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Prayer for husband to love wife more than life

How to pray for a husband to love his wife more than life

I have long been a believer, I attend church every day and offer prayers. I am often asked how to preserve the marriage and love of my husband.

Today I will tell you what prayers the Lord should give up in order to preserve the love of his soulmate.

God’s help in preserving marriage and family

For each person, the family is the highest value. First, we live and develop in the family in which we were born, and over time in the family that we created ourselves. Choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions, especially for a woman who always wants to see a defender and unshakable support in her husband.

It so happens that life plunges us into unpleasant situations when doubts arise about the strength of a family and love relationships. How can you protect yourself from this and have a strong confidence in your man and created marriage?

Prayer for husband to love wife more than life

The use of various spells, rituals and love spells is categorically contrary to God’s laws. In addition, our religion considers the use of magic and divination to be a great sin, punishable to the fullest extent.

Resorting to such methods, you can only do harm. Improve the situation, resorting to the methods of the evil one, just will not work.

However, do not despair, because in our Christian religion there are also godly ways to strengthen the family and improve communication with the beloved.

A prayer that a husband loves his wife more than life will help to avoid many family conflicts, discover new facets of love and female happiness. It is very favorable to ask the Lord Almighty to grant you and your chosen one understanding, patience and obedience, since marriages are really created in heaven and need the support of heavenly forces.

What does the Orthodox religion advise women who are faced with problems in family life?

The most important thing in reading a prayer is the power of faith that a woman puts in her holy message. What prayer to choose — should prompt the soul and heart, it is not necessary to take ready-made texts from prayer books or other scriptures.

You can choose the words yourself if you want to add individuality to your message.

In order for everything to work out for you and your husband, follow these guidelines:

  • Choosing words and phrases to communicate with the Lord, you can not wish anyone harm or misery. This is very important, because your happiness should not negatively affect other people. Understand that you have nothing to fight for, because God gives everyone what he needs.
  • Pray as often as possible, it will help you to tune in to your good mood and quickly see significant changes. It is best to read the holy texts several times a day (in the morning and evening). If the atmosphere at home begins to heat up, then instead of giving in to evil emotions and evil passions, turn to God and ask him to settle the conflict quietly and peacefully.
  • Track your thoughts and actions throughout the day. Stop your outbursts of anger and indignation. After all, if you do not work at all on yourself and family relationships, nothing will be able to help you. The Most High gave man the great gift of free choice, so use it for good and not for harm.
  • Try to go to church more often. Attach to this husband and children. Talk with your household about religion and God. It is very good if your husband also starts to read prayers regularly, this will reinforce your message, for the reason that this is a sign of mutual desire to protect the family.

Prayer for husband to love wife more than life

What signs indicate discord in the family and require seeking God’s help?

You should be worried about the well-being of the family hearth if you increasingly notice the following symptoms:

  • There is no past understanding, condescension and tolerance between spouses. Those situations that previously would not have been awarded a drop of attention, now lead to serious quarrels.
  • My husband lost the desire to provide the family with all the best and the performance of ordinary men’s duties is very much his.
  • The father became less interested in the lives of children and spends time with them only under duress. When a man ceases to realize the importance of his participation in the educational process, this is a clear sign of his internal imbalance.
  • You suspect that a man has another woman or he explicitly declares his departure from the family. This crisis can be overcome if one does not give up and maintain firm faith in the wisdom of the Lord’s providence.
  • Depression and fatigue are also a bad sign that does not bode well for marriage. Surround your soulmate with care and love and do not cease to pray to the Lord for the well-being of the chosen one.

How can the regular use of spiritual Orthodox practices affect a husband?

If you appeal to the angels with the sincere intention of improving yourself, your husband and your love union, then soon you will notice positive changes in all these areas. If you are doing everything right, with the right emotions and feelings, you should note the following progress:

  • The husband will become more calm, affectionate and peaceful. You will notice that for his part, too, the initiative for application and self-development is gradually being manifested.
  • The man will have the strength and energy to work, the implementation of new projects. He will feel a really strong desire to give his family the best. If before the husband avoided homework, did not do anything to move up the career ladder, then with the beginning of spiritual practices everything will change dramatically, because the desire to provide for a family is the natural state of a normal man. You can also expect pleasant surprises, which could not have dreamed of before. Now you will not have to persuade the chosen one to buy something for you. He will do it on his own, taking the initiative.
  • Your second half will increasingly talk about your uniqueness and originality, as when restoring balance in a family, a man again begins to see in his wife the one and only, which he once led as a crown. His loyalty will be shown not only in words but also in actions. You can stop worrying about someone being able to ruin a marriage.
  • You can be sure that children (if they already have) will also feel positive changes from the head of the family. The father will again be genuinely interested in the affairs of his children, striving to spend more time with them. Prayers will help make a husband a good example for children who learn, mostly looking at their parents.
  • If earlier scandals, quarrels or more serious incidents happened, now everything will calm down and the emotional atmosphere in the house will acquire completely different tones.

Prayer for husband to love wife more than life

Transfigurations, of course, will affect not only the head of the family, but also the woman who fosters a homely atmosphere by communicating with the Almighty. Regular prayer will help your wife acquire peace and grace.

In any situation, a devout girl will be able to act, prompted by love and kindness, nervousness and hysteria will disappear, a clear understanding of her true female destiny will come. Housework will go well and bring the woman the joy of the fact that she can do something useful for the family and create the comfort of a home.


  • It is necessary to forgive the Almighty for custody and help if the husband began to behave in a completely different way than at the beginning of the joint journey. Laziness, aggression, greed, reproaches, jealousy, insults are all indicators of disharmony of interpersonal relations. As soon as you see that the warning signs began to appear in life, immediately try to resort to the help of the gods.
  • If the wife is doing everything right, then good changes should quickly appear in family life. Tender feelings will flare up with unprecedented force; a man will treat his chosen one with care and anxiety. All conflicts will subside, and then completely disappear from your being. Everything that previously irritated you in the second half will disappear and be replaced by positive qualities and actions.
  • Praying for the welfare of her man, a woman and herself ensures the transformation, both spiritual and physical. Sincere forgiveness, which requires prayer, will dissolve all the insults accumulated over the years of their life together. Having got rid of the heavy burden of omissions, the woman will feel an incredible rush of inspiration and strength. Diseases that tormented a girl for a long time and did not recede even before medical treatment will be healed.
  • Attend church services, listen to sermons, and try your best to live godly. It will be good if you manage to devote time to serving the church and the Lord. Make alms as often as possible, do not leave in distress someone who needs your care and help, even if this person is completely unfamiliar to you.
  • Watch your actions, words and actions. Analyze them and change what does not contribute to the strengthening of family ties. Clean up all the negatives from your life as thoroughly as possible, because such correct actions will show the celestials your readiness and determination for positive changes.

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