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Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Good luck prayers will help all those whose well-being depends on many factors: a case, a favorable set of circumstances. If there is great competition in the market, this is relevant for many professions.

Taxi drivers, entrepreneurs, merchants, beauty industry workers and other specialties largely depend on whether the client goes to them or not.

Those who read prayers for success, everything is easier. When praying before the start of the working day, the grace of God is called to work, work is going on, and success is everywhere.

The prayer for good luck or for the blessing of God of all works is read, not only when a person wants to draw out a happy ticket. It will be useful in many other life circumstances:

  • in work, affairs;
  • on the attraction of money;
  • on financial success, profit, trade and business;
  • for luck in everything;
  • for luck;
  • for career growth;
  • to solve the problem;
  • about a good day;
  • in personal life, love;
  • before exams.

The power of prayer is manifested not only in the success of a particular event, but also in all spheres of life. Believers in business are more fortunate, achieve the desired result with a minimum of effort.

From the old days, it happened that before starting any work, the worker made the sign of the cross, read prayers to God and patron saints about the blessing of the day and all his works. On sincere petitions, the planned business went well; luck in all matters accompanied the worshiper.

Do not neglect this good tradition.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Man can not control everything that happens. Some say that much depends on chance, luck, luck.

But only believers know that their life depends entirely on the Lord, since He alone knows that what is good for a person, and arranges life according to His own providence.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

It is worth memorizing some short prayers by heart and repeating if necessary. The shortest petition: “Lord, bless! «. But it is better to spend a few minutes and read “Our Father” or a special prayer before starting a business.

Prayers before the start of the day: “To the Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Soul of Truth, All the same everywhere and all fulfilled, the Treasure of the good and the Life of the Giver, come and dwell in us, and cleanse us from all filthiness, and save, Bleshe, our souls.

Bless, Lord, and help me, a sinner, to accomplish the work that I begin, in Your glory. O Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Only Begotten Of Your Father Who Have Begun, You have more to offer with the purest of Your mouth, for without Me, you cannot do anything.

My Lord, Lord, by faith the volume in my soul and your heart is spoken, I bow down to Your goodness: help, sinner, this thing that I have begun, perform about You, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and the prayers of the Virgin and all Your saints . Amen».

This prayer is read before the start of the working day, an important transaction, before the exam.

The more often a person resorts to prayer, the easier it becomes to live.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

The book of Psalms can be used as a prayer book. Many righteous people prayed in psalms on various occasions, especially when there was no church order for such a need.

When they ask for God’s mercy, they read psalm 66: “God, be merciful to us and bless us, light us with Your face, so that you may know Your way on earth, in all nations, Your salvation. May the nations praise you, God, may the peoples praise you all.

Let the tribes rejoice and rejoice for you judge the nations righteously, and rule over the nations on earth. May the nations praise you, God, may the peoples praise you all.

The earth bore its fruit: God bless us, our God. May God bless us and may all the limits of the earth fear Him. ”

Psalm 22 is read to attract money and resolve financial issues: “The Lord is my shepherd. I will not need anything: He rests me on the grassy pastures and leads me to the quiet waters, strengthens my soul, directs me to the paths of truth. If I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear evil, because you are with me.

You have prepared a table before me in the sight of my enemies, you have filled my head with oil, my cup is full. May Your kindness and mercy accompany me all the days of my life, and I will abide in the house of the Lord for many days. Amen. «

Psalms, as a petition, it is customary to read after short prayers of the fore, such as «Heavenly King», «Our Father», «Virgin Mary, rejoice.»

Some images of the Virgin possess the grace-giving power to solve problems, to attract money, to call upon God’s mercy for the success of the cause. These images include icons «Economis», «Unexpected Joy.»

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

The image of the Virgin «Economis»

The image of the Mother of God helps to solve financial difficulties, problems at work or in business, and also protects against conflicts and detractors. It is advisable to install the icon in the office, in the workplace.

The Prayer of the Economis: “O Most Pure Lady of the Theotokos, Our Most Most Most Valuable Mati Igumenia of all Orthodox holy monasteries of foreign life, in Holy Mount Afonstas and in all universe existence! Accept our humble prayers and bring me to our all-glorified God, may our souls be saved by My grace.

