «can be killed and the stone is melted.»

The day for each person begins with words, and ends with them. It is believed that even every letter in the alphabet has a special energy, its own field.

Therefore, bad words carry negative energy.

Prayer for reconciliation with the beloved

It is important that good, blissful words always rotate around a person, then he will remain in peace and harmony. Energy clothed in the words of prayer is faith, which is transmitted through space.

Prayers in holy places have the greatest power; they are churches, monasteries, temples. Being in worship you can feel unprecedented power and unique energy.

Praying, a person sends special energy flows into space. If someone did not receive the expected help, it can only mean that he himself did not send any energy from him. Consequently, there is nothing to attract attention to oneself — no one will turn his attention to the fact that nothing radiates.

In other words, prayer will help only when you believe in it. Help will come only when you ask and wait for it.

Benefits of prayer

The benefits and power of prayers are not an empty sound, but a scientifically proven fact. People living according to God’s laws, attending churches and temples, regularly praying, have better health, they have more healthy and pure thoughts.

There are many different prayers: from illness, for children, for parents, prayers on the road, before a serious test. Among them are prayers for reconciliation with a loved one.

It would seem that here such — have quarreled, make peace. This is especially true of young spouses in the early years of marriage.

This is so if only two are to blame for the quarrel. But it often happens that outsiders intervene in the case — ill-wishers, envious acquaintances or neighbors, friends and even their own parents of spouses. Word for word, gossip, some rumor and the young quarrel.

And sometimes they do not even suspect and do not understand because of what.

Someone more superstitious will say that this is damage. Someone down to earth, on the contrary, will write it all down to everyday problems and everyday concerns. Often, such conflicts in the early stages of family life end in divorce.

Young people often can not even voice the reason for separation. This applies not only to spouses.

As you know, human emotions are as powerful as a word. They can be destructive, and they can be life-creating.

Negativity can cause a lot of misfortunes, while the positive, on the contrary, extends even to outsiders.

Each person is designed in such a way that he always perceives the emotional background of another person. He cannot explain this, but this does not mean that there was no perception. In appearance, a person who has fallen under someone’s negative emotions doesn’t stand out in any way, but there is always a reaction.

Similarly, in cases of quarrels, it is only necessary to fly out the first curses, it is already impossible to stop. People are overwhelmed by the negative and this destructive stream washes away everything in its path.

Few people can stop and step aside during an argument.

Prayer for reconciliation

During such quarrels, it is very important to pull yourself together and at least keep silent, give yourself a break. Prayer will be very helpful.

It will help galloping thoughts to come together, calm the hot heart and calm the emotions.

Sincere prayer is sure to help, and a believer will receive help from above. The saints, if prayers are offered to them, will comfort, give the necessary peace and confidence that everything will be fine, the way God wants.

How to prayer will calm

When offering prayers, you should not expect that a loved one will immediately come running with apologies and remorse. The help of God and the saints can consist in the emergence of a new idea, the answer to some sore question, the right words.

Prayer for reconciliation with the beloved

Of course, men who have offended their woman go much harder to the first step to reconciliation. Moreover, it is more difficult for them to ask for God’s help in this.

A man, by virtue of his character, cannot express his emotions, but also cannot influence the situation. Then he starts to rush.

Only prayer can calm, give mental strength and send in the right direction.

To pray

It often happens that a person would be happy to pray, but he does not know how, does not know who needs to offer prayers and how to do it in general. If we consider specifically the quarrel between people in love, then prayers should be offered to Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Matrona of Moscow, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Peter and Fevronie and, of course, Jesus Christ.

  1. Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most revered saints in Orthodoxy. Believers come to him in the most difficult situations and always receive help, comfort and support. It is believed that Nikolai Ugodnik helps travelers, women who want to get married, prisoners and unjustly convicted, unbelievers, as well as quarreling in love. Nicholas the Wonderworker performed his miracles in worldly life, because his prayers already had unprecedented power. Having left the earthly world, St. Nicholas continues to pray for people, to ask God for those who really need it. In order for the prayers to Nicholas the Pleasurer to be heard, it is enough just to read them — whether in the church or at home. Sincere prayer for reconciliation with his beloved will never be left without his attention.
  2. Peter and Fevronia are a Russian married couple, they are represented together on all the icons, unlike the majority of Orthodox saints. On the faces, they are often depicted as people of old age, and in order to live to it, they had to go through many trials. The prince and a simple peasant girl, between whom, it would seem, could not have anything in common. As a young man, the prince was looking for a healer who could cure him and only Fevronia took up the matter, with the condition that he marries her after he recovers. The prince, wanting to quickly get rid of the disease, agreed. However, he did not keep his words, and the retreating was the disease returned again. Only then did he return for Fevron. But it was not there: the boyars’ wives did not want to see her as their mistress. Boyars demanded that Peter get rid of his wife, but instead he sailed away from Murom with her on a boat, left everything for Fevroni. Their couple is the personification of how to pass tests — always together, supporting and helping each other and relying only on God. The saints survived to old age and died on the same day, they were buried even in one coffin. These saints help in strengthening families, love, raising worthy children.
  3. Our Lady helps all, without exception, those who ask, including people who sincerely wish to make peace with their loved one. There is even such an icon «Reconciliation», it is before her that the prayer for reconciliation is read. Its main purpose is to help in family conflicts, the search for compromises. Virgin Mary, as they say, is able to help even in extreme situations, when it comes seriously to divorce.
  4. Jesus Christ is the consolation of all believers, helping all in need. The Lord, as you know, treats all his children with the same patience, love and understanding. Turning to him with pleas for reconciliation with a loved one, you can be sure that comfort will necessarily come down to the one who asks. Even in cases when dark forces or evil people, envious or spiteful critics interfere in a family or in a relationship.

There is hardly a believer, and not a believer, a man who would not have heard of Saint Matron. The fame of the power of her prayers is known far beyond the borders of Russia.

She is approached by people suffering from even the most complicated diseases, women who have lost faith in the fact that they can once become mothers. She helps:

  • beggar and destitute;
  • orphans;
  • old men;
  • disabled people;
  • strayed from the true path.

People who are in a quarrel also turn to her. It is believed that it helps even unbroken, one of those who ask does not pass by with their attention.

They appeal to Saint Matron with prayers, whether mental or verbal, but first canonical petitions will be heard.

Prayer for reconciliation with the beloved

The most important thing is that the requests should be offered with a pure heart, without sinful thoughts, and so that other people will not suffer. The appeal «Matronushka» is not only allowed, but also welcomed — she loved this version of her name very much.

People praying at its relics or icons, note that near these relics there is peace, lightness and at the same time — strength.


  1. Do not rely on the help of prayer for those who do not live according to God’s commandments, indifferent to the suffering of people who claim to be spouses of others or property.
  2. The saints are the link between God and people, so the prayers offered to them have tremendous power. People turn to pleasing people at a difficult time when there is no power to cope alone, asking for help and intercession before God.
  3. Men and women — for God there is no separation, everyone can get help in reconciliation with his beloved.

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