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Prayer for husband Nikolay the Wonderworker

Strong prayer of his wife Nicholas the Wonderworker for the health of her husband

I have been a believer for a long time, I constantly read religious literature. People often contact me with questions about helping their other half.

Today I will tell you what prayers for your husband can be offered to help him in life.

How important is the prayer for a loved one

Each person can turn to God through prayer. If the spoken words are really sincere and go straight from the heart, then the request will surely be fulfilled in the best way for everyone around you.

In order for a person to be happy, his own health and well-being is not enough for him, because for each of us it is important that the people around us are also completely healthy, rich and realized in everything. Therefore, do not forget to ask for help not only for yourself, but also for your relatives, for whom your spiritual support is very important.

Prayer for husband Nikolay the Wonderworker

For any women, it is important to be married to a loved one, and a close relationship with him makes them experience any of his failures and hardships as his own. To help restore the lost health or to acquire the desired position and generally to adjust and harmonize all spheres of the life of the second half will help prayer for her husband Nicholas.

A strong prayer can do real miracles, especially if it is addressed to such an important Orthodox patron.

A wife’s prayer for a husband is a special kind of interaction with God and your chosen one, since such an appeal to the Almighty comes from the very depths of the heart and is filled with the best motives. Sincere prayer will help not only a man, but also a woman who asks heavenly patronage for her lover.

This is due to the fact that the wife’s sincere interest in the success of her husband allows her to dissolve all the accumulated resentment towards him, which helps to improve her spiritual and physical health.

Who is Nicholas the Wonderworker

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most powerful and powerful patrons in the Orthodox religion. During his lifetime, Nikolai Ugodnik made many good and truly inspired deeds, some of which can only be called anything but a real miracle.

The Scriptures say that the elder could always try on hostile people, save the lives of innocently convicted people and save them from unjust death.

Despite the fact that he is considered the patron saint of navigators, travelers, prisoners, and children deprived of parental care, any people, regardless of their position and status, can turn to him.

Prayer for husband Nikolay the Wonderworker

After the death of his parents, the saint received an inheritance, thanks to which he had the opportunity to help the poor and disadvantaged. Saint Nicholas in Western culture became the prototype of the all-known Santa Claus.

This is connected with one very famous story from his life, when he secretly helped one family, imperceptibly putting bags of donations in order to avoid unnecessary honoring and not embarrass the needy people with such beneficence.

After death, the body of the Holy Elder became myrrh-streaming and acquired special significance in our religion as an object of pilgrimage.

How to pray to this patron saint for the protection of her husband

There are no strict requirements in prayer to this Saint. It is not necessary even to use special holy texts, the appeal can be arbitrary.

However, we can provide a few tips that can help you in communicating with the patron:

  1. Pay more attention not to the text of the plea, but to your inner feelings, experiences and emotions. It is necessary that the requests bring joy and satisfaction. If you ask an Oderer for a promotion for a loved one, but at the same time you are deeply afraid that he will spend more time at work and will not pay attention to the family at all, then this desire will not be fulfilled.
  2. Speak about your requests because of the love for her husband, and not because of the desire to change him. Think well, whether this is really what a beloved man wants, or is it just your desire.
  3. Pray regularly, because by this you will show the strength of your faith and the desire for good change.
  4. In your appeals to Nicholas the Wonderworker, speak only of the good. You can not wish others evil and failure, because by this you will poison your soul, and by such actions you will harm only yourself.
  5. Strengthen your appeal to God with good deeds and right actions.

How strong are the pleadings to Nikolai the Pleasant

Nicholas the Wonderworker is the saint who can help you very quickly change your life situation for the better. However, much depends on you, your sincerity and the steadfastness of faith.

Prayers cannot be a panacea and a salvation from all misfortunes, because much depends on actions and deeds.

There are many examples where a plea to Nikolai Ugodnik helped to restore lost health, despite the worst forecasts of doctors, to return to work and to restore lost understanding between spouses.

When do you need to seek help from the patron saint

There are many difficult life situations when a person needs the protection and patronage of the highest heavenly forces. A wife can make a prayer-request to Saint Nicholas the Benefactor if:

  1. Your husband became ill, or the course of a long-existing disease began to worsen. A prayer for the health of the husband can help to cope even with the ailment that doctors consider to be incurable. In addition, your lover will have the strength to accomplish new things.
  2. Your man can not find a job, and because of this, the family suffers from lack of money.
  3. When the husband is unjustly not promoted at work, the prayers may gain the desired career advancement.
  4. A man has to go a long way, and you are worried about how it will pass.
  5. Your husband works in a dangerous job. In this case, you need as often as possible to ask the patron saint protection and guardianship. Also favorably refer to the guardian angel.
  6. You have misunderstandings and frequent quarrels in your family. Do not worry that the family may collapse, but rather concentrate your thoughts on the good, and then Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker will not refuse to help you and your husband.

Councils of clerics for women praying for the well-being of their chosen one

The priests devote their whole lives to serving the Almighty and to studying all his teachings set forth in the scriptures that have come down to us since ancient times. Orthodox mentors have their own rules that will help to quickly tune in to prayer and gain inspiration:

  • During the prayer, you must have a holy cross on you. Of course, best of all, if this charm and creed will always be with you, but if there is no such possibility, then do not forget about it during spiritual practices.
  • You need to pray before the icon of St. Nicholas or before the iconostasis.
  • Before addressing the patron, it is necessary to cross several times (preferably three), to eat the consecrated bobbler, washed down with a small amount of holy water.
  • If you find it difficult to understand the words of a prayer taken from the prayer book, then replace it with your own speech, which will best reflect your desires and aspirations.
  • While communicating with God, nothing should distract you. Retire and ask for no to touch you for ten or fifteen minutes.
  • Read prayers daily for forty days in a row. If you wish, you can continue reading the holy texts for an unlimited time.

What else must be remembered when referring to the Saints

Do not forget that prayers should not be limited to a list of what you need. Be sure to thank Nicholas the Wonderworker for his help.

Gratitude is a healing, extraordinary emotion that helps set your soul in the right way. Even if, after long prayers, you do not see any visible changes in your life or the life of your husband, anyway, sincerely thank the patron saint, as it is not possible to know exactly what God has prepared for you, and what changes that are invisible at first glance are already happening in your world.

Prayer for husband Nikolay the Wonderworker

You can thank Saint Nicholas every time you go to him. And you can allocate a separate time when your prayer will contain only sincere gratitude coming from the heart.

It is especially important to thank the Giver when the wish is fulfilled, so do not be in a hurry to rejoice at your husband’s recovery or improvement, but send the energy gratitude to the Miracle-worker.

It is favorable to express your gratitude in addition in the form of donations to the temple, the poor or in need of your help. Even if you at some point consciously changed your anger or discontent with compassion and kindness, this will be your gift to others and the world and an excellent equivalent of gratitude to the Holy Elder, who will definitely rejoice for you and your spiritual growth.


  1. Do not forget that you need to support your man not only with prayers, but with kind words and pious deeds.
  2. If you sincerely believe in the power of spoken words, then real miracles will begin to happen in life, and you will see your beloved husband the most successful, healthy and happy.
  3. Periodically read a prayer of thanks. This will set you up in the right way and strengthen your faith in a miracle.

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