Look upon us with Thy merciful eye and make our salvation in the Lord, without the mercy of our Savior and Your holy intercession of Our Lord, we cannot make your salvation by accusation, as if living our lives in the bustle of the world, for the time is near the harvest of Christ and the day of the Terrible Judgment .

We, the acanies, perish in the abyss of sinful negligence for our sake, according to what was said by the holy fathers, the chiefs of the angel in the flesh of living, like the last monastic by the negligence of our lives, like a worldly man, he will come true today, because our last non-Russian lives in our lives , in the midst of great storms and bad weather, for our holy abode in prasa abides, the sins of the righteous for our sake the all-righteous Judge our Lord Jesus Christ favored us, but unworthy, not imams, where the heads are inclined.

O our sweetest Mati Igoumenia! Collect us, the scattered flock of Christ, together and save the Orthodox monasticism of the last century, and all Orthodox Christians give heavenly life with angels and all saints in the Kingdom of Christ our God, to Him, honor and glory, with the Primordial Father and the Most Holy, Good and Life-Giving His Spirit forever and ever.


Prayers of this icon will help those who often have difficult situations at work, the boss demands too much or delays the salary.

If a person is pursued by total bad luck, all that he undertakes fails, you need to pray to the image of «Unexpected Joy.» People turn to the Virgin Mary and ask for deliverance from punishment for the mistakes of the past, for forgiveness and for indicating the right path.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Unexpected Joy Icon

Prayer in the image of «Unexpected Joy»: «Oh, the Most Holy Virgin, the All-Good Son, Mother Mati Vseglagaya, this city of Patroness, all those who are in high places, sorrows, troubles and diseases, faithful to the Hierarch and Protector! Accept this prayer from us, unworthy of your servants, to you who have exalted yourself: and as a treacherous fellow, every day many times before the honest icon of your prayer, you did not disdain, but you gave unprecedented joy of repentance to the son, and those who were zealous for the Son, ate the work and the way to work, a way to help a child, a way to help a child, you were an unexpected joy of repentance. Thou hast bowed like this, and now not despise the prayers of us, unworthy of Your servant, but plead with Thy Son and our God, and all of us, with faith and emotion in the most meaningful manner of Your worship, by coygodo need inadvertent joy bestows: yes all in heaven and in heaven land and they lead Thee, who are firm and not shameless, the Archangel of the Christian race, and they lead them, praise Your Son and Yours with His Beginning Father and the All-Consisting Spirit with Him, now and forever and ever and ever.


Christians testify that hot prayers before this image change life and destiny for the better.

Those who have success largely depends on the oratorical talent and the art of persuasion (managers, businessmen, teachers, politicians, bosses, presenters), they pray to St. John Chrysostom.

Saint John received a good education and served as a priest. His speech was too complicated for ordinary people, that he simply did not understand.

The saint was nicknamed Chrysostom, and he prayed that God would send him the gift of the word: simple and accessible. By zealous petitions, the Lord made him a magnificent preacher and a courageous denouncer of vices.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Prayer to John Chrysostom: “Oh saint great John Chrysostom! Many and various talents from the Lord appealed to you and, like a good and faithful servant, all the talents you gave to the talents kindly multiplied them, for this truly universal teacher was you, for all your age and every title is taught by you.

We, sinners (names), in a single way of their talent in possession, unity of spirit in the union of the world, are not imams, but are vanity, annoying to each other, jealous of each other; of this, for the sake of giving, our divided is not to peace and salvation, but to us are enmity and condemnation.

However, to you, the Holy Hierarch of God, we are pruned, we are overwhelmed with disagreement, and in heartbreak we ask: wring your prayers from our hearts to every kind of malice, ill will, pride and envy, our separation, but in the mnosyh we will share the body of the church in an uninterrupted manner and in your words Let us love each other in prayer, and by one-mindedness we confess the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity of the All-Consisting and the Inseparable, now and forever, and forever and ever. Amen».

Upon petitions to the saint, the saint succeeds in successfully convincing the opponent to conclude an important transaction on favorable terms.

