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Prayer for reconciliation: with a loved one and husband

Prayer for reconciliation: with a loved one and husband

When I quarreled with my husband because of his constant business trips, the conflict was so serious that there was already a thought about a divorce. My husband practically did not talk to me, and I lost so much confidence in him that I thought that he had a new woman in another city.

Destroying a marriage was hard, and asking for forgiveness and being the first to take a step towards reconciliation is even harder.

I decided to honor the prayers of reconciliation. During the repetition of the text of the prayer, she cried a lot, survived once more and released all the insults.

The next day, my husband phoned from a business trip and said that he had bought me a gift — a golden jewel that he misses me very much. Now we are a very strong and happy couple, because in any conflict situation I pray, and prayer helps unite and strengthen the family.

Prayer — Help of Higher Forces

Unfortunately, in our world, quarrels and conflicts are commonplace. Especially hard when quarreling those who love each other.

Sometimes families are destroyed because of a trifle: unwashed dishes, misunderstandings, the wrong gift, random offenses.

Jesus Christ taught that we should forgive our enemies. Forgiveness is an important part of the spiritual life of an Orthodox person.

Our husbands and loved ones are not enemies at all, so why is it so difficult sometimes to forgive each other and begin to live a new life, without offense and feelings? Yes, this is true: sometimes it is easier for us to forgive a stranger, but not a spouse.

How to overcome this problem? Fathers of the church have always advised us in difficult situations to pray for the Lord to send us the right answer.

Prayer is an amazing and very powerful tool for restoring peace in a relationship. When we pray, our pride is tamed, we begin to understand that the most important thing in the world is not to prove our case, but to live in peace with my husband.

To make up, you should not suffer from wounded pride or wait until the partner himself takes the first step. The best solution is to read a few days prayer for reconciliation of the warring. A miracle will happen!

Understanding the beloved will be complete again, and love will flare up with a new force.

If your partner is really guilty of something, then after the prayer you will find the strength to forgive him. In the event that you are guilty, then the prayer will help you to admit your guilt and honestly say this to your spouse.

He, for his part, will be able to forgive you more easily and accept your mistakes.

Because in the event of a conflict, two are always to blame. It does not happen that one is completely pure: we are angry, offend each other, do not give each other support and love.

All this eventually leads to conflicts.

Prayer for reconciliation: with a loved one and husband

Help of saints Peter and Fevronia

Traditionally, in the case of family problems, it is recommended to ask for help in reconciliation with the saints Peter and Fevronia, the patrons of marriage.

Saints can reconcile quarreled spouses or loved ones. The prayer to saints Peter and Fevronia helps especially well, if one of the partners does not want to put up, his resentment is too strong.

In the event that you really want to save the marriage, contact the great saints, tell them about your problem and sincerely ask them to help your grief.

You can pray holy in your own words, ask the saints to bring peace and prosperity, joy and understanding to your family. Ask them to let all your quarrels and squabbles go out of your life so that you can easily and joyfully in your family life.

Often believers ask about how much prayer is required. There are no specific recommendations. Prayer is also needed so that changes take place in your soul, so that you understand and admit your mistakes.

As soon as there is a revolution in your inner world, reconciliation will be possible.

If the conflict is your fault, then you should honestly admit it, repent of sin. For example, you could blame your spouse, say unpleasant words to him. Repent of this, ask God for forgiveness for your guilt.

The saints will pray for you before the Lord, and peace and grace will flow into your soul, it will be easy for you to say words of love and reconciliation to your partner.

After you restore peace in the family, do not forget to thank the saints and order a prayer of thanks! It is great if you have an image of Peter and Fevronia in your house, they will protect your marriage and protect it from a variety of threats and dangers.

Prayer for reconciliation: with a loved one and husband

Prayer to the Virgin

One of the most powerful prayers is the prayer to the Virgin Mary. The request for reconciliation of the warring parties, addressed to the Mother of God, has a special power. The Virgin Mary can soften fierce hearts, calm feelings, reconcile enmity.

Through her prayer, the Lord helps the spouses live in harmony and love, helps to forget aggression and let go of anger at each other.

There is another way to bring peace to the family: if your prayer does not bring results, you can order a prayer service in the temple, defend the service, continuously praying that God help reunite your family.

Such a serious means always has a good result, and the spouses find the strength to forgive each other, even in the case of adultery or other wrongdoings, and to keep the family. Moreover, after the prayer appeal, relationships that would be difficult to restore in the usual ways became stronger, more serious, more soulful.

Heartfelt love and good mutual understanding come to the family. It doesn’t matter that before that you could live in quarrels and conflicts for ten or twenty years.

God can change everything, including relationships. Diligent prayer is the most surprising and serious means for the preservation of matrimony.

Prayer for reconciliation: with a loved one and husband

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