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Prayer for money from Natalia Pravdina

Prayer for money from Natalia Pravdina

Natalia Pravdina recommends reading this prayer for luck in money to those who urgently need money. The miraculous words of this prayer are intended to attract finances in a short time.

You need to read a prayer at the very moment when you feel that you just need money right here and now. The stronger your desire, the faster the money will come to you.

If you do not believe that having read a prayer for money, your desire will come true, then you should not waste your time and energy. According to Feng Shui consultant Natalia Pravdina, it is important to believe in the power of prayer and sincerely hope for its action.

Prayer for money

“Hear me, the Most High! Hear my plea! Not much I desire, not much I ask.

May the Sun shine for me, may the Moon shine for me, And may all the blessings of the world be with me!

I will share with you, I will share with others, And there will be happiness with us, and there will be happiness with them! My mind is growing stronger, and the thought is striving upwards. God, I love you, thank you for your success! ”

Natalia Pravdina recommends reading this money prayer exactly seven times. While reading, it is necessary to imagine how God sent rain to Earth from money, and how this made you feel good. It is important to feel during the prayer a sense of joy and unlimited happiness.

Do not think about how in your life suddenly the desired amount will appear. She will surely appear. And it will happen in such an unusual and sudden way that you yourself will not believe that this has happened to you.

It is important to know that this prayer for money is valid only in cases where a person urgently needs money, and the financial question has become a matter of life and death. You should not read this prayer for the sake of curiosity, as in this case it will not give the desired result.

According to a feng shui consultant and author of the book I Raise Money, money will come to you only if you believe in your words. And so that financial success will never leave you, do not forget to click on the buttons and

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