Nicholas the Wonderworker is asked for help in case of problems with work, financial difficulties, and they are praying for the profitability of the trading business. By offering prayers to the Giver every day, you can beg for the success of any event.

Taxi drivers, placing the image of the saint in the cabin, praying to him, not only protect themselves along the way, but also attract good luck.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Nicholas of Myraliysky helps not only Christians, but also Muslims, and even atheists.

Prayer one: “O great intercessor, hierarch of God, Nikolai priestly, like the sunflower and shining miracles, calling upon the same quick listener to appear, and precede and save you, and deliver you, and from the misfortunes of all sorts, from God, to the wonders and good gifts.

Hearing me unworthy, in faith, the person calling and prayerful brings singing to you; I offer you more of the petitioner to plead for Christ. O notorious in miracles, high priest! Yako boldness, soon the Lord of Presence, and Reverend his Rule of prayer to Him, make a sin of me, and from Him bless the bounty of goodness, and receive me in your intercession, and from the onslaught of enemies visible and invisible freeing, and destroying all those slanders and evil deeds, and reflecting on me in all my life.

By forgiving me with my forgiveness, and saved me to Christ, and present the Kingdom of Heaven to improve for so much humanity, to Him all the glory, honor and worship befitting, with His beginningless Father, and with the Most Holy and Good and Life-Creating Spirit, now and for ever and ever centuries. Amen».

Those involved in the tourism business also consider St. Nicholas their patron and pray to him.

Prayer Two: “Oh, the All-Holy Nicholas, pleaseys the Lord before God, warm our intercessor, and everywhere in the sorrow the speedy helper! Help me sinful and depressed in this present life, beseech the Lord God for the giving up of all my sins, which have sinned a lot from my youth, in all my life, deed, word, thought, and all my senses; and in my soul’s exodus by prayer to the cursed, beseech the Lord God, all creatures of Sodetel, deliver me of air ordeals and eternal torment: May I always glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your gracious intercession, now and forever and ever and ever.


Guardian Angel, his personal companion and intercessor before God, need to pray before the beginning of each working day.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Short prayers to the angel for a good day:

  • «To the angel of God, my holy guardian, keep my stomach in Christ’s strasse, establish my mind in the true way, and with love and sorrow my soul, direct you, I will receive mercy from Christ God.»
  • «Holy Angel of God, my guardian, pray to God for me.»

Words spoken from the heart, with strong faith and hope, will soon be heard by the patron, and the day will go well.

Full prayer to the Guardian Angel: “The Holy Angel of Christ, adhering to you, pray my saint, bestowed upon me on the observance of the soul and body of my sinner from holy baptism, but with his laziness and his wicked custom, the wrath of your most pure luminosity and turn away from you all student affairs: lying, slander, jealousy, condemnation, contempt, disobedience, fraternity, and mischief, avarice, adultery, rage, stinginess, eating without satiety and opivstvom, multivity, evil thoughts and cunning. luda vozbesheniem, imy samohotenie to every carnal lust.

Oh, my evil arbitrariness, his tongue and the scum of wordlessness do not create! Yes, how can you look on me, or come to me, like a stinking dog? Who is Ochima, the angel of Christ, look upon me, wrapped in evil in vile delech?

But how can I already absolve myself with asking for my bitter and evil and evil deeds, I fall on my head all day and night and every hour?

But I pray tending, my guardian saint, have mercy on me a sinner and unworthy servant of yours (name), be my helper and intercessor on the evil of my resistance, your holy prayers, and the Kingdom of God partaker of me and create with all the saints, always and now and prisno and forever and ever. Amen».

A woman should pray for her relatives: husband, son, daughter to their Guardian angel. The maternal prayer is the strongest, you need to ask about the children when they leave the house, before the exam, about their health and mutual love.

Relatives do not always share our religious beliefs, but this does not mean that prayer will not help them.

The hired employees are praying to St. Trifon so that the work goes well. A martyr helps to find a good place to find a job, begs for the resolution of difficulties, teaches how best to fulfill his duties.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

If there is a difficult task ahead, but there is no understanding how to cope with it, you need to pray to St. Trifon. The martyr will not leave the request unanswered.

