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Prayer for pregnant women

Prayer for pregnant women

At that moment, when a woman realizes the secret of pregnancy, she especially needs the help of heaven. Appeal to the holy forces will ensure a safe childbearing, easy childbirth, as well as a beneficial effect on the health and future success of the baby.

Every woman involved in the miraculous event of the birth of a new life is plagued by many questions: what to do so that the baby is born strong and healthy, how to ease the pregnancy and where to look for protection from the evil eye, so that the negative does not touch the child at the moment when he is defenseless. Prayer for pregnant women will help to relieve constant anxiety and ensure the protection of heavenly forces in this difficult period.

Future mothers who are carrying a child traditionally offer prayers to the Most Holy Mother of God. The Most Pure Virgin, who presented the Savior to humanity, has long been revered as the patroness of motherhood and family well-being. In Russia, mothers turned to her, asking to protect children from diseases, adversities and unkind people. Childless women prayed to the Heavenly Queen to send them a child.

On the day of the Nativity of the Virgin, there was even a custom according to which women who wanted to get pregnant laid a table for the poor and asked them to pray for future children. It was believed that the Mother of God would hear these prayers and allow those who ask to know the joy of motherhood.

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin during pregnancy will relieve fear and anxiety, protect the expectant mother and child from adversity and negative energy of ill-wishers, help in childbirth.

How to pray to the Virgin

Prayer to the Virgin must be read every day. Well, if at home there is an icon with the image of the Mother of God — this will help to concentrate on conversion, to feel more strongly the connection with the holy woman, who is herself a mother. It is possible to pronounce prayer words both at moments of composure and in moments of confusion and anxiety: prayer will calm and relieve from fears.

It is necessary to pray in silence and solitude, holding in your head the image of a child you are carrying under your heart. As soon as you are ready to appeal to the heavenly powers, say the words:

The most glorious and most pure Mother of God, the holy intercessor for the human race, do not leave me in the throes of mine, with whom all daughters of Eve have children. Remember, Blessed One, how you walked with joy and love in the holy city to your sister Elizabeth during her pregnancy, and what happiness your gracious visit for mother and baby became. Be merciful to me, the Most Pure Virgin, and grant your servant (your name) a happy resolution from the burden, so that the child, resting under my heart, having appeared, would bow to the Divine Savior. The great joy that filled your innocent heart when you look at your newborn son and lord will be a delight to me in the throes of birth.

May the Savior, who was born by You, save me from death at the time of resolution, and may I bear the fruit of my womb among God’s elect. Hear, Blessed Virgin, my prayer, and do not forsake me, poor sinner; Do not shame my hope in Your great mercy and fall upon me with your grace. May I also be honored to experience for myself, O Great Intercessor and Healer of Diseases, Thy mercy. I praise Thy grace, which does not reject the prayers of the poor and heals all those who call upon you in times of grief and sickness.

I trust in Your mercy. Amen.

The text of the prayer can be carried with you and resort to it in moments of great excitement in order to find peace. Appeal to the Mother of God will support in pregnancy and help produce a healthy and happy baby. Pray to the forces of heaven, and they will not leave you without support. We wish you family happiness, and do not forget to press buttons and

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