A prayer to the martyr Trifon: “Oh, the holy martyr of Christ to Tryphon, speedy helper to all that come to you, and who pray before your holy image, quick-hearted to the presenter! Hearing, now and for every hour, the prayer of us, your unworthy servants, who honor your holy memory, and prosecute us before the Lord in every place, you more martyr and wonderworking Tryphon, in great wonders, before your outcome from thou hast prayed to this Lord for this life of the Lord, and asked this gift from Him: if anyone is in any need, distress, sorrow, and sickness or soul, he will begin your holy name, and let it be saved from every kind of evil, and sometimes you will Tsarev, in the city of Rome from the devil tormented, healed you horn, face and keep us from our fierce snares all the days of our abdomen, especially on the day of our terrible last breath, prosecute us, if we were a helper, and a quick supporter of evil spirits, and to the Kingdom of Heavenly leader, you go now stand before the faces of the saints at the throne of God, pray to the Lord, and let us be the participants in the presence of joy and joy, and together with you we shall be honored with the praise of the Father and the Son and the Holy Comforter of the Spirit forever and ever.


Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Mother Matrona of Moscow is resorted to, asking for health and love, success and well-being. The saint hears everyone and assists everyone diligently.

The text of the prayer: “O Blessed Mother of Matrono, the next one with his soul in heaven before the Throne of God, rested with his body on earth, and given out from above grace various miracles exuding Regard now with your gracious eye on us, sinners, in sorrow, sickness and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comfort us, desperate, heal the afflictions of our lyutya, God permissive of us through our sins, save us from many troubles and circumstances, pray to our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our sins, iniquities and fall, we are from our youth even to the present day and hour of sin, and with your prayers we receive grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity of One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever.


In order to succeed, they come to the temple and bring flowers to the Matronushka icon.

Great Martyr George the Victorious serves as an example of the victory of Good over the forces of evil. He protects all military men, as he was a warrior during his lifetime.

His help is called in cases when any protection is needed: in case of danger, threat of seizure, atrocities of competitors.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

If you read the prayer to St. George the Victorious every day, as well as before important negotiations, concluding a deal — the deal will be profitable and prosperous. They also pray to the saint about winning in tenders, contests, competitions, and litigation.

Prayer to St. George the Victorious: “Oh all holy martyr and marvelous and miraculous George! Look to us soon and help you and plead with the human-loving God, that he may not condemn us sinners because of our iniquities, but work with us through great mercy.

Do not despise our prayers, but ask us from Christ our God a quiet and pious life, the health of the mind and body, the earth’s fertility and abundance in all, and let us not turn into good evil from God, but in glory of the holy name His and in the glorification of your strong intercession.

May He give to the adversary our people against the adversaries, and strengthen us with an indispensable peace and blessing. The dearer of us will protect the saints the angel of his militia, in the meantime, deliver us, as a result of our living, from the wiles of the cunning and grave aerial troubles, and uncondemned to be the throne of the Lord of glory. Hearing us, passionately Christ of Christ, and pray for us unceasingly threefold Lord of all God, and His grace and humanity, your help and intercession, gaining mercy from the Angels and Archangels and all the saints on the right of the Judgment Board, and will grant glory to the Father. By the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever.


St. Sergius of Radonezh helps all students. Before the beginning of the school year or before passing the exam, they pray to the monk about good grades, revealing of mind, attentiveness, and success in teaching.

The saint pleased the Lord with righteousness, kindness and piety, for which he was worthy of many gifts.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Prayer to St. Sergius: “O holy head, Reverend and God-bearing Father of our Sergius, your prayer, and faith and love are clear to God, and the purity of the heart, even on the earth to the dwelling of the Most Holy Trinity, your soul is arranged, and the angel communication and the Most Holy Theotokos of the visit are worthy, and the gift the miraculous grace is received, after your departure from earthly, most of all, God has become closer to God and has joined the heavenly powers, but your spirit of love from us is not receding, and your honest power is like a vessel of grace full and overcoming, leaving us!

Having great boldness to the all-merciful Lord, pray to save His servants (names), the grace of God believing in you, and the flow of love to you with love: ask us from the great God of our God every gift, to all that you need, to faith to our faith, our graces to assert, peace of peace, relief from evil and blight, deliverance from alien invasion preservation, comforting grieving, healing unsuccessful, returning to the fallen, wandering on the path of truth and salvation returning, working fortification, blessing in good deeds spice and blessing, infant upbringing, young admonition, ignorant admonition, orphans and widows intercession, departing from this time life for eternal good preparation and parting words, retreating blissful repose, and all of us with the help of your prayers, encourage a shameful day to walk, you will have to walk on a night, in a fearful day, in a prayer. But the country’s communion and the blessed voice of the Lord of Christ, hear: Come, blessing my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the composition of the world. Amen».

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Wonderworker Spiridon, during his lifetime, was famous for his special generosity and complacency to the poor and needy. The saint was from a wealthy family, but he easily lent his money to all those who asked.

He willingly helped merchants asking for the development or support of their own business. Upon departure to heaven, the saint continues to do good to people.

Appeals are made to him for employment, for a decent wage, for success in work, and businessmen are asking for help in developing the enterprise.

Prayer to St. Spyridon of Trimifuntsky: “O Great and most wonderful to the Hierarch of Christ and miraculous Spiridon, Kerkir praise, all the universe is illuminated and warm to God and a prayer for everyone who comes to you and faithfully praying for you! You have faith Orthodox Church of Nicaistam among the fathers gloriously explained to you, you showed the unity of the Holy Trinity with miraculous power that you showed, and heretics utterly disgraced the whole thing.

Hearing us, sinners, to the Holy Hierarch of Christ, praying to you, and by your strong intercession with the Lord, deliver us from all the evil of the circumstances: from iron, flood, fire, and deadly ulcers. You in your temporary life saved your people from all these calamities: you saved the country from the invasion of the agrians and the kingdom, the king saved you from the incurable disease, and many sinners returned to repentance for your saints, for the saints invisibly in the church singing and co-serving you have hast.

Sitsu ubo glorify you, His true slave, Lord Christ, supposedly all the secret human deeds are given to you to discern and expose the unjustly living. You diligently helped the many in poverty and inadequacy of the living, thou hast sated the people of misery during the worm and thou hast created many things with the power of the living Spirit of God in you.

Sitz and did not forsake us, saint of Christ, commemorate us, our children, at the Throne of the Almighty and beg the Lord, may forgive many of our sins forgiveness, a comfortable and peaceful life and grant us, the death of the abdomen is not shameful and peaceful and blissful eternal in the future. let us send out the glory and thanksgiving to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and forever and ever. Amen».

It is possible to ask for the help of St. Spyridon only for honest deeds, in which there is no dirty trick. During his lifetime, the saint severely punished sinners for their unwillingness to repent.

Rev. Ambrose of Optina offers prayers for help in everyday needs, for healing, for raising children. According to his letters to the spiritual children, it is known that the saint willingly helped with advice, instructing people in certain issues.

If you plan a serious undertaking, diligently having prayed to the saint, you can read the book of the old man’s instructions. Perhaps the Lord through his prayers will send the right thought.

Prayer for luck, success and luck in everything: in business, work, the attraction of money

Prayer to Rev. Ambrose of Optina: “O great starder and saint of God, our Father Ambrose, Optina praise and all of Russia to the teacher of piety! We glorify your humble life in Christ, God also exalt your name, still be upon the earth, especially as you crowned with heavenly honor upon your departure to the eternal fame.

, Receive current prayer us unworthy thy children who honor thee and call upon Thy holy name, deliver us your predstatelstvom before the throne of God, from all mournful obstoyany, mental and physical diseases, evil misfortunes, pernicious and wicked temptations nizposli our Fatherland from velikodarovitago God’s world, peace and prosperity, wake the immutable patron of the holy abode of this, in vain, in prosperity, you yourself willed yourself and pleased you with all in the Trinity to our glorious God, Hejeroy befits all glory, honor and worship, to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever. Amen».

The elder said: «Whoever concedes, he gets more.» Sometimes it is important to come to terms, step on your own pride, not dictate yours.

The Lord, seeing such a spiritual feat, will repay it a hundredfold